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I Am Preparing My Body For The Cooler Months Now And Here's My Simple Plan by cryptopie

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I Am Preparing My Body For The Cooler Months Now And Here's My Simple Plan

It seems that the air is getting drier and cooler now, it is because winter is coming to the northernmost parts of the globe and it influences the climate in the tropical region where I reside.

So it gets hard for me to cope with the cold weather even though there is no snow but it tends to make me cower under the sheets. Normally I am always half naked, for the past few days I am just wearing underwear as I have no use for wearing short pants anymore.

I tend to be not comfortable wearing clothes because it gets me to feel the heat and I do not like it. So I would prefer being shirtless and now pant-less. But when I do feel the cold I would use my blanket to cover my emaciated body.

My body is just skin and bones, I could not gain weight anymore, eating more foods just creates heat to my body and it doesn't feel good, it makes me feel awful. Plus I do not have the appetite to eat more so I now end up eating with a very long interval like I am intermittently fasting which should not be the case because I have to gain weight.

Now I had just let go the plan to gain weight and contend with this kind of body that I have since even with this body that I am using seems to be as heavy as a two ton man to move around not to mention the pain in my limbs when I do want to move my body to go someplace.

So with a less body fat I am just more susceptible to the cold which is why my limbs gets cold fast. But due to the fact that my hemoglobin levels is normal it just gives me an upper-hand over the cold weather which is why I can tolerate the very cold morning showers when I do go to my dialysis at a very early schedule of treatment.

So I just have to boost my blood's oxygen-carrying capacity by taking ferrous sulfate for that matter so that I can make my blood to give me a sustained body heat when the weather gets cooler especially at night and when I go for a very early morning bath, that is the plan.

So I just thank God that I had been gifted with a normal hemoglobin unlike in my former years where I have to do a lot of blood transfusions and EPO injects just to raise my red blod cell and hemoglobin levels, that is a miracle that I am always thanking God for, glory be to God.


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