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KABN: A global ecosystem of a Friction Free Global ID, Crypto-Linked Card & Mobile Banking Wallet and Loyalty & Rewards platform for everyone! by frankydoodle

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KABN: A global ecosystem of a Friction Free Global ID, Crypto-Linked Card & Mobile Banking Wallet and Loyalty & Rewards platform for everyone!

Good morning everyone! Today I would like to talk about another promising project which is beneficial for all of us. In this blockchain project called KABN network. With this KABN ecosystem, it reminds me of 3 blockchain projects but instead of having 3 individual projects with 3 different tokens or coins, in KABN network, we get to enjoy 3 projects in one!

Before going to the meat of our discussion, let me do share you some history on how cryptocurrencies go from just digital currencies to different applications and use-cases in our daily lives. Way before the year 2010, cryptocurrencies are like the internet back in the 1980s-1990s wherein they are like a foreign word in this world. But as time passes by, the world started to make use of the cryptocurrencies so the emerge of ICOs, IEOs, smart contracts,  payment tokens, real estate tokens and whatever use-case you could have imagined. But now with the more powerful blockchains being released just like KABN, we can integrate 3 projects into one ecosystem and have a global reach of this project.



As what you could have seen above, those are the prototypes of KABN ID, Pegasus Flyte Visa Card, and the KABN wallet. Aside from that, there will be KABN Kash wherein loyal people using KABN Pegasus Card can use it to purchase from the KABN Kash platform because it is a loyalty platform and engagement program so that our KABN loyalists can buy high-quality reward products from the KABN KASH platform as well! Now that's what we called sustainability!

Let me tell you one-by-one how each KABN ecosystem works. For a primer, let me show you their Youtube video so that you could also see how beautiful their project was as well.



As you could see on their Youtube video, in this changing technological advances on our financial transactions, we should be able to convert our precious cryptocurrencies back into the original fiat currencies to make transactions. These are important for now because we are still in the infancy stage of the cryptocurrency revolution and digital transactions using decentralized currencies. While we are in the adoption stage which is happening already right now as I am writing this article, I am certain that at a point and time in the near future,  that fiat currencies could go extinct because first of all, it takes up paper, abaca and other materials that cost us big time for each paper fiat money that is being produced than minting coins and tokens using the blockchain technology. I do truly believe that e-commerce, internet, and retail transactions as well as the B2B and B2C. No more middlemen, it is just us the buyer and the sellers transacting directly. 

<center> 3 FEATURES OF KABN ECOSYSTEM</center>

A. **KABN ID**-->  This is the world's first GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) compliant 365 days 7 days a week 24 hours a day global and an always "on" Identification card made by KABN with zero-costs because it is backed by the servers of KABN team as well! They have flag shipped this as a "Global ID that is always on". They are true to this word. Because of KABN ID, I was able to have my one-time KYC level 3 with KABN network and all of my other KYC is being accepted easily because once I passed the KYC and the system confirmed that it was me, they would automatically integrate and give authentication automatically for every other token sales and KYC levels. Purely amazing!

Not only that, because KABN network and its team are law-abiding citizens, they also want people who would join in the network to be law compliant and is following the Anti-money laundering laws for each country. That's how powerful and dynamic KABN ID is. As I saw with the company overview, it spans over 180 countries and you could also record your biometrics for strict identity verification as well as you could enter the source of your income in there but that is optional as per the KABN network.


B. KABN’s Pegasus Flyte Visa card and Mobile Banking Wallet--> If banks do have debit cards, well, KABN network as well has it! And it has many other benefits and perks for KABN's Pegasus Flyte cardholders! With Pegasus Flyte card, because it is interconnected with one of the partners of KABN which are Transact Payments which is a card partner of Visa and Pannovate to have the global platform and KABN mobile banking wallet as well as the launch of this Pegasus Flyte card, rest assured that our money is always in safe hands. Always on our hands! 


One of the key features of KABN Pegasus Flyte card, as you could see above, is that because it is VISA supported card, with the use of our KABN mobile banking wallet, we could just log-in using our passwords or biometrics to access our funds and then fund our KABN multi-currency wallet with different cryptocurrencies available to buy KABN tokens for transactions for our KABN Kash which I will talk about later, or with the coins that are in your KABN mobile wallet, if you are a seller, you could cash it out using the KABN mobile wallet as well. There are built-in exchanges on the mobile banking wallet to convert those cryptos into fiat money and then either withdraw it via ATMs worldwide using the Pegasus Flyte card or even without cashing it out in physical fiat money, after exchanging it from crypto to fiat on your mobile wallet, it is already synced into your VISA debit card as well and could be used for online transactions and other payment needs that VISA cards could facilitate and do. More power to this!


C. KABN KASH--> This is a platform made by KABN team for us KABN users and loyal partners with KABN. This KABN Kash is for customers of the KABN network wherein we will be able to have a decentralized portal wherein we could choose products and services from our KABN team wherein they have partnered with different merchants and with the merchants from the KABN community as well! This is a platform wherein we could spend our KABN tokens/coins to buy merchandise and even accept other cryptocurrencies as well. 

Because this is a KABN network feature, there will be rebates or cashback to us customers who are loyal customers to them. I do also see on their company overview that KABN Kash will have bills payment capabilities, global remittances for those people who are working overseas and would like to send money to their loved ones their native currency and lending products wherein we could lease our cryptocurrencies for cash without actually selling our cryptocurrencies. 

Aside from all those great KABN Kash features, they will also have exclusive promos and opportunities like a limited edition of a product only exclusive for KABN members and loyalists. As more and more merchants join forces with KABN coalition, we could be sure that there will be more improvements as well in the KABN KASH loyalty platform. The best!

Here is what I have seen as a prototype of KABN KASH platform:


To summarize, here is a screenshot for you to see the power of KABN network:





As a token holder of KABN, we will become a part-owner of the KABN network because as you hold KABN tokens,  those are backed up by real value money. Wherein as time goes by, there will be a preferred share profit sharing with pre-determined terms. It could be monthly, quarterly or yearly. Aside from that, with KABN, we could trade these tokens for other cryptocurrencies as well that is why there will be a strong usage of KABN tokens worldwide.

Expansion programs

As I have read their Powerpoint presentation last June, this will be the program rollout of the KABN community globally. I cannot wait to have this in Asia!




KABN on the Media:

These are the links to where you could read about KABN team and their project as well:








To summarize and my final take away for you guys is that this KABN network team and their project is a serious powerful blockchain that could revolutionize the way we do KYC or know your customer and the way we buy and spend our cryptocurrencies as well. Aside from that, with KABN KASH, we will have a market that is made by the people for the people. More power to the senior leadership team of KABN Sir Ben and Sir Michael! as well as the rest of the KABN senior leadership team!

For more details about KABN and how to read more about them, you may go to their website, read their documents and follow them on their social media accounts!

Website: https://www.kabntoken.com/

Whitepaper/company overview: https://www.kabntoken.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/KABN-Company-Overview-Summary-V1.2.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kabnnetwork/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KABNNETWORK

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/kabn/

Telegram: http://kabn.network/telegram-links.php

Medium: https://medium.com/@KABN

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6yHrA6WsU652PtKmwfZP_g

Bounty0x username: frankydoodle

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