Savedroid crypto savings app, redefining savings for better living. by zurumoke

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Savedroid crypto savings app, redefining savings for better living.
###  Savedroid crypto savings app, redefining savings for better living.

The savedroid cryptocurrency savings app is revolutionary and aimed at global usage/adoption of cryptocurrency through savings in cryptocurrency. Below is a guide on how you can make the best out of the app.

Savedroid had an ico in order to raise funds for the development of the crypto savings app, this app has been under development since then. At some point last year, it was opened for only Beta testers from the ICO participation, today this app is open for everyone to use not only the ICO investors can use it, typically everyone who is in need of a lifestyle change, one which is financially free. I will start by showing us how we can use this app. First it needs to be downloaded from play store for android users or apple store for iPhone users. I do hope one day it will be available for windows download so people can use it on their computers.<br>
##### **Below are the step by step guide on the app usage** <br>
##### Download the app: <br>
Follow these links  For <a href="">Android users/</a>, <a href="">IoS users/</a>   register or sign up for an account in the app. This will be your account for saving in the app, you sign in by entering your email and approving the sign in attempt. Once you enter your email address, savedroid will send you a verification mail to ensure is really the email you are using. After approving this sign-in the attempt, choose a password for your account. Below I will outline the major steps required to make your first savings attempt in the app, I call it the 3 major steps:

### **Make a wish:** 

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 Before one decides to save, there is always a need or something that necessitated such desire. These desires are what propels us to save they are called wishes. In the savedroid crypto savings app, the first thing to do is create a wish, that’s a reason why you want to save. It could be for a trip to Paris, it could be for surgery, it could be for buying a car, building a house or wedding. In the app, one can typically create a wish for anything they want to accomplish anything at all. Creating these wishes is not enough to bring them to pass, making wishes without the necessary effort of accomplishment is like living a life of fairy tales where we paint our world with different colors of the rainbow wishing it comes through. But such isn’t life as wishes only come true when we work towards it. This will take us to the next major step in accomplishing our savings in the savedroid crypto savings app.

### Create smooves: 
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</div> After our wishes must have been made, we need to say how we want to achieve these wishes because savedroid crypto savings app is powered by AI, this gives it access to draw information for our lives and these information’s propels savings. In creating smooves, we are telling the app when to save based on our lifestyle we can tell it to save any stipulated amount whenever we eat hamburger or Pizza. This command helps the app save for us whilst we live out our lives without stress or struggle to decide when we save and when we don’t. creating a command line for our wises is not enough as we need to provide means through which these command lines are achieved.<p>

### Save for it:<br>

For now, we can only save through our bank accounts the options to save with cryptocurrencies have not yet been enabled. To save, you need to integrate your account details through your credit card in the app. Be rest assured that savedroid has sworn to keep your details in a safe manner so there will be no need of you to be worried about anything happening to your credit card as your details will be discreetly handled by savedroid. <br>
### For further Inquiries

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