Sports Betting Blockchain Projects | October 2020 Report by costanza

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Sports Betting Blockchain Projects | October 2020 Report

<center><b>I try to stay up to date with all the latest news and developments from Blockchain Projects that offer Sports Betting making a report each month with my personal experience and insights on how this space is evolving.</b></center>

<center><h2>Market Overview</h2></center>

<p>More news than usual this month with some new releases, trading pairs, and projects moving to 2nd layer. Many projects seem to be jumping on the hottest trends in the crypto space such as wrapped tokens, Governance tokens, NFTS, ... </p>



I covered Exbet back in march this year (<a hree="">Post</a>) as they introduced themselves as the Bitcoin Betfair. Last month they went live on <a href=""></a> and I had a look at it. Being used to crypto bookies like <a href=""></a> and <a href=""></a> that don't need account creation allowing users to bet directly from their wallet with no transaction costs. I couldn't get myself to make an account on exbet especially since they don't yet offer the Belgian League and the overall liquidity and activity is just too low while odds aren't anything special. The main reason why it's so hard to get an exchange going is because it needs activity to attract users but users to have activity. 

Doing a quick odds comparison (1% commission needs to be subtracted from exbet odds), it is clear that they by no means rival what I have on offer over at my main betting broker <a href="">Sportmarket Pro</a>

Something like exbet is certainly a step in the right direction and I hope they can manage to pull it off to become the Bitcion Betfair one day.



Not many changes have made to the Wagerr bookie the last months. The platform continues to work allowing users to place bets but the experience is just way to far from where it should be as having to sync the blockchain each time just takes way too long for any casual bettor to ever use it. They did jump on the "Wrapped Bandwagon" just like everyone else in the crypto space introducing wrapped WGR  (WWGR) which is trading on Uniswap. The way I look at it, everything is just way too complicated and expensive with the ETH Gas fees for this to really do anything for the project.

Something I am keeping an eye of is the fact of tokens actually get burned or minted as for the token to be successful, gamblers can't just beat the bookie which would cause a lot of inflation because of the minted tokens. Last Time I checked the balance was +7,245,966 WGR that was minted because players are winning, by now this has grown back to 9,826,294 WGR which is quite the increase.

I will keep a monthly count from now on...

Month	|Total Supply|	Change
July 2020	|+7,546,461 WGR|	-
August 2020|	+7,245,966 WGR|	-300,495 WGR
October 2020|  +9,826,294 WGR | +2,580;328 WGR

That is roughly ~75000$ that has been won off the platform by players in total putting the platform at a big loss which token holders indirectly pay for as the supply gets inflated. Not really a healthy situation. Of course, it will go the other way if more money is lost than won, but the system is so exploitable by sharp whales.



<a href="">SportX</a> partnered up with Matic Network and moved to layer 2 on Ethereum. This is pretty much a must for every Sports Betting project that runs on Ethereum because Gas fees on layer 1 are just impossible to cope with. I have not tried it out yet as my betting activity these days is mostly centered around the Belgian League and corners markets. It is nice to see projects move to layer 2 though.



<a href=""></a> is jumping on the "governance token" bandwagon and created the DEGENS token which have been airdropped to users that used their platform similar to how Uniswap did the airdrop of the UNI token. (see <a href="">DEGENS Token Airdrop</a> Medium Post)


I like their platform but have not used it since I'm just unwilling to cope with any transaction fees when placing bets which remains the major bottleneck of Ethereum right now.


I have been coming across multiple "Prediction Market" projects but again have not really tried any of them as I can't say I'm a fan of the prediction market idea compared to the traditional bookmaker / exchanges concept. These are the ones on my radar now. <a href="">polymarket</a> | <a href="">Omen</a> | <a href="">Predix Network</a>


<b>Reality Cards</b> |

<a href="">Reality Cards</a> is a project that wants to combine NFTs with prediction markets. The project is still in Closed beta but I like the innovative idea regardless if it goes anywhere or not.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<center><b><h2>Listed Projects (CoinMarketCap)</h2></b></center>
<center><h6>30/09/2020 --> 30/10/2020</h6></center>

Rank|+/- |Project|Token|MCap|Price|24h Vol
<a href="">071</a>| (+0) |<a href="">Augur</a>|REP|134M|12.19$ (-13.55%)|12.3M
<a href="">128</a>|<b></b> (+7) |<a href="">Gnosis</a>|GNO|50.8M|45.95$ (+6.98%)|1.2M
<a href="">192</a>| (+99) |<a href="">Wink</a>|WIN|25M|0.000080$ (+0.00%)|3.36M
<a href="">247</a>|<b></b>(+0)|<a href="">Bitbook Gambling</a>|BXK|58.5M|0.63662$ (+23.44%)|16k
<a href="">623</a>| (-52) |<a href="">Wagerr</a>|WGR|5.6M|0.029013$ (-22%)|577$
<a href="">1068</a>| (-57) |<a href="">Peerplays</a>|PPY|1.34M|0.298$ (-9.45%)|14k
<a href="">xxx</a>| (-) |<a href=""></a>|SBET|1.17M|0.00293$ (-13.3%)|8.6$
<a href="">1519</a>|(+22)|<a href="">Scorum</a>|SCR|311k| 0.010648$ (+41.6%)|3.6k
<a href="">1640</a>| (-133) |<a href="">Decent.Bet</a>|DBET|199k|0.001059$ (-22.9%)|651$
<a href="">1654</a>|(-161) |<a href="">Stox</a>|STX|188k|0.003676$ (-32.3%)|864$
<a href="">1776</a>| (-44) | <a href="">Blitzpredict</a>|XBP|113k|0.000301$ (-14%)|845$
<a href="">1803</a>| (-195)|<a href="">Betterbetting</a>|BETR|104k|0.000613$ (-40.1%)|0$
<a href="">1958</a>| (-277) | <a href="">Bethereum</a>|BETHER|49k|0.000087$ (-59.9%)|0$


<center><b><h2>Unlisted Projects</h2></b></center>

Degens|ETH|Smart Contract Betting|<a href=""></a>|DAI|Smart Contract Betting|<a href=""></a>
Fairlay|BTC|Exchange|<a href=""></a>
Crypto Sportz|ETH|Smart Contract Betting|<a href=""></a>
Marginless|MRS|Betting Exchange|<a href=""></a>
Zensports|SPORTS|P2P Betting|<a href=""></a>
Fansunite	|FAN|Sports Betting|	<a href=""></a>"
Mevu|MVU|Social Betting|<a href=""></a>
Gifcoin|GIF|ICO Book Profit Share |<a href=""></a>


<b>Previous Monthly Reports On Blockchain Betting Projects</b>

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<center><b>That's about it for this month. Let me know if there is anything major I missed last month or if there are some more promising projects I have yet to take a look at. Thanks !</b></center>



<center><a href=""><img src=""/></a></center>



<center><a href=""><img src=""/></a></center>



<center><a href=""><img src="


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