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Sapien Wallet: A fully decentralized light wallet perfect for the global use with a state-of-the-art human and business ratings to bridge the gap of distrust between humans. by frankydoodle

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Sapien Wallet: A fully decentralized light wallet perfect for the global use with a state-of-the-art human and business ratings to bridge the gap of distrust between humans.


Good morning to all of us here in Steemit guys! How are you all? I hope that you are all doing well in life. Now, let me talk about another blockchain and cryptocurrency project made by the SAPIEN team. 

Have you experienced getting an unsatisfactory service by an independent contractor, freelancers, or any business establishment doing their business and services? What would you feel having like a poor service? Uneasiness and you also feel like your money paid did not go back to what it's worth for you. No worries anymore! As Sapien wallet team got your back in times like these.

They developed a light wallet for every cryptocurrency that will be partnered with them plus an app that has the ability to have human and business ratings wherein each and every post-transaction can be rated by you to those whose sellers and business establishments that are selling their services and goods. A great double purpose right? Because aside from that, with Sapien's blockchain technology, it will be tamper-proof because it will be in the immutable blockchain as its powerful capability and feature. We will let you immerse in the other benefits and features of the Sapien wallet in the next sections in this article.



<center>**SAPIEN WALLET FEATURES**</center>

1. Decentralized--> We often hear the word decentralized in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Why is it important in this kind of project? Because decentralization means that no one even the Sapien developers and owners can tamper the ones that are being made in the distributed ledger. Which means there is transparency in the Sapien community and its wallet plus the ratings given. It is to fill the gap of the distrust of other humans when making transactions even it is the first time to do a transaction with a seller of a service or goods. Because the reviews can be publicly viewable by other people globally.

2. Post-transaction ratings--> Of course, you could only rate a service once the transaction is done. With this type of transaction, it makes the next customer be able to check the ratings and reviews made by the previous customers if this person is telling the truth and does not falsely advertise their products and services. If for example, reviews are bad for the freelancer or business establishment, it is easily seen by the prospective customer to reconsider where to avail for another service and do business transactions. 

3. NO KYC policy--> True decentralization means that you could be a part of the network and community without giving the personal details. Simple registration and being a good citizen of the online community will help to rate the businesses without being those business establishments know who you really are and it protects your privacy as well. Perfect really! 

4. User-friendly aesthetics, web and mobile designs for the app-->  I do saw the Sapien website and all other aesthetics and its graphical user interface. I was WOWed by it!  Imagine, the interface is so clean and everything is working well. Thanks to the competent developers by Sapien team for making this happen. I know that in the coming months, the mobile app for iOS and Android will be perfect as well. I assure you that. 




Now, let us look at the screenshot from their website about the Sapien wallet's roadmap. As we can see here, the Sapien MVP is almost done and will be released in March of 2020. We will expect to roll it out this month of April as well. And now it is the month of April, the Sapien team will be launching the ETO or the Equity tokens offering to the public so that the public can participate and have equity or share to the company's ownership. Imagine, having partial ownership and voting rights within this amazing community! Then by the month of August, just 3 months from now, there will be a Sapien product launch! Not just the wallet and human/business rating but of course as time passes, the Sapien team will add more digital products and other decentralized apps or Dapps to the community. Bravo!

You may ask me, why would we invest in the Equity tokens of Sapien? here's my personal opinion, it is legitimate and undergoes as what in their whitepaper says, they are having by-laws that are strict when it comes to selling of equities and token sales so we are safe with Sapien project. When you have shares of equity tokens, you are also entitled to voting rights and dividends made from the profits and sales of the company. It is just like owning a shares of stock in the stock market.  They do also have registration in Ukraine and have a physical office as well. They do also have different partners and featured in different technology blogs and websites including the following:










Using Sapien wallet and ratings system

--> With its easy to use interface, it is just like when you order from different restaurants, you would just press or tap some buttons and it will be delivered to you then just rate the service made by the Sapien service business establishment! Like in this picture.


Then for the sending of cryptocurrency, you just need to search for your contacts in your phonebook, then choose the right crypto address that needs to be the recipient in the Sapien wallet then choose the amount then send it! it is that easy! The Sapien system will be the one to send it out for you and vice versa receive it for you! No ifs no buts. After 15 seconds, the transaction will be registered to the blockchain immediately.


Here are the tokenomics of the Sapien wallet and its terms. Please read it



Now, let me introduce you the SAPIEN team! 




All in all, a powerful project in the making this is! Thank you as well for checking on my posts such as this article for a promising blockchain project. 

You may reach out to Sapien team by going to their website or to their social media channels here:

Website: https://sapienwallet.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sapien.wallet/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SapienWallet

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sapien-wallet/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RatingHuman

Medium: https://medium.com/@sapien.wallet

Telegram group: https://t.me/sapien_bounty

Telegram channel: https://t.me/sapien_ico

Bitcointalk username: frankydoodle01

Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1165929

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