How To. Timelapse video with an EGG TIMER! Bangkok (video) by thinkit

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How To. Timelapse video with an EGG TIMER! Bangkok (video)
Victory Monument in Bangkok is well known to many. A sweeping view of the monument as you pass by sat on the BTS skytrain or while you're stuck in traffic down below- everyone has seen in!

A couple of years back I took lots of timelapse videos with my GoPro. As I tried to become more original in what I was filming i started to look to see how the professional industry was filming. Sliders, jibs and motorised panning systems where being used- they looked cool and what they offered was amazing, but the price that came with them wasn't! Instead I started thinking what else could be used to achieve something similar.

A lego car to mount the GoPro on was considered but there was no way to accurately control a steady speed. A washing line rig with wind-up toy to wind-in a tether was too complicated for public spaces. Then, for about 100USD I saw motorised rotation mounts that looked like egg timers... that looked 'eggactly' like the IKEA egg timer!

Since there were no programmable settings, I was stuck with a standard rotation of 360 degree in 1 hour. I did however pick up some other cheap egg timers that offered a max time of 10 minutes, 15, and I think a 30- but these were not as accurate. This meant I could get a faster 360 rotation in a shorter amount of time.

For the video below I used the 10 minute timer- trying to match traffic light intervals. 

Although the camera and timelapse software did all the hard work, the longest part was actually trying to find some background music for the video!
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