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Sci-fi Novel - The Love Algorithm - Part 45 by muratkbesiroglu

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Sci-fi Novel - The Love Algorithm - Part 45

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**Part 45: My Friend's Lover**

Deniz and his boyfriend, Uzay befitted each other very well; if the love algorithm paired them, they would only adapt to each other that much. We met at Pan Cafe, a habit that dates back to when I lived in Levent. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce Uzay to me, but since they were immersed in a heated conversation, they completely forgot about me. I thought that if I took out the projection of their face lines in two-dimensional space, with a small parameter change, I could almost precisely overlap the two faces. I had worked so hard on the geometry of the face lines that I could envision things such as reducing three dimensions to two dimensions, finding boundary lines, extending the face to overlap the elements on the face without using a computer program. Let alone feeling smart because I was able to do these calculations; I felt like an idiot. When I was doing these ridiculous calculations, people passed the rivers. Regardless of how they fit together, it was clear that Uzay was a better partner than me. To be fair, he was not handsome or smarter than me; yet to be unbiased, it was also impossible to argue otherwise. He had an upper-class family self-confidence that was noticed at first glance. If this self-confidence contained a bit of arrogance, I could have described him as highbrow. As well as being raised in the right conditions, he was a calm and good boy in spirit. I could have guessed that Uzay would be more successful or at least happier in life than me, even though I hadn't calculated it by any algorithm. Deniz was a smart girl, and she made the best choice for herself. Although I would be ashamed of myself for my thoughts if they brake up soon, I was used to chatting with myself; I could try to improve myself by always thinking like artificial intelligence software playing chess with itself. When I got tired of myself, Bonanza would catch up to rescue me; somehow, I would roll over and go. As I strolled aimlessly through the sea of such thoughts, the two lovebirds realized they were making a terrible mistake. 

"Sorry, Samet," said Deniz. 

Trying to show that I didn't care, I said, “Well, I was practicing some thought experiments on you.” 

“Boss, for God's sake tell me, what did you think,” said Uzay. 

"I wished Gülizar had matched you.” 

”Uzay is not good with the cyber realm," Deniz said. 

I began to recite the famous verses of Orhan Veli:

"There are days when I pack up and leave
In the smell of the nets pulled out of the sea
Drifting from this island to that
In the trail of the shearwaters."

"I love this poem, just as you thought, technology erodes the human within us, " Uzay said. 

He caught the chain of connotations that formed in my mind; he was a smart kid.

"Friends, what do you say, I am like French right now,” said Deniz. 

I said, ”Our neighbor  is setting up a new party so that the human spirit within us don't get eroded." 

"Are you talking about Bedirhan Aykul, his house was like a lodge, he had lots of visitors," Deniz said. 

"Tuğ said to him, 'why are we suffering discomfort because you are going to be a member of parliament,’ he was right," I said with a smile. 

“What does he promise the citizens?" asked Deniz. 

”He doesn't promise love; this is his shortcoming. He argues that he's going to rephrase the value of being human. A computer program would not be of the same value as a human, one created by Allah, the other by humans, and would prevent the uncontrolled use of artificial intelligence in the country. Defending the value of man would be possible through international coordination and cooperation. He will work in full harmony with all countries in the East and West that are sensitive to this issue. He is going to make people look at each other's faces as they did in the good old days, not the screen of their pocket computers. He will enable our children to know the world by chatting with their grandparents, rather than artificial intelligence programs. He will allow artificial intelligence programs used by public institutions to be trained with data sets appropriate for national and spiritual values,” I continued. 

“What kind of economic recipe does he envision?" Uzay asked. 

”To the extent that they are relieved of the intense stress, alienation and loneliness that they are experiencing, the productivity and creativity of our people will increase, the birth rates in the country will rise, and abundance will come to the country again, " I replied. 

”I see you know the man's rhetoric," Deniz said. 

“Do you think he has the vote potential ?" Uzay asked.

 ”I don't know, I have never seen any public opinion survey, with his current rhetoric he can appeal to the conservatives living in the big cities, classic Islamist and nationalist rhetoric should also be taken to attract Anatolia and the countryside" I replied.

”Why don't you go and counsel the man," Deniz said, smiling. 

”I'm a love expert; I don't want to break up," I answered.

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