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HOMT: The decentralized blockchain project first hybrid token for rental and ownership of properties mostly focused for student's homes and real-estate. by frankydoodle

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HOMT: The decentralized blockchain project first hybrid token for rental and ownership of properties mostly focused for student's homes and real-estate.

Good morning guys! This is me again, your Mr. Decentralized that will give you another promising project and has a useful use-case with the power to revolutionize and change how we interact with the current system that we are using. I am enticed by this project named HOMT token because of the dedication, mission, and vision that it entails with them developing and implementing their project despite what is happening right now. I am impressed with their determination to help our students and retail real-estate investors to raise awareness in terms of investments and blockchain technology as well. 


Alright, as you can see, in today's property market, most properties are being held by different corporations that mostly only the 'rich' can afford and those properties that are near the schools and universities that were needed by students most likely are being built with already high-cost condominiums. Making the affordable dormitories too far away from these universities and colleges and not being convenient and affordable to all students. HOMT team saw this and they are really passionate to have the students' democracy be able to win again against the giant corporations. That became the brainchild of the HOM token. 


What really is HOM Token all about?

--> The vision and mission of the HOMT token and its team is to basically give the students a safe and sound type of lease for accommodation while they are away from their home. The HOMT team foresee that they want to see students that HOMT token acquired properties to be rented out as their 'Home away from home' or the 2nd home! It is the medium of exchange to this decentralized marketplace of properties for rent, lease and ownership as they start their journey as a student and HOMT will be their bridge when they become professionals as well.


<center>FEATURES OF  HOM TOKEN</center>

I have read the white paper of the project and was able to see the different features that HOMT token only has and how it will improve the Real-estate industry as we know it. Here are they:


A. HOM Token tokenizes Real-Estate assets--> By using the HOM token, you are getting enabled to participate in the blockchain world and cryptocurrency revolution. By tokenizing the fiat money that you are converting to HOM token, it enables you to acquire exclusive HOMT properties and be able to have money-creating assets that will help you to create a passive income! Not only that, HOM token is not unlike others that are just being used to pay something or used as a money token. HOM tokens are used for acquiring different assets under HOMT and the company HOMT itself. You are making yourself a HOMT part owner!


B. Transactions and data transparency--> I do understand that in order for us to trust something, we need to see its transparency online and in public. Well, HOMT company got your back! Because of the HOM tokens that will be made to be means of buying and selling of real estate market place and the flagship product which is the long term lease and rental accommodations for students as well. All transactions made through the landlords and HOMT company and the students will be seen in the blockchain ledger and can be checked anywhere. If there are disputes, there will be transaction hashes that can be verified from the outgoing wallet to the incoming wallet to ensure no one will be committing fraud as well. How cool!


C. Legal and regulated by global financial experts--> If I were to get tokens of a company, I would really choose HOMT because it is registered and monitored by the team itself and they are also the founding team for HOMT. I do really love that the lead property developers are the ones who invented HOM token as well. Your funds will be in safe hands and over time, you will reap your rewards by getting HOM tokens. Believe now and rewards will overflow for all of us!

D. Scope of investors inclusivity---> We have a saying that if you want to grow, help more people. That is true. With HOMT's inclusivity of all investors whether it be a small net-worth individual to high-net-worth individuals can both enjoy the interests and potential earnings that HOMT company offers. Because of the tokenization of the properties, we are having the same qualities as the REITs or Real-Estate Investment Trust. Wherein there will be shares of properties for sale per share. Therefore, with this type of system, anyone can participate in the revolutionization of the rental industry and different property open houses.


E. Utility services---> As I have read the white paper and what I understood about the utility services, is that if you hold more HOM tokens, you will be more eligible to have point-based loyalty system and can be redeemed to the HOMT accredited marketplace owners and merchants under the HOMT coalition and its ecosystem. I loved it how they make this possible so that all will be happy and more comfortable in this movement to help the students and real-estate investors alike. More power! letting others earn while in the HOMT power as well. 


F. Asset liquidity and convertibility to other financial instruments---> If you are investing in the real estate or you are a Real-estate mogul for quite some time now, you will know that Real-Estate properties are illiquid because of its nature that properties and land are expensive. That is true! But if you have HOM tokens, it makes the illiquid to become liquid. How? Because the HOMT properties are being backed up by the HOM tokens that have intrinsic value and go up by the price over time. If you also want to convert the other cryptocurrencies to HOM token and vice-versa, there are global exchanges that can do it simultaneously and instantly! How good it is for the era to live in!



---> Alright, so let us proceed with the next one, this is about digging deeper on what the White paper of HOMT is saying. I have seen that there is what they call the Student's benefit. The benefits of the students are the focus of HOMT. Because it is the student's blockchain project benefit! Here is the summary of it,  You as a student will have flexible payment terms, discount on the rental accommodations, and yearly bonus if you hold onto your tokens every year as well. This is a pro-student ecosystem made by HOMT.

INVESTOR'S BENEFIT--> When it comes to the benefits of early angel investors and supporters of HOMT, of course, you do have those as well, such as:

a. Transparency of the transactions using blockchain technology. It makes everything and everyone to be honest in transacting with one another.

b. If there are disputes, as said in the whitepaper, there will be fact-checking being made by the smart contracts so that anything will be resolved immediately and fairly.

c. Money and property tokenization are one of the goals of HOMT. With HOMT tokens that you are holding, you are holding the worth of the property in your hands. As well as the price of the property increases, the worth of your HOM tokens increases as well whether exponentially or by percentage per day, week, month, year!

d. Transferability-wise investment--> The HOM token can be transferred quite easily and can be used to buy more properties and acquire HOMT company's owned properties for sale to be catered to the students as well. A perfect and no hassle in paper works because it is recorded in the blockchain already.

e. Increasing demands of property portfolio with a limited of supply of HOM tokens means only one thing. The price of the HOM tokens will rise as it is getting demands from worldwide expansion and usage of tokenization. Meaning that if you want to have a slice of the HOMT ecosystem, you have to get HOM tokens first. 

Here is an infographic on how the Rental term ownership process works from the HOM white paper. I loved the flowchart! This platform https://studentsrental.net/ will be soon up and will be used by students. 


As you can see here, everything is integrated so that the moment that the student wants to pay for rental and other accommodation and other property acquired by the HOMT company, they are benefited as well and easy payment if needed.

Aside from all of these amazing features, let me talk about some of the milestones that the HOMT team achieved.

1. They do have already achieved a seed investment which makes you as an investor be more at ease because HOMT team is composed of experts in the field of Real Estate with combined experience in the property sector and real estate industry and other property developments.

2. IEO(Initial exchange offering) enabled listings--> When we say IEO, there is a reputable cryptocurrency exchange wherein they will be the one to pool the token generation event for community supporters worldwide for HOMT. It is assured that once the IEO ends, the exchange who hosted the IEO or Initial exchange offering that will host the trading and exchange of other cryptos to the HOM token and vice-versa. This is a powerful tool for mass adoption as well!

Here is another infographic from HOMT team about the problems that are present in the real estate sector and the solutions that HOMT brings to the table for all of us and the dear students that will be much more benefitted of this.




Let me show you this infographic and how this relates to be a sustainable business product for all.  I will expound it for you.


Alright, so first stop, this is the liquidity. With HOM tokens in the exchanges and different wallets of HOM investors, it is easy to exchange it to fiat and other crypto and vice-versa. No need to wait for times just to cash out something or cash-in to HOMT ecosystem. 
Since this is using smart contracts, even there is no more human intervention, the transaction will still take place depending on the code and situations agreed upon the contract herewith. These HOM tokens are like 'maxima minima' which means maximum potential in a minimum investment needed. Therefore, it lets small net worth individuals to enjoy the interests made by high net worth individuals as well. There will also be a boost in profit sharing because the middle-men are being cut-out now by the HOMT smart contracts into 50/50.

Keyless entry---> This what makes me excited. Because HOMT will develop a keyless entry for the students that will take the dormitories and properties made by HOMT team for students. This means that there will be a smart app on the phone or even like a virtual card inside the cellphone of a HOMT customer and student and can be used to open the doors, gates and go to different places with the transportation given by HOMT to their tenants. Only HOMT tenants can use this feature. Therefore, auto logging of the identification can be saved in the blockchain for maximum security and identification assurance that only HOMT students can enter and exit out of HOMT acquired properties and amenities. So awesome! Internet of things plays a major role in this and HOMT with the power of developing apps and top-notch app developers and engineers can do this easily and on the progress already.


Other distinctive features and competitive advantage of HOMT ecosystem and tokens plus their Potential use cases based on my understanding:

1. Inheritance transfer---> With HOMT's technology, I know that not only will they develop student accommodation properties but also have separate ones for commercial selling and residential. Therefore, there will be non-fungible tokens that could be made in order to distinguish a property being owned only by a family and could be transferred to their legal heirs without any more disputes from other people because it is recorded on the blockchain.

2. Tokenized Collateral--> Gone are the days wherein you need to go to the banks and have your property get assessed. Because of the HOM token, which represents the property itself and with fiat equivalent, you could just have this as collateral for the financing of some other loans and guarantee to those who will give out loans without giving out the property itself.

3. Decentralized market price appreciation--> With the markets both from the crypto and the traditional real estate market, HOM tokens can be used for trading and made available soon to decentralized exchanges as well. Because of the demands growing, it will for sure appreciate at price significantly.



---> This will showcase the students registration portal, the properties acquired by HOMT and the 3rd party vendors that have a strict ocular inspection by the HOMT team so that all will comply with safety and HOMT standards. Here is the screenshot of it.


All of the fees will be shouldered by the team of HOMT. Take a look at its infographic.








HOMT TEAM-- Introducing, the brainchild and bigtime bosses of HOMT!


Thank you so much guys for reading what I wrote about HOMT and its project. For a takeaway and summary, I do believe in its technology and its team. This will bring a new breed of technology turn point for the betterment of humanity and for the safety of each student taking up college courses and having a concerned accommodation that is backed up by the blockchain technology and utility services. More power to HOMT and its team! Thank you!

For more information about HOMT and its details, you may visit their website, read their white paper and check their social media links down below. 

Website: https://homt.net/

White paper: https://homt.net/Whitepaper.pdf

Executive summary: https://homt.net/Executive-summary.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/homtoken/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/homtoken

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/homtoken/

Medium: https://medium.com/@homtoken

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/HOM_Token/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/homtoken/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSB9YHUPVlJclwW3qow0NOw

Telegram: https://t.me/homtokenofficial

Proof of identification authorship

Proof of authentication: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5250951.msg54537588#msg54537588

BTT profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1165929

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