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I Made My First Blurt Token Trade In Probit Exchange Today by cryptopie

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· @cryptopie ·
I Made My First Blurt Token Trade In Probit Exchange Today
<center>![first trade.PNG](https://files.steempeak.com/file/steempeak/cryptopie/5y8K1zUd-first20trade.PNG)</center>
<center>[Src - Probit](https://www.probit.com/r/35488582)</center>

The #blurt token trading had gotten enabled today in [PROBIT](https://www.probit.com/r/35488582) so I just transferred some of my liquid blurt tokens in there and made my first sell orders for blurt.

Now I am waiting for my sell orders to execute at .000055 BTC/Blurt token, it is a fair price of a Dollar with the current BTC value more or less.

### <center>Make Your Probit Account Now [Here](https://www.probit.com/r/35488582)</center>
<center>[Src - Probit](https://www.probit.com/r/35488582)</center>

Right now it is a season to accumulate #blurt tokens until it gets to the time to sell some. #Trading in the other hand is a good way to sell and #re-buy #blurt because it is a one good way to accumulate more of the token, taking the opportunity for its price volatility.

[PROBIT Exchange](https://www.probit.com/r/35488582) is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges out there which is based in South Korea #kr and it is one of the big reasons that #blurt's price will get catapulted with its value because of the reach it will offer Blurt.

If you do not have an account yet in Probit just go ahead and register, the KYC procedure is done in hours if not in an instant, there are great ways to secure your account like 2FA and hardware Key use if you happen to be using a hardware key.

You will be trading in Probit in no time once you had set up your account. The __Probit KR__ in the other hand has a separate KYC procedure and is only for South Korean residents.

Now #blurt is all set-up to find its value because it is now traded in Probit. Soon other exchanges will follow which will then make the #blurt token holders happy.


#### <center>Join Blurt Community Now 👇 https://register.blurt.buzz/?referral=cryptopie</center>

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root_title"I Made My First Blurt Token Trade In Probit Exchange Today"
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