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KingCasino: The first blockchain based online-casino with profit sharing and voting rights to its holders and partners worldwide! by frankydoodle

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KingCasino: The first blockchain based online-casino with profit sharing and voting rights to its holders and partners worldwide!

Good morning everybody! This is me again your Mr. Decentralized wherein I will always talk about promising blockchain projects worldwide and share it with you who are also cryptocurrency enthusiasts. In today's blog post, let me talk about KingCasino. If you would ask me if I go to casinos, yes I do. But that is for fun and if I win, that's a good feeling and raises my dopamine levels. Haha! I do love going to the casino with my friends. 

But when I saw KingCasino, I fell in love more with it because of the concept of online casino gaming and having different perks in using the KingCasino platform. Aside from that, no other casinos let you have a share of the company other than KingCasino. Why? Because with KingCasino, you could own shares and get profit-sharing quarterly just by holding the KCT Token in your wallet for 3 months. All these details and more I will share with you in my discussion in the coming paragraphs on KingCasino.




Alright guys, let us proceed to the features, solutions, and what is in it for us using the KINGCASINO token and its platform. 


Given the Casino as a game of fun and money, there are still unregulated casinos or not registered with the government. This is what KINGCASINO is solving. Let me show you the solutions of our great KingCasino team.

Solutions that the KingCasino is initiating includes:

a. The Kingcasino team will be the one to have the Kingcasino transactions into transparency because the blockchain platform will be the one to update the distributed ledger in the  Kingcasino's blockchain ecosystem. There are multiple blockchain explorers wherein you can see the entire blockchain transactions so you are assured that everything is safe with Kingcasino's facilities.

b. Kingcasino will be always paying the winners no matter what. There is a guarantee with Kingcasino because no middlemen is between you and your money. All are being held by trustless contracts or also called as 'smart contracts' already. Once a condition is met true in the boolean operations, you will either win or lose the bet depending on the rules and game rules on each player.

c. No more high fees. Because the Kingcasino platform do have the power of blockchain behind their backs, the in and outs of the transactions you are referring to is not anymore existent. Therefore giving you the power to do more with your KCT tokens in the Kingcasino ecosystem. 

d. Based on what I have seen in the white paper of the project, we can start right away with just registering then deposit your crypto then convert it easily to KCT tokens and start playing! No more time to waste and the security of your information will always be the first priority. Kingcasino safeguards players from different web attackers and hackers because of the cryptography. This information are stored and these are all encrypted so no one can be able to get your credentials and funds.



Alright, now that we are done with the problem-solving solutions of the Kingcasino team, let us proceed with the features and other competitive advantages compared to the offline casinos.

1. KingCasino HODLer = Shareholder of the company--> What do we mean by this? Currently, in the normal stock markets or in IPOs, there is a need of strict regulations when it comes to how the shares are being sold and distributed to the market participants. Therefore, there is a big centralization of power. We do not know if there are insiders as well making the market manipulated. Worry no more! Because with Kingcasino,  you just need to buy and hold the KCT Token in your wallet for more than  3 months is that you will have the voting rights on how the project will progress and how the deciding factor of the business is. You are a part of the deciding team! No one gets left behind. 

2. Affiliate program--> This is what I loved as well with Kingcasino, because like me as a crypto influencer and blogger may be able to monetize the power of social media and posts to make the lives of other people earn as well in this platform up to 45% revenue sharing. That is so generous of the Kingcasino team! The beauty of the affiliate program is that even you are sleeping, as long as someone from your team in the genealogy buys from KINGCASINO, whether it be KCT tokens or other merchandise and if someone bought something, you earn!

3. Myriad of Casino games--> Wherever casino you go into, you wanted to have a feeling that you should be able to play endlessly. That is what the KingCasino team wanted as well! They wanted you to play games and have a wide variety of games in terms of card games, slot machines, Baccarat, poker, slots, spin games, and sports games that are always fair for all!

4. Voting rights and quarterly profit-sharing--> Unlike other casinos wherein they are the only ones who profit, in Kingcasino, you have the power to choose how the project will progress as time passes by. You may choose what would the team would do and majority is from the ones who hold the most number of KCT tokens in their wallets. Plus! there is a plus. Aside from voting rights, you can also be a part of a quarterly profit-sharing program. Amazing right! Just by holding KCT tokens, you will have dividend payouts depending on how many KCT tokens are you holding for a specific time period per quarter. I am loving it!

5. Token burn--> This is a process in the Ethereum blockchain and Kingcasino system wherein the Kingcasino token is a kind of token that is a 'deflationary' in nature. When we say about that, we are talking to the diminishing supply of the token as time passes by or through the process what we call as 'burning'. When we talk about burning, tokens will be literally burned or erased from the circulation of a valued token. This means that the burned tokens' value will be going to the circulating supply in the token circulation of KingCasino ecosystem. Making the remaining tokens higher in value because the market cap will be the same or higher and the supply goes low. When the supply goes low because of the burning and the demand for the KCT token will be higher, therefore the price will go high as well. Benefiting the investors and the KingCasino holders entirely.

6. Transparent, regulated, licensed--> If you want to know any legalities, Kingcasino team has it! With their experience In the casino and entertainment sector, they know the ins and outs of the legal papers and how to operate the Kingcasino blockchain community efficiently. It is also safe to have KCT tokens because the owners are legal and it is also easy to convert and buy from KCT to BTC and so on and so forth.

7. Extensive cryptocurrency waging coverage--> Not just Kingcasino tokens are the ones you can wager in the Kingcasino platform, there is BTC, ETH, USDT, and Charcoin as per the Kingcasino white paper. Cool right?!



1. Live Casino--> Games such as from the white paper like  Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Bet on Poker, Russian Poker, and Zodiac Fortune are in there. All in a high-definition type of experience guys!

2. Sports bets--> Whether it be extreme sports, E-sports which is my favorite and any other sports with the competitive field, all are in there even racing!

3. Poker--> The all-time favorite poker!

4. Lotteries--> Who says that you cannot participate in the international lotteries? Not with Kingcasino! With KCT tokens, they will give you access to the biggest collaborating partners around the world so that you can get a ticket of your choice lottery. 

5. Casino games in both Android and IOS platforms---> This will soon be a reality as Kingcasino team and developers are working hard to make the best experience and you can bet and play games even you are out of your laptop or desktop with the use of mobile phones!

Here is a sample screenshot from the Kingcasino platform as well. 





As you can see here, the earlier that you buy and start, the more discount you can avail and the more upside of the KingCasino token you are into! Therefore, more quarterly profits are coming to you as long as you hold to the KCT tokens from a long-term perspective. Always remember that in investing, patience is the key to success as well.




Let me also update you that they will be taking the fundraising as well using IEO or initial exchange offering, what does this mean to holders? We can expect that at the time of trading, there will be liquid KCT tokens that you can buy and sell readily!  2 of the most anticipated exchanges are the P2PB2B and LATOKEN exchanges. 














Thank you so many guys for checking my blog post about this promising and revolutionary project KingCasino, for more details on how to know more about them and details, you may check the following links that I will post like the websites, white paper, and social media channels. Go Kingcasino! I know that Kingcasino will uplift many lives and get a passive income quarterly to token holders! Amazing dynamic team!

Website: https://www.kingcasino.io/

Website 2: https://kct.kingcasino.io/

IEO website: https://kct.kingcasino.io/ieo.html

White paper: https://kct.kingcasino.io/assets/img/doc/whitepaper-send.pdf

Terms and conditions document: https://kct.kingcasino.io/assets/img/doc/TERMS%20AND%20CONDITIONS.pdf

Privacy policy: https://kct.kingcasino.io/assets/img/doc/Privacy%20Policy.pdf

Gaming license:  https://kct.kingcasino.io/assets/img/doc/license.pdf

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/kingcasino8

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kingcasino888

Github: https://github.com/KingCasinoDev/kct

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4zxzDe8J_QvF745cZvDq8Q

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/kingcasinogroup/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Kingcasino888

Telegram group: https://t.me/kingcasinogroup

Telegram channel: https://t.me/kingcasinochannel

E-mail address: info@KingCasino.io

About the author: 

BTT Username: frankydoodle01

Proof of registration link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5242001.msg54515337#msg54515337

Eth address: 0xDFD2144eb8CC1212551d50b00b18a2fEfcf6762b

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