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Boat work has begun by flemingfarm

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Boat work has begun
<b><center><h1>Tear out is easy, now for the hard part, removing old glue.</h1></center>


The flooring carpet is removed, the bilge covers are all out, the seats pulled, and the inside of the boat has been sprayed down with water and drained out. I have not gone full tilt on cleaning dirt yet since there is a shit ton of old carpet or contact glue that is going to have to be removed from the fiberglass interior of the boat. I have been looking and researching the best ways to go about this and it seems my main method will be acetone and a masonry spatula. This is going to be a long ass process given that I have over 100 sqft to de-glue.


I get why the carpet, I get the color (boat is 1979), but that shit is going to change for sure. The carpeting was pure trash and pulled up with ease. The color is a standard 70s/80s and shows that the interior was not worked on, if ever. 

Once I got the carpeting, seats, wood dash area, covers, and debris removed it exposed the fiberglass of the boat’s interior which I have to say still looks really solid. The old glue makes it look like hell but the fiberglass is still good. 

I was happy to see the 26 gallon fuel tank in the bow which will give us probably a 100 mile range with the motor on the boat now.


The bilge before I washed it out. I am missing a cover for directly over the bilge so I will have to build one along with a new cover for the middle bilge.


The fuel tank and the bow of the boat inside the cuddy. There is still carpeting on the top of the cuddy that I need to remove but it is far less likely to be shitty from water damage. I do want it all out though.


Along with the glue removal I am going to get the battery in and start working on the electrical since the boat needs a good bit of new wiring. The old wires are brittle and in rather poor shape. Most everything will end up LED so the power needs will be minimal but I want to make sure the wiring is all in perfect shape.


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