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On Public Protests During #Covid19 - A Rant! by evlachsblog

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On Public Protests During #Covid19 - A Rant!
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I was led to write this post because of what a work colleague and friend at work has been posting on her Facebook page. I'm not being too judgmental or overly critical, or maybe I am, but her posts have gotten into my nerves because of how she is professing to be a Christian and all that, and yet, she condones illegal protests of these lobbyists and activists. Please note that at this time, Australia still has social distancing protocol and restrictions in place and, therefore, people should abide by these laws and regulations. There is no excuse for anything. They can't justify their actions by using "freedom of speech" as an excuse. 

Mind you, I'm all for freedom of speech and expression. But there is a proper time and place to do public protests. As long as activists don't resort to violent protests, I can even support their ideas and arguments. 

So, maybe, I will get a "flak" for saying this, but this is my personal belief. As a Christian and a citizen of this country, I am meant and expected to abide by the rules and policies in place. I will not get involved in protests that will violate social distancing measures and restrictions. And again, there are other ways to voice out our own opinions and beliefs without violating these laws.

When you're out there with a group of more than 10 people, and you're not socially distancing yourselves, what does that say about you people? Regardless if you're quoting Scriptures and things like that. It doesn't mean you're right. How can you make people even listen to the Word of God if you're showing arrogance and pride in the manner you're conducting yourself? Take a look at this screenshot image:


I can only speculate what happened there during their protests, but this guy who was quoting Scripture might have been arrested because for sure, they didn't even have a legal permit to protest. It doesn't matter if they're claiming it to be a peaceful protest. Just look at their positions and their distance from one another. They looked crowded and probably more than 10 people were gathered there. What happened to 1.5 metres social distance measures that they're supposed to follow? Obviously they were breaking the law.

Oh, because they're saying it is their constitutional right to speech and expression. It's their freedom and police should not be arresting them. Those who were caught sunbathing and swimming and hanging out at the beach were arrested because they violated the protocols in place, so what makes these activists think they're above the law then?

Now, when these restrictions are lifted, by all means, protest in public. Make big placards to make yourselves even more visible. Get permits so your protests are done lawfully. Please don't make the lives and the job of the law enforcers even harder than they already are. These people are just doing their job to the best of their abilities, and they also have the heart for their country that they're serving.

I'd say hats off to these police officers who are out there risking their lives amid this #covid19 crisis.

Gggggrrrrrrrrr... end of rant!!!



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