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Exponential! C² Featured Posts - October 22, 2019 by c-cubed

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Exponential! C² Featured Posts - October 22, 2019
<center>![Exponential - C² Featured Posts.jpg](
<h1>Exponential!</h1> a daily selection of high quality posts recently curated by the <a href="">C² Curation Collective</a>.  
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- All featured posts were hand-selected by experienced human curators from the recently upvoted/resteemed posts at @c-squared.
- ~10 posts daily receive 100% votes from the @c-cubed account & curation trail and are featured in this automated posting.
- Please follow the @c-cubed curation trail at <a href="">SteemAuto</a> to support this effort.
- All author rewards from this post will be powered up to increase the @c-cubed vote.
<hr> <center> <h4><i>C³ - Curating the Curation Collective</i></h4></center> <hr><center><h1>Daily Featured Posts</h1> </center>
<br/><div class="pull-left"><a href="/needleworkmonday/@sheilamenher/fabrics-embroidery-and-designs-seamless-barbie-doll-dress"><img src=""></a></div><h4><a href="/needleworkmonday/@sheilamenher/fabrics-embroidery-and-designs-seamless-barbie-doll-dress">Fabrics, Embroidery and Designs - Seamless Barbie doll dress </a> - @sheilamenher</h4> #needleworkmonday October 22, 2019 1:13 AM<hr/><div class="pull-left"><a href="/unschooling/@freemotherearth/unschooling-a-basic-guide-for-early-education-prek-5th-grade"><img src=""></a></div><h4><a href="/unschooling/@freemotherearth/unschooling-a-basic-guide-for-early-education-prek-5th-grade">Unschooling: A Basic Guide for Early Education (Prek-5th grade) </a> - @freemotherearth</h4> #unschooling October 21, 2019 10:08 PM<hr/><div class="pull-left"><a href="/travel/@sue-photoart/along-the-garden-route-south-africa"><img src=""></a></div><h4><a href="/travel/@sue-photoart/along-the-garden-route-south-africa">...along the garden route // south africa </a> - @sue-photoart</h4> #travel October 22, 2019 12:21 PM<hr/><div class="pull-left"><a href="/reviews/@richardfyates/spook-show-2019-08-the-best-of-ghost-hunters-2009-by-richard-f-yates"><img src=""></a></div><h4><a href="/reviews/@richardfyates/spook-show-2019-08-the-best-of-ghost-hunters-2009-by-richard-f-yates">“Spook Show 2019 – 08: The Best of Ghost Hunters (2009)” by Richard F. Yates </a> - @richardfyates</h4> #reviews October 22, 2019 7:40 PM<hr/><div class="pull-left"><a href="/art/@bingu/abstract-portrait-of-a-women"><img src=""></a></div><h4><a href="/art/@bingu/abstract-portrait-of-a-women">Abstract portrait of a women </a> - @bingu</h4> #art October 22, 2019 6:27 AM<hr/><div class="pull-left"><a href="/film/@janenightshade/film-review-the-monster-club-1981-last-hurrah-for-the-amicus-anthologies"><img src=""></a></div><h4><a href="/film/@janenightshade/film-review-the-monster-club-1981-last-hurrah-for-the-amicus-anthologies">Film Review: 'The Monster Club' (1981): Last Hurrah for the Amicus Anthologies </a> - @janenightshade</h4> #film October 22, 2019 7:48 PM<hr/><div class="pull-left"><a href="/travel/@chanych85/23mkar-autumn-forest"><img src=""></a></div><h4><a href="/travel/@chanych85/23mkar-autumn-forest">Autumn forest </a> - @chanych85</h4> #travel October 22, 2019 7:24 PM<hr/><div class="pull-left"><a href="/sailing-tales/@sukhasanasister/children-are-so-funny-but-it-doesn-t-stop-you-worrying-about-them"><img src=""></a></div><h4><a href="/sailing-tales/@sukhasanasister/children-are-so-funny-but-it-doesn-t-stop-you-worrying-about-them">Children are so funny  - but it doesn't stop you worrying about them... </a> - @sukhasanasister</h4> #sailing-tales October 22, 2019 12:13 AM<hr/><hr><h1>Participate and Support</h1>

- <a href="">Join the C² Discord community</a> to participate as a curator.<hr>
- Follow the @c-cubed curation trail at <a href=""></a> to support the curated authors: @c-cubed casts ~10 upvotes daily, all at 100% vote strength, on some of the best posts curated through C².

- @c-squared is also an available curation trail at <a href=""></a>: ~70-100 posts are upvoted daily through @c-squared at ~10-15% vote strength.  Smaller accounts, and accounts following the curation trail at a reduced vote %, will likely lose a significant portion of their votes' value if trailing @c-squared.  For most accounts the @c-cubed trail is the better choice (see <a href="">this analysis of the dust vote threshold changes under HF20</a> to understand why casting a large number of small % votes is not optimal).

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@c-squared runs a <a href="">community focused witness node</a>. 
<br/>Please consider voting for us <a href="">here</a> if you would like to support out witness operations.<hr/>
- If you would like to delegate to C² you can do so by clicking on the following links:
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Post cover image created using CC0 images sourced from Pixabay users <a href="">Geralt</a> and <a href="">Seagul</a>.
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