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Clintex: Making the deployment of new medicines effective, safe and competently made for the advancement of medical science and health of all people worldwide. by frankydoodle

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Clintex: Making the deployment of new medicines effective, safe and competently made for the advancement of medical science and health of all people worldwide.

Good morning everyone here who is into crypto and those who are searching for different kinds of projects and other projects that benefit humanity. 

Today, I would like to talk about a project that is what we call as ' in the perfect time' because of the pandemic that is happening and the health-conscious people around the world that is wanting to have a quick medication or vaccine to the never-ending viruses and bacteria that could spread diseases everywhere. 

This project is called as Clintex. Which means clinical trials intelligence. This project aims to be a one-stop hub of different clinical trials for all specialties in the field of medicine. You may check the primer video here: 

<iframe width="495" height="278" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/gKKkPfgdpig" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

This is where the collaboration of man, artificial intelligence, and the different factors to point out in the clinical trials and results take place. I saw in the technical paper that they will be using the STORJ storage blockchain cloud which is secured and can bring in more revenue to the Clintex chain! They do also have oracles to guide them on how the price feeds affect the market price of pharmaceutical medicines and other stuff such as the price of medical equipment needed for a certain clinical trial. 

Now, let me talk and walk you through the capabilities, features, and why CLINTEX is the answer to the long-time struggle of people for faster and cheaper medicine globally.


# Features and competitive advantages of Clintex to revolutionize medical science and clinical trials quickly

## 1. Artificial intelligence with blockchain based storage and records

---> As we all know, with AI, and blockchain combined, there will be a ton of opportunities to create formulas and predict what should be done in the next step of decentralizing medical science. The way the past trials are stored propel the doctors and medical scientists to formulate the right algorithm in the next step in the clinical trials of the mixture of a medicine for a safer and non-error way to give to a patient recruit.

## 2. CTI blockchain enables quick corrective algorithm action and preventative action

---> Lives are at stake in clinical trials and the discovery of new horizons for the medical advancement. We should balance the two and be able to conduct a successful medicine that will benefit humanity. This is the main mission of Clintex. That is why each trial are being audited and being kept to be able to have references as to what works and what will not work. If there is a contraindication for a certain individual or none, how the pharmacokinetics work for the specific medicine for a certain individual and many more.

## 3. Clintex's safe interoperability of data for medical usage while keeping the security and privacy of patients and investors stakes. 

---> We do have medical privacy act all over the world. These are protected by the law and for those who are investing on these projects should know that they do have limitations and scopes in investing. The security of the patients records are confidential and is the highest priority of those doing clinical trials. Rest assured that  with Clintex, your credentials, name and other medical history will be safe and encrypted where only the patient themselves can  access their own records. 


# Clintex Decentralized applications

With these applications are built by Clintex team to maximize the potential of their studies and to factor in different obstacles that needs to be solved to conclude the current clinical trial or function call the clinical trial that are needed for a specific new experiments. I will summarize them here.

a. CTi-OEM --->  This is like their arm for the operations team to communicate effectively from the higher ops to the medical staffs to have a synchronized data flow and knows the next step to do and showing results.


b. CTi-CDV---> This is all about data visualizations. It is for easier interpretation of data for medical staff and scientists to easily mix and match what was needed for synergy and complementary procedures for more effective way to make the clinical trials a success. It is like a quality audit for the data being shown. It is important that it has integrity and no biases.


c. CTi-PDA--->  In my own understanding, this predictive analysis will be like the future teller about the positive results and negative results if there are any. Contraindications of medicines can be seen as well with this app made by Clintex. It makes safer decision making and labelling with the medicines to be mixed or right dosage amount for a patient.


d. CTi-RBM---> If cti PDA is what tells the future results, then RBM or risk based monitoring application takes us back to the past results to conduct a more precise results that the medical team wants. And to ensure that the resources are estimated which is fine-tuned so no excess costs can be seen. 


e. CTi-PRR---> This is the another branch of Clintex that facilitates the recruitment of the patient that matches what the Clintex team are studying and what they are wanting to have the results get with. There is also pre-criteria on how to choose a patient for the clinical trial which makes the selection safe.


f. CTi-SIM---> This is the site investigation arm of the Clintex company. This is basically hospital check or investigation. Such investigations include the ones that are doctors who will conduct the clinical trials. This app will also be the one to give compensations to doctors that are doing their job and if they hit the certain key performance indicators. 


g. CTi-VMM---> After all the trials made and if the medicine that was created was perfect for consumption and was safe enough for mass production, the VMM will be the sales arm of the Clintex so they could sell the medicines to those who wanted to be a distributor of the medical kits. From start to finish, they are amazing! 


Summary: If you would ask me, this is a first of a kind project that will make the blockchain make wonder. Health is the one that is being at stake here and Clintex knows what they are doing. With different competent personnel and competitive team, I am for sure, they will be successful in this project.


# CLINTEX's Partners





# Clintex Bigtime team




Thank you so much guys for reading my post about Clintex! For more information, you may check their website, documents and social media channels below:

Website: https://clintex.io/

White paper: https://clintex.io/application/files/4115/9099/9255/Clintex_CTi_Whitepaper.pdf

Technical paper: https://clintex.io/application/files/3215/9411/9369/Clintex_CTi_Techpaper.pdf

One-pager:  https://clintex.io/application/files/7015/9099/9238/Clintex_CTi_OnePager.pdf

ClinTex Medium Page: https://medium.com/@clintexcti

ClinTex Official Telegram: https://t.me/ClinTexCTi

ClinTex Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClinTexCTi

ClinTex Official Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC66MPSniK52KFZwE_SIDsOA

ClinTex Official Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ClinTexCTi/

ClinTex Official Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/eclintex-ltd/

About the author:

ETH address: 0xDFD2144eb8CC1212551d50b00b18a2fEfcf6762b

Proof of authentication: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5269662.msg55026327#msg55026327

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