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Buddy Up. Word of the Week. by thehive

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Buddy Up. Word of the Week.
# <center>  *The Hive*  </center> 

<center> Howdy folks'. </center>  

<div class="pull-left">
  </div> <div class="text-justify"> The word this week from the Buddy Up community is Definitive.

Each week a word is chosen by the community and suggested as a post to write about, There is no condition to what you write other than it must incorporate the word of the week into the post. As the content, the reason, why or other. There is no right or wrong type post.
You are welcome to come join us and discuss the posts made for the week.

This show takes place in the buddy Up server.
at 8 PM UK time (7 PM UTC) each Monday.

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<center> **Definitive** </center>
This is a bit like defining define, you could go in circles with this for days. Defining the definitive definition leaving it definitely definitively defined. Ah, but I guess we can do that with many words. It's just more transparent with definitive.

Well thats about all the play I can come up with for that. Gap filler think quick, hmm. **So Meanwhile, back in the Jungle.**

Defining value. How we define the value from different things. Can we give something a definitive value. Giving a fixed price to something does not give it an inherent value. The fixed price value may be small for someone who really likes a product.

Imagine if there was one thing that everyone had. Not everyone will want to keep that thing. Let's just call them fancy carved sticks. They look cool and stuff but not everyone wants one. Some people really like them and want to build a collection. The value is varied according to how much the product is desired. This value has only increased in the circle that likes the sticks though. Other products will attract the attention of others and the same thing happens. Now and then yes there are duds that do not survive. Even a defined value is not definitive.

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I wonder what will be the definitive moment with *The Hive* that will see us lower the tide. A lower tide gives us all beach to visit. It gives us more coast line. Do we really want a rising tide making all boats float and then we cannot build sand castles. 
Bringing rough sea's and coastal flooding. Or do we want to lower the tides providing more opportunity. A vastness of new land to utilise and relieve the burden on the crop producing lands now.

Is there a definitive key point or have we already passed it. By definition we have reached and exceeded our first stage and are now on the second stage of projects. Building the finance to invest with. We have this begun for various projects now. Each project will have a definitive point were it no longer requires external support and can run independently.

Each project has its own defined point of independence. It is a variable point though and not a definitive one. The variability here is beyond our control. Fluctuations on markets we cannot control. The variance we can take advantage of though. We can do this by the things we do and change at certain levels. 

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Dream still yet a distant cloud of haze begin to take shape. Holding no definitive form, no recognisable features. A visionary blur gaining focus. growing bigger as the distance draws closer. The details workings of the cogs become more apparent as shapes begin to form. 

To give our position some kind of definition. We are like a few seeds that have been planted and a distant cloud is looming in the distance. That cloud has to come toward us and water our lands or at least the reservoir that feeds water to our land. Too much too little too late to cry .... wait that's a song.
Our seed's are planted or some of them anyway. Now we wait for the waters to come and warm suns to help us grow. 

Why as a whole do we wait until we can take no more to do something to prevent what hurts us. If we used prevention the point when we can take no more will not come. Maybe, someone should create a slogan around that or something like, prevention is better than cure.

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As a group *The Hive* has taken a definitive step forward in a positive manner. Yes we have taken a leap again in to new territory to us, The @silverquest account has been made and we have jumped in to the Silver coin trading arena.

We feel strongly we are bringing a positive new idea to the #steemsilvergold community. Starting out now we are only at the Steem Silver level and not reached the Gold part The attachment of Steem to a Silver coin traded through *SilverQuest* account will be something unique we hope. We begin this adventure with two coins. A post wil be made about that.

A shout out to @enginewitty @jackmiller @saffisara for helping piece this project together. Saffi and Engine have both agreed to act as treasurers in this project. They also provided the means to our first two coins. Thanks giys. (giys is not a misspelling, it's the new politically correct way to say guys, to mean both female and male).

To those who may think a big project like the one I suggest rapes the reward pool. I say this to you.
> The end goal of this project is to have the ability to provide and by doing things *The Hive* considers to be the best for the future of Steem. We will impregnate the Steem chain with new life. This is not forced. This is all done by agreement. We can all enjoy this and the climax it will bring. 

Toby Kieth said it in a song. I ain't as good as I once was.
<center> </center>
That's why it's good to get in early. So now is the time to get in on this project and other's. It might not be as good the second round. 

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