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I Am Changing My Dialysis Plan Now by cryptopie

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· @cryptopie ·
I Am Changing My Dialysis Plan Now

The result of my dialysis today was just like the other dialysis sessions that I had, my blood pressure once again had slumped so i have to again notify my nurses in order to mitigate the situation. They correct it by infusing Saline solution in my system, reducing the amount of fluids that would be taken off from my body, reduce the blood pump, and or stop the fluid drawing setting.

All of those measures had been done today because my BP is just 60 Systolic and I am just glad that the dialysis process was still continued so that I can get an added clean to my blood compared to if they would terminate the process altogether.

So after my session my BP was just 90 Systolic and it failed to go up this time around despite that I had hung around inside the treatment area for maybe an hour after my session. I was only permitted to go home because I had signed a waiver indicating that the nurses/hospital will not be held liable if something happens to me, all because I insisted to go home already.

It is in their rule not to let me home if my BP would not go up for at least 100 Systolic, but my BP was only 90, but even though it was that low I am still not feeling light-headed plus I would just lay down after going home anyway so it really doesn't do harm for me. Plus due to the fact that I have a normal hemoglobin levels makes the oxygenation of my blood better compared if I am anemic.

I really could not figure out what was the cause of my dropping blood pressure but I have to change plans again and this time around I will not eat anymore while hooked-up for my dialysis because for one thing it is conclusive enough that eating while hooked-up doesn't guarantee that I will be having a more stable blood pressure plus eating while hooked-up now seems to be not enjoyable for me, I just prefer to eat at home after dialysis so that I could eat much well compared to contending every spoonful and still having no appetite to eat as well.

That will be the plan just like what I was doing before, less stress for me and will not make my mother to cram in buying food for me in order to give me my food in the right time while hooked-up, I will just bring it home where I can enjoy eating it.


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