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Everest - account and information management with the help of biometric identification by bonanza-kreep

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Everest - account and information management with the help of biometric identification

<p>In the modern world, many services are provided remotely - one can apply for a loan on-line, generate an insurance policy on an insurance company's website, etc. But in order to receive money on a settlement account, or an insurance policy in paper form, it is necessary to personally visit an organization to identify one's identity and confirm consent to receive the selected service. Thus, the process is not automated to the logical end, and the whole sense of such modernization is lost, since a client still has to physically visit the office of a company physically with a passport. It is difficult for a modern person to allocate time, and he/she badly needs a new level of the system which will allow remote identification of a person. The decentralized Everest project offers its own development - a biometric identification system based on payment service.</p>


<p><h2>Key features of Everest</h2></p>
<p>Now there is no need to visit a company's off-line office to get the necessary services - artificial intelligence of Everest platform will determine the identity of a person by fingerprint and will allow remote operations just for several minutes. Built-in digital identifiers allow a user to manage their electronic accounts, get loans, confirm the identity for the execution of social or economic transactions. Everest will allow a person to fully control personal data.</p>

<p><h2>Advantages of Everest</h2></p>
<p>Everest project is based on the blockchain technology which allows to securely store the posted data against unauthorized use. The constant companions of a decentralized system are smart contracts that allow to quickly and cheaply conduct transactions using a digital signature.
Biometric confirmation of each operation is not required for working within the platform - each user enters personal account only with a fingerprint. To start working on the platform, it is necessary to go through SCC and provision of biometric information. Special equipment is not required for this - just attach your finger to a special active window on your smartphone.</p>


<p>Everest platform is equipped with EverWallet multicurrency wallet based on EverChain payment solution that allows not only to identify a person for receiving services in various spheres of human life, but also to carry out necessary operations with the help of Everest system.</p>
<p>Everest offers money transfers between users, issues loans and saves money in deposits, download medical information in the cloud storage and instantly provide it on request, purchase real estate with subsequent registration, make out insurance. All data services are confirmed by biometric data with the help of the patented EverID Dapp program, and together with blockchain technology it provides 100% security of the information placed.</p>


<p><h2>Everest cryptocurrency</h2></p>
<p>To perform internal calculations, the project uses ID tokens. A total of 800 million units were issued, of which 38% were allocated for sale. The cost of one token is $0.01. The deadlines for the creation of the project have not been announced yet.</p>


<p>Thus, Everest project is the embodiment of an innovative approach to remote identification. Thanks to biometric identification and Everest mobile application, a user can instantly use the necessary service, register property under the ownership or request a loan. Now there is no need to spend time on a transfer to an office of a company with a passport. Everest is attentive to its customers and provides 24/7 support services. Having a multi-functional and easy-to-understand interface, Everest platform has already received high evaluation from experts.</p>
<p>The project was launched in 2016, and the alpha version of the project with EverWallet has already been issued. By October, there will be a beta version of EverWallet 1.0. The subsequent versions of the project will be published once a quarter during the next year. The result of the work will be an integrated version of Everest 4.0 project with a license for banking activities.</p>


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This review by Bonanza Kreep is all opinion and analysis, not investment advice.</p>

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