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PEDL your way to a better economy by remaining healthy ! by vphadnis

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PEDL your way to a better economy by remaining healthy !
<strong>PEDL is a technology aided cycle sharing service launched by Zoomcar and already present in Pune, Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore. This plan has been launched to serve as an additional part of personal transportation for the smart city infrastructure. Building a cycling community is a great initiative to a healthier environment in the ever increasing pollution crisis.</strong></p>
<p><strong>In this model, cycles are rent out at a very low rate of just 1 Rupee (0.015 USD) per 30 mins of usage, which is a lot cheaper than any other transport one may use. It has only a digitalized way to interacting with the customer, only accepting the payments from digital wallets, making it a secure and registered way of transaction. It has a heightened potential considering the various problems we’re facing due to traffic, air and noise pollution, smog over the city and parking issues. This provides us with an easier, cheaper and cleaner medium of transport, especially over short distances. The public transport currently in use will have less crowds due to reduced usage of buses and in some cases, metros. This would decrease finances as well, and the common man would greatly benefit. In smaller towns and villages, bus frequencies could be lessened once this scheme becomes successfully launched. Keeping in mind, that it is not exploited and is used fairly by all. Private vehicles owners would save fuel, in the city and on the outskirts, as a healthier lifestyle will promote itself. This would in turn result in reduction of oil import which is always a point of concern for many economies.</strong></p>
<p><strong>I am neither advertising the company who is taking the initiative of rolling this out nor am I sponsored by them to write this blog. feel that this change which is being experienced by my country is definitely phenomenal. A step towards a green and collaborative economy which must not be ignored, but adopted into our lives. While affecting us positively in our individual lives, a project as innovative will also make our currency stronger as there would eventually the import of extravagantly priced petrol or diesel will decrease. This change will be gradual, certainly, but if we make a decision for ourselves and take a step in the right direction, we will end up in a better world tomorrow.</strong></p>
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