FDA wording of vaccine approval leaves much to think about. by arbitration

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FDA wording of vaccine approval leaves much to think about.

The effect of forcing the "vaccines" to be rolled out very fast [in all countries not just the USA] is that they have been "approved for emergency use" only. The FDA [the US FDA is leading internationally along with the UK NHS] has recently announced publicly that the FDA has not approved any of these Covid jabs in the same sense as genuine vaccines are approved and the FDA insisted that this is because these jabs have not been tested in the same way as real vaccines. This is political and legal, the FDA putting on record that they do not authorize these jabs. This is, in my estimation, because people in the FDA are responding to the reports of severe and fatal reactions, data they know is much worse than what the public is being told by MSM.

The Pharma giants and Gates are saying that lockdowns and so forth should be in place until 2023. Why that date? Because that is the date when "clinical trials" are scheduled to be completed. If they hadn't been rushed, would they have withheld their "vaccines" until 2023 so as to be legally safe from any backlash, all the time pumping up the fear so as to make everybody desperate to get jabbed? I don't know, of course, and we'll never know, but it just niggles at me, the question. Now that all of them have been rolled out as "emergency use" there is no longer any way they can be legally approved; meaning that if the "emergency" stops being an emergency they are in limbo. It means that these jabs, all of them, are in clinical trials by being jabbed into people who have consented to being jabbed but nobody is legally required to be jabbed because there has been no approval yet. The clinical trials they would have had complete control over are now in complete disarray because they cannot control things when all the jabs are now being "clinically trialed" on the general public.

I know this sounds like splitting hairs. But the only way the jabbing is going forward is by the politicians ignoring the law nationally and internationally under the pretext of "emergency". Mandates are not legal. Not in Canada, the USA or Britain. Our Constitutional rights still have a fighting chance. Whereas after 2023 IF the jabs are deemed to have been safe, have safely passed the "clinical trials", we would have no choice; the jabs would be legally approved by national and international law and could legally be made mandatory. IF the jabs are deemed to be safe. IF. That big IF is getting bigger every day as reports of bad reactions pile up and leak out. This is why the FDA is chickening out. In my opinion.
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