Which Way Echo Chambers? by nooses

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Which Way Echo Chambers?

Having a discussion with some friends around the circle and we came to the conclusion that we're all in a bit of an echo chamber in these waters.

I thought about it a bit and decided, yeah, it is a sort of echo chamber, which then got me asking what is actually being echoed?

And to that, mostly I hear the word “NO”- as in no to all that would be FORCED upon us against our will. 

Anyone object to that?

But I also hear the word “YES”- as in yes to all that is beautiful, true and loving.

How about that one?

I do not see these two poles as being mutually exclusive. They are, I think, intended to work in harmony with each other, as together they give us the welcomed ability to both accept and reject... and to know WHY we do so.

In my experience, both online and in physical life, I see too many people who have essentially given up on rising to the level of decisiveness required to properly distinguish between what is beneficial for humankind (good) and what is detrimental and harmful (evil.)

If that is the definition of an echo chamber, then I only wish there were more of them... each one predicated upon the understanding that we as humans are the crown of creation and not some toxic by-product of consumerism and capitalism… biding our time until we can be transformed by science and thus certified as CYBORGS.

If you watch TV and you fall for the propaganda, what you will come away with is... that power must be centralized, that propaganda is true, that humans are machines, that the whole lot of us are little more than commodities and consumer data-sets for technocrats, infused for purposes of “belonging” with a false sense of positivity and a mostly suppressed melancholy, both of which will one day be better defined for us by the psycho-pharma industry.

What else you will likely come to see, although you will NOT likely admit it to others or to the panopticon of your “friends,” is that as humans living in 2021 in a time of constant false-flag horseshit emergencies, we are also become FOOD for power-obsessed monsters, who are quickly recognizable because they do NOT care at all about you, or about your families, or about your children, or about precious and life-sustaining “Mother Nature” or anything really except their own damn pleasure and profit.

Well, fuck that, and fuck them! 

I no longer need or want their news, their movies, their music awards. As they go, the art within me grows.

It really does feel like the time has come to step fully away before their human log-splitter works its way any farther up your butt.

As far as conversations go, I am increasingly pleased with their tenor. Once people stop arguing so much with each other, and get a little regular affirmation, and once the chastisers grow fewer, it becomes a lot easier to share generously, by way of offering up true feelings and emotional support. 

Rightly or wrongly, I am feeling a clearer connection to that moral compass (within myself) as to what constitutes tolerance, and where, for the sake of harmony and progress within our earth community, tolerance should step aside and addressed.

I play all that by ear, of course… I have no hard and fixed boundaries when it comes to reasoned judgments. 

I don’t know about you, but I will say that increasingly of late, I am concerning myself with things that have life and death repercussions.
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