XCARD: The Revolution of Payment Industry is here through the Technology of Cryptocurrency by mayowa-eu

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XCARD: The Revolution of Payment Industry is here through the Technology of Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency world is definitely moving away from being abstract to being real, when I said being real I mean having real world usecase. A quick flashback to the year 2009 when bitcoin was being introduced to the world by Satoshi Nakamoto, the main aim goal of Satoshi for creating bitcoin was to create a system where people can easily transact with each other without having to rely on any third party to process or deliver their transactions. 

>Truth be told, this goal is being made realistic by the bitcoin technology but unfortunately the bitcoin technology is being deficient in some key area such as scalability and as a result, we now have better blockchains in the space that have tackled this issue such at Ethereum blockchain day in day out, the blockchain industry us gradually tending towards perfection.

*But of what essence is the use of cryptocurrencies if people cannot easily use them for their daily needs?*

No doubt there are several business entities that accept these cryptocurrencies as a form of legal tender but then, the percentage is not just too encouraging yet. A lot of people have their reasons why they refuse to cryptocurrency mode of [payments](https://xcard.io/) yet in which the greatest of them all is as a result of the high volatility nature of cryptocurrencies which gets business owners scared of losing their hard-earned funds. 

**Another reason why some people find it difficult t adopt is largely because of the lack of knowledge and information about cryptocurrency, hence it seems to sophisticated and abstract to them to adopt**.

We cannot continue to hope for a global adoption of cryptocurrencies without tackling these cogent issues.

On this note I will like to introduce to you the solution to these great problems in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, XCard.

XCard understands that if there could be a platform which would allow the seamless and secure [exchange](https://xcard.io/) of crypto to fiat and vice versa within a single interface, then it will overcome the problem of fund loss to volatility by all business entities because they can easily convert their received cryptocurrency funds into fiat which can be easily withdrawn. Isn’t that too awesome?
# Introducing [XCard](https://xcard.io/) Platform
[XCard](https://xcard.io/) is a blockchain based platform that is increasing the real world usecases of cryptocurrencies by enabling the instant payment in any cryptocurrency and also connecting fiat currencies with these cryptocurrencies.
XCard isn’t just a regular blockchain project, it is targeted at improving the cryptocurrency industry.


## What makes XCard Unique from its other Blockchain Counterparts?
* Availability of crypto credit card by visa which allows the easy and secured use of both cryptocurrency and fiat assets at any POS terminal and ATM cash withdrawals
* Availability of trading with over 200 cryptocurrencies which supports FIAT to crypto and crypto to FIAT conversion
* Availability of the crypto credit card instantly to new users in form of virtual card after signing up
* Exclusive onboarding process
* Efficient transaction with the best execution rate
* Loan services with cryptocurrencies as collateral
* Supports all payment cards such as Visa, Visa electron, Visa debit, Maestro and Mastercard.
## The Modus Operandi
Users need to download the XCard mobile app which is available in both iOS and Android. Thereafter, the crypto credit card is instantly made available to new users in the form of virtual card after signing up to XCard wallet, this mobile app connects cryptocurrency with the virtual credit card.


Whenever a payment is to be done, user needs to have MBM tokens in his/her wallet which will be used for transaction charges. 0.5% of the transaction value shall be charged in [MBM tokens](https://xcard.io/).
## Token Details
MBM token which is the native token of the platform is a utility token which can be used for paying fees, serves as membership token and also gives access to foundation API.
The total supply of the token is 640,000,000 MBM

### Conclusion
If you have ever imagined a system where everyone in the world will be able to spend their cryptocurrency seamlessly and safely without having any limitation whatsoever, then definitely [XCard](https://xcard.io/) is the platform that will make this imagination become a reality. Not only does it offer cryptocurrency spending services but also offer banking services such as loan services which in no doubt will increase the general adoption rate of cryptocurrencies. Without much exaggeration, [XCard](https://xcard.io/) is surely here to give the cryptocurrency world more value and cognizance; hence, it’s not a project to be missed for anything.

Of course this is just a summary of the project but if you will like to get more insights and information about the platform, then kindly check the links below;

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