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Product Review: GT's Living Foods Koffee Kombucha by saramiller

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Product Review: GT's Living Foods Koffee Kombucha
We got a great donation of kombucha, so I will review this combo of 2 of my favorite beverages in one!
I don't shop at stores because I don't want to support the global military industrial complex. However I realize that most people do, maybe because #1 they don't realize how they are directly endorsing the rape and murder of women, children, and the Earth by doing so, and #2 they don't know how many options actually exist for procuring literally everything you want or can make something, trade or barter, find, or be gifted anything you wish for! It's the sacred economy, y'all...

I encourage people to deeply consider what their $$$ is REALLY supporting, hence this product review. 
Health is wealth, so if you're going to invest in anything your own health is priceless. Kombucha is a "superfood", a fermented beverage made from black tea and almost any flavoring you can imagine. It's full of living organisms that are super duper for gut health (which emerging research shows is foundational for brain health and the whole immune system too)! 

If you don't make your own at home, it's become so popular that there are lots of store brands available these days. This GT's Living Foods brands makes a solid kombucha. I've had a bunch of their varieties, and most are really great. I was so excited to see and taste this Koffee flavor for the first time ever!!!! 
It's a very unique flavor - very kombucha, and very coffee. It has the distinct earthy, roasty, deep, rich taste of coffee, with the sour, bubbly, refreshing, cool, crispy tang of kombucha! It was really excellent and tantalizing. 

You can read more about this company on their [website]( It's a family owned operation with an inspiring history. GT is a real guy, and his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1994, but cured herself by drinking kombucha!! GT started making kombucha at the ripe ol' age of 15 to share the magical powers with as many people as possible. 

I'll cheers to that!!! 
✨💛✨ Sara! 
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