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What did you miss when you first arrive on steemit platform? by bien

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What did you miss when you first arrive on steemit platform?

Hello steemit community,as an steemians in a long term what did you miss when you first arrive here on steemit platform?

Me i realy miss a lot of things especialy those meet ups we had here at Cebu Philippines promoting steemit to my friends,neighbors and people around here in our country,i was so happy that time because i feel the success and invited more than 30 plus new steemians.But suddenly they did not reach their success here on steemit platform because even i tell them everything they don't have the ability to stay in long term even i encourage them everyday.But even that happened i keep on using steem platform because i believe in steem that it would bring something special in to my life and i do believe in my self.

Their are a lot of things i remember here on steemit. here in steem platform i also know how to do some gardening in my homestead special thanks to the people that inspire me on gardening @papa-pepper and ofcourse to @blocktrades also who gave more values to my gardening and homestead.


Years gone by i abandoned my garden due to busy at work by working more than 10 hours a day that made me feel tired and i can't keep my garden healthy and my plants are slowly dies,when i lose my job i am trying to get back to my daily routine as a homestead and gardening i harvested many fruits from my homestead when i find another job worst than my past job which i work more than 12 hours in a day a totaly lose my garden.To lose what you have done and what you gonna love to do is not easy but i need to give up to my gardening because i need to focus on my job.


Today as a jobless man i am planing to regain back my garden and start planting some goods since i can fucos all day and anytime to my garden as a homestead person,hoping by the end of this year i can grow some of those plants i wanted to grow to my new garden and i was planing also to start my 2020 year on steemit campaign here at Cebu Philippines and trying to bring back all the steemians who left the platform and i will help them as long as i can to meet their success here on steemit platform.

**If that happened i am pleased all the dolphins and whales to help me also to help them especialy those good author and writer i had invited before and to the new comers if ever.Give me more time to settle everything and help me to make steem a better place again.**

**I can't make it with my own if we will work together we can grow together as one steem community.**


**Have a wonderful day ahead and God Bless!**
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