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The disappointment of Dumbo by girlhunter

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The disappointment of Dumbo
Disney continues to produce remakes with actors from their animated classics. In this sense, Dumbo is only the first of the several premieres for this year.
Dumbo has all the visual display that could be imagined, some performances and several characters of humor achieved, but in the midst of artifice and spectacularity it is difficult to get involved emotionally. The proposal is very Disney and very BUrton at the same time, but only in its basic postulates and its packaging.
The greatest representation of all this is found in a Manichean and flat treatment of characters, who flee from the archetypal to be directly embrace the condition of clichés and exhibit a predictability in their behavior that cripples any possibility of surprise. Something to which we should add the disappointment that, in contrast to the 1941 film, Dumbo is relegated to the status of main character, charging all the prominence a generally insipid humans.

It is disappointing to see how, during some of the passages of 'Dumbo', Burton seems to take advantage of the story's storylines, which confront the small circus run by the character of Danny DeVito and the great entertainment company of the tycoon played by Michael Keaton, for Make a speech that seems to bite the hand that is feeding him. Between the lines can be seen an ironic subtext that attacks the way in which corporations try to devour the most personal and minority creations to achieve the hegemony of the industry at all costs.

In particular I expected more from this movie, for being my favorite as a child, but it was disappointing to see how everything faded in the development of it.

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