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Three places to watch tv for free by masterroshi

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Three places to watch tv for free
<center></center> <br/><h3>Free but maybe not legal</h3>

So as many of you know there are a plethora of websites that provide movies and telivision shows for free to stream or download. Some of you may have you own favorite sites, but we all know how ephemeral these sites can be. Since the scene is so dynamic its always good to be aware of a couple different sources at a time. Keep in mind that if you arent using a streming service like netflix or Hulu then you are likely consuming pirated content, which is quite illegal. We all know that most of the risk lies with the website owners and not us since it is unlikely that your ISP i going to snitch on you for piracy.

<h3>Watch whatever show you want (pretty much)</h3>

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When I want to watch a show my first choice is usually <a href="">watch episode series</a> because it not only has loads of shows to choose from, but it also provides you with numerous links to the streaming servers. Using this site is really easy and the popups arent overwelming like many othe streaming sites. You can also rest assured that these guys arent mining with your cpu in the background as well. Watch episode series has a great variety of shows spanning back several years, as well as most of the new hits as soon as they hit the internet.

<h3>Download your shows and movies</h3>

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Some of you may be thinking that you already have a subscription on simply want to watch things online, Then using torrent sites is the right thing for you! with a torent site you are able to search for and download an almost endless amount of content from around the world. My top torrent website it <a href="">The Pirate Bay</a> because it is the longest running and easiest to use of all the torrent sites. When you visit Pirate bay you will find your self looking at a search bar that awaits you inquiries. Althoug the service is free you could be an angel and donate to their cause. Pirate bay is a great tool to build your offline collection for those days the wifi isn't working or when you are traveling. The main thing to be aware of is the potential to download a virus, this can be mitigated by making sure the uploader is trusted by the community. You can find that out by looking on reddit.

<h3>Free but not fully</h3>

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Some of the streaming services will offer a free option so that users can still consume content on their platforms. They usually have exclusive content that you woul be prompted to pay for whilst the generic material remains free. I often choose to use <a href="">Crunchyroll</a> when I want to watch anime because it helps me support the continued production of shows i like. The only downside is that you will be forced to endure commercials about 4 times per episode and some shows are only available for paying customers. Crunchyroll is good for those of us that dont want to deal with popups and want to help ensure continued creation of our favorite cartoons

<h3>Where do you watch?</h3>

This industry of pirated content is a controversial one that has effects on many different people but most folks are worried about their pockets. Thus sharing with each other these ways of obtaining free content is an intrinsic part of the culture of the internet. We all know that it costs someone for the content to make it to us but we would prefer that someone not be us. with that being the known fact it seems that the business of pirated sites is going to be around for quite a while. Please remember some of the sites online are not trustworthy or are outright malicious so be cautious in which one you pick. It is always good to ask around about a streaming or torrent service before jumping in and binge watching stuff.

Feel free to share with us some of your favorite streaming sites.

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