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Overview of FX coin (Function X project) by ionzar

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Overview of FX coin (Function X project)
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<h3>There are 4 main participants in the f (x) blockchain ecosystem:</h3>
  <li>Consumer - ordinary users who use a decentralized system.</li>
  <li>Service provider - a company that provides the opportunity to carry out a decentralized data exchange in the f (x) network.</li>
  <li>Developer - people and companies that create applications based on the f (x) network.</li>
  <li>Provider of financial services - provides the liquidity of the coin f (x).</li>
<p>The last three participants provide basic functionality, uninterrupted operation and maintenance of the entire f (x) ecosystem for consumers. At the same time, all four participants provide positive circulation of FX coins within the ecosystem.</p>
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<h3>The value and use of FX coins within the network</h3>
<p>The consumer will pay for the functionality, services and services of the network in FX coins and in no other currency. The service provider will be able to provide its services on the f (x) network and receive FX coins for this from users of this service.&nbsp;</p>
<p>The developer for creating applications in the network f (x) will be able to receive FX coins for a positive contribution to the development of the network, at the same time he will have to pay with FX coins for the possibility of placing his application on the network.</p>
<p>At the same time, both the service provider and the developer will be able to use the services of a financial services provider to profit from their activities or their product, almost always remaining profitable.</p>
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<p>All four members of the ecosystem provide a positive flow of FX coin value. The more service providers will exist in the f (x) network, the better the quality of the services will be provided, which, of course, will attract more consumers.&nbsp;</p>
<p>The more consumers there are, the more there will be both developers on the network and service providers, in general, this increases the liquidity of FX coins. Greater coin liquidity will help attract financial service providers to increase the stability and quality of coin liquidity.</p>
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<h3>Examples of services that can be paid with FX coin</h3>
  <li>Service providers - receive payment from consumers and developers for services for storing information in blockchain nodes, as well as for accelerating network connections.</li>
  <li>Developers - pay for such services and network resources as: the creation of smart contracts, file storage, code hosting, advertising and much more. The developer will be able to receive payment from companies and organizations that will use his services.</li>
  <li>Manufacturers of XPhone phones - pay for the initial setup of the Function (x) operating network, as well as its maintenance and updating.</li>
  <li>Enterprises and organizations - pay fees for network services, application development and advertising.</li>
<p>These are just a few examples where the FX coin will be used. In fact, there are a lot of possible scenarios. One is known for sure - absolutely all services, functions and other developments in the Function (x) network will be accepted and paid exclusively in FX coins. Function (x )’s decision is likely to increase the value and liquidity of the FX coin market.</p>
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