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@Muxxybot Contest #1: Poetry My Submission: A Kiss From Venus by lymmerik

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@Muxxybot Contest #1: Poetry My Submission: A Kiss From Venus
# <center>Muxxybot Contest #1: Poetry My Submission: A Kiss From Venus</center>
### <center>This is a poem I wrote a while back and was waiting on a great contest to enter it into. I have finally found that contest! thanks @muxxybot!</center>
<br>![A Kiss From Venus.JPG](<center>![Divider.png](</center>
### <center>A Kiss From Venus</center>
<center>In the Midst of a Crescent Moon,</center><center>The Goddess Venus Awaits,</center><center>She Kisses the Sky Around You,</center><center>Her Kiss, It Seals Your Fate.</center><center><br>![Divider.png](</center><br></center><center>You Marvel the Sights Revealed,</center><center>Your Wanderlust Abandoned,</center><center>Adventures in Life Your Soul Reveals,</center><center>Confessions, Her Kiss Demanded.</center><br><center>![Divider.png](</center>
<center>As She Gives, She Takes in Balance,</center><center>No Greed, No Notice of Time,</center><center>Her Fee Retains Your Talents,</center><center>To Share With Human Kind.</center><br><center>![Divider.png](</center>
<center>Consider Her Rhyme, Her Reason,</center><center>Her Collections of Stars Above,</center><center>For All Who Might Believe In,</center><center>Her Kiss, The Source of Love.</center><br><center>![Divider.png](</center>
<center>But, as We Give, We Take Unbalanced,</center><center>We Seek to Understand,</center><center>Her Kiss, Our Gift In Talents,</center><center>And Love Without Demand.</center><br><center>![Divider.png](</center><br><center>@Lymmerik</center>
<br>Thank You for taking the time to read my ramblings!

*This poem is copyrighted by Rickie O Pauley a.k.a. (@Lymmerik) and as such, may not be used for any other purpose, other than, this Poetry Contest. I do hereby give @muxxybot permission to use this poem, A Kiss From Venus, in and as a promotional vehicle For this contest #1 and as future promotional material only for future poetry contests on Steemit.
# <center>Please ReSteemit!</center>
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