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It's My Dialysis Again This 5:30 In The Morning by cryptopie

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It's My Dialysis Again This 5:30 In The Morning
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The Typhoon had gotten me worried a bit there, it is because that the power went out and I couldn't get online for that matter because we do not have a better solar power from the simple set-up that my brother did a couple of years back.

The solar set-up doesn't have a battery where it can store the power so we can just use the power if there is a light coming from the Sun, there is no reserve power to use at night.

That kept me thinking about getting my basic phone's battery to drain without being able to get a charge. So if that happens I will not get the text message from my nurse about my schedule for my dialysis.

So we are out of power for about a day and it is difficult when that happens because it gets too silent and my ringing ear/hearing just tortures me.

I also couldn't use my phone's FM function because even though my phone has a big capacity it could and will not be able to run all day.

I managed to watcha couple of movies from my laptop because of its big battery capacity and I also thought not to drain it all the way down as I could use the spare power to charge my basic phone in the event that the power will go out for a longer time.

The water also had weakened with its pressure but at least there is something coming out from it and we are lucky because some of the houses doesn't get a drip from the tap.

So I am glad that God didn't allow anymore inconvenience to happen in my life. I do not like anymore of this to happen in the future because it is hard for me to cope.

Now I think that I must prepare for some of the things that I needed when this event comes in the future so that I will not find myself in a bad situation especially if there will be an extended power outage.

It is now my dialysis this morning and I will get cleaned with my blood once again. I feel that I really want ted dialysis even everyday but due to economic and my consideration for my parents I am just choosing the twice a week sessions which is I know just enough to make me survive.

What is important for me is to try to give myself some comfortable in-between dialysis days and also to make my bones to rehabilitate by making them not to leach out calcium which is a cause of my pain issues and bone deformations. That will be the order of the day until I can get into another of wellness that I can achieve for my body.


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