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SynchroBit | Digital Assets Trading Platform


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## ► Project objective

In today's age, technology has grown tremendously, which has allowed our world to become completely different. It was not difficult to change the course of the current situation of the digital commerce market within this technology. For this, I want to bring a breath with new tools that will make it better and more effective. Developing some methods for the creation of this project is also an important issue for the participants. SynchroBit will be the name of the project that will cover these critical issues. This project; development, cybersecurity, blockchain, marketing, trading of digital assets, investment consultants and finance specialists. This team has pioneered the establishment of a new retail P2P (peer-to-peer) platform where experience and knowledge prevail in this project.

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## ► Principle and advantages

SynchroBit has many remarkable features. If we talk about these; With a flexible interaction system that will exist between the two transactions, all transactions will have minimum transaction fees equal to almost zero. No doubt this will have a positive impact in a wide variety of different solutions for users. Since the processing speed will have the capacity to handle approximately 1 million processes, this will be of varying importance. Do you know what that means? It means that every purchase on the SynchroBit platform takes place in about 40 Nano Seconds! This is amazing.

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Another important feature I have to share is the fact that this project has its advantage over all other competitors. All of SynchroBit's functions are about demonstrating the strengths of users. It even has principles that offer more than is possible. Will provide maximum benefit for ease of use of all functions of the project. Therefore, the impact on users will be positive. It will be advantageous that the platform will work with trade groups with social networks and highly developed CRM systems.

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## ► Token

SynchroBit platform will have its internal token called SNB to perform the functions. This token will be technically developed based on Ethereum and will meet ERC-20 standards. The total number of SNBs will be 250 million, and 1 SNB will be $ 0.35. Sales will be allocated as ICO and IEO, while a percentage will distribute the rest. These distributions will be as follows:

<center> ![icon_tahsis.jpg](</center>


## ► Final words

I have tried to tell you the details of the project as much as I can. In summary, it is essential to note that the SynchroBit platform does not resemble any of the actual trading and investment platforms. All of the features that make this platform unique are very useful and important for investors and the active use of the market. As a result, it will not be surprising that many people will have a better demand.

My most important advice to you is to add all the official sources of SynchroBit project at the beginning of the article. If you know more about the project by looking at them, you will understand very well what I mean. You must witness the uniqueness of this platform because it will be an opportunity. I'm sure you don't want to miss this opportunity! So listen to this advice and look at the official sources!



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