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Sci-fi Story - Rebellious - Part 7 by muratkbesiroglu

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Sci-fi Story - Rebellious - Part 7

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**Part 7**

It has been two weeks since we arrived in Neemu, but there was no sign on the horizon that we could return home. I had decided to enjoy our obligatory hospitality while maintaining my determination to return. With its vast long-billed birds, raindrops gently descending from the sky, huge red sun, and residents of different races, Neemu was a lovely holiday resort. I learned from Vo that the virtual holiday environment, The Lost Paradise, produced from high-resolution images of the planet was of great interest to coalition peoples. The royalties paid to the planet by the company that developed The Lost Paradise had become the planet's second-largest revenue item in years. 

In fact, all this information supported my thesis that we were brought to Neemu for commercial purposes. In this zoo where we were forcibly kept, science was used as a cover for exploiting people like us. I think there was more interest in beings being forcibly held here than in the natural beauty of the planet, and everyone but us benefited the order.

When Oliver was asleep, I got up and did my morning gymnastics, and I went down to ground level with the lift. One of the alfas who was standing as a guard in front of the elevator turned and looked at me, and I quickly passed by saluting him with my head as I learned not to argue with them. After a short walk, I came across a wide river flowing softly through the trees. I didn't wear anything but a red short to suit the planet people. So I didn't hesitate to enter the river.

As soon as I got into the water, something touched and quickly wrapped my leg. The things that surrounded my legs had colorful scales and human-like faces. I think they were four and they were trying to pull me down the river. I was trying not to make sudden movements as I was afraid they would turn and bite me, and I was taking small steps in the direction they were dragging me. The heads and strange faces of eels resembling massive melons brought to my mind beings called ‘semi-conscious.' Hoping that they were capable of language such as Neemens “Why are we so intimate, dear brothers and sisters, do we know each other?” I asked them. When I said that, all four of them turned their heads and looked at me like they wanted to understand my intentions. I reinforced my objection by saying, "Let me go." After they heard these words, they started pulling my legs with more effort. Because of their colorful scales, they formed such a mess of colors in the water that I could not resist them. Even if I had such an intention, it was evident that the struggle would not be secure.

As I walked down I was buried in the water to my chest and handcuffed by strange creatures, I thought that life sometimes brought funny surprises to man. 

At the point where the river began to curve to the left, I saw two vines with huge pincers at the end of the branches lying like a yoyo from the trees they were hugging, trying to hunt the little birds. It was nice for everyone to hunt. The eels were probably taking me to their nest to offer to their cubs. Then why was I following them at my own feet? To put an end to this dangerous journey, I put a sudden brake on my feet by burying them in the sand, lost my balance, and was completely immersed in the water. The shimmering traitors who took advantage of this opportunity began to drag me down the river at a higher speed.

A few minutes later, the big-headed snakes released my legs and raised their heads to the surface of the water as the water ballets did. They tilted their necks, pointing down the river, got buried in the water and disappeared out of sight. Instead of throwing myself ashore, I looked in the direction they were pointing. And I saw a woman like a water nymph about a hundred meters away. So at first glance, it was unclear who was friend or foe. The big-headed snakes took on the role of the agent of destiny and brought me to her. 

The color of the human skin was beautiful, and the number of breasts most appropriate to a female's breast was two. With her plump breasts, slender waist, and long sun-yellow hair, the water nymph enchanted me. I started moving towards the side where she was as if I had been hypnotized, even though I was afraid of the animals floating next to him. She didn't realize I was getting close because she was too busy with the animals next to her. However, as I approached her, I noticed her large eyes, fuller lips, and long black eyelashes. When I was in a flurry of straightening my scattered hair, I saw she was looking at me and smiling. Of course, she would smile, and in this garden of Eden, we were as destined as Adam and Eve. Of course, there was also Oliver, but the nymph wasn't aware of his existence yet. Taking advantage of the shallowing of the water, I squeezed my steps and walked across and said, “Hello, I'm Utku.”

I regressed involuntarily when the water nymph responded to my greeting by snarling showing her teeth like a wild cat. The cheesy animal friends who saw her growling stepped forward to take her to their protection. I was so surprised that the words “you got me wrong, mademoiselle” were poured out of my mouth. She responded to my remarks by extending her fingernails forward and growling more powerfully this time. Meanwhile, her friends, who looked like wolves, fluffed their feathers and prepared to be thrown at me as if they had the devil in front of them. I threw myself out of the water and began running, raining curses on my fate. The six-legged creatures that saw me escape began to chase me. I was hoping that after a bit of chasing, they would leave me with my troubles, but things didn't go as I thought they would. One of them came over to my side like the lioness chasing the hunt and dropped me to the ground by a shoulder stroke. It was time for me to say my last prayer, but this prayer turned to blasphemy because of my anger and rebellion. 

I had days to live, so an animal tamer came to rescue me and shouted at the animals first with his ugly voice, then grabbed two creatures with both hands, raised them up and gently shrugged them and threw them ten feet away. After the six-legged wolves fell to the ground, they whined like dogs for a while and ended up pinching their tails between their legs and ran away. I looked at my savior's face with a sense of gratitude, and from the bruise around his nose, I realized that he was the alpha Neemen I had tossed my head the first day I came to the planet. The tamer seemed to have forgotten the unpleasantness about me; he stroked my head as if I was a child and left me by my side. What a hidden paradise this was, and what an unfortunate man I was. The order turned an excellent woman shining like the moon into a snarling monster. That's what happens if you give a human child to wolves to be raised. That's why Dr. Toars said the third person on the planet was so different from us. They didn't explain anything adequately, but I knew what I do to them.

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