The US imperial facade and capitalism not. by nooses

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The US imperial facade and capitalism not.

Capitalism as well as anti-capitalist sentiments, some well deserved while others are misrepresented, are all, intentionally or otherwise, feeding into the divide and conquer the public realty, or strategy if it’s intentional. The fact that establishment politicians nor the media neglect to investigate and report the facts on these issues, is clear evidence they’re intentionally fueling the divide and conquer strategy from the decision making levels with their routinely censored, distorted, and falsified manipulative narratives. 

The fact that so much wealth and resources are controlled and allocated by a minute percent of the population, while the vast majority are subjected to the consequences of those decisions, means by default there are a very limited number of capitalist opportunities for eighty percent or more of the population which somewhat depends on how we describe “capitalist opportunities” and who actually has real opportunities as capitalists.

When everything in the US and nearly everything in the West in general, is geared to generate maximum profits for international banks and multinational corporations that, along with complicit politician and media puppets, exploit the public through propaganda, aka psychological warfare as a matter of routine business, then the vast majority, however misinformed by propaganda are not capitalists, but are second class citizens that by merely participating in the system ultimately serve the Western capitalist elites, now Western globalist elites, that now decide what gets produced and how it’s distributed. This is the result after more than a century of globalist financiers illegally rigging the system through bribed and coerced legislation along with “business” practices that created the current reality and circumstances - with private, business, and government debt levels suffocating the world’s economy and oppressing billions as the globalist profited by being heavily invested in the taxpayer funded war machinery used to loot the natural resource inheritance from indigenous populations around the world.

The system we’re operating under may have morphed out of what was predominantly capitalism at one time, but we’ve moved far beyond capitalism. The system we’re operating under today is more accurately described as corporate fascism - soon to be NWO globalist police state totalitarianism if todays globalist successors are allowed to continue with the momentum that's been building at their backs for more than a century at this point.
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