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HiBTC ( HIBT ) – Revolutionary Digital Asset Exchange System by imbitz

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HiBTC ( HIBT ) – Revolutionary Digital Asset Exchange System
Exchange crypto - currency is the place where people exchange one crypto-currency for another, or for major world currencies (dollar, euro, rubles, yuan). This is the second place where they can be obtained after mining and, at the moment, the first place where they can be spent. To date, the exchanges have a very significant role in the crypto-currency ecosystem. They are the main means of trade and exchange of coins. Despite this, the currently widespread platforms in connection with their centralization have a number of significant drawbacks, which can be eliminated by decentralized crypto-exchanges
Due to the very sharp growth of ICO projects, the number of traded coins on the market has sharply increased. Different marginal and ligate features of coins lead them to nominal value. Participating in various projects we get with you the product of the past ICO - Token (coin of the world crypto currency), which is ensured by the working capacity of the project itself. Investors share Tokens as they need it. They alone speculate in the markets, the latter is left as a long-term investment and the third is simply sold. Almost every interaction with the Crypto currency is in one way or another on the Exchange
## The exchanges can be conditionally divided into 2 types, 

-	Those that can exchange bitcoins, and some basic forks, at fiat money (usd, eur, rur). Usually these are the main large stock exchanges
-	Those where only bitcoin can be exchanged. Here forks are traded
The project of the HiBTC team tries to solve all the current problems related to the trade in crypto-currency assets
## Main features of the project

For starters, it is worth noting the concept of design, which, together with advanced technologies, will greatly facilitate the digital assets trading for all participants. Regardless of the size of the transaction, each participant can count on safe and confidential trading. In addition, the professional team of the project will provide all the necessary information for choosing investment objectives and a large set of tools for comfortable and reliable trading. HiBTC creates a completely decentralized platform. The Hibt Token is the only Token released within the project. In addition to the digital asset, Token will carry the connecting role of each participant with the developers of the project. HiBTC promises to regularly distribute platform revenues to all HIBT owners. Yes, every HIBT asset holder automatically becomes a co-founder of the project, which will receive regular dividends from mining and confirmed transactions. 
In addition, HiBTC will also present a "Dividend Bonus Program". Users can voluntarily join the program with the help of part or all of the HIBT that it holds, and in addition to the basic dividends, various proportions of the dividend bonus will be used. To date, the bonus is 36,090.55 USD 
## More details on what will be biased developers of the project, 
### Security
Security is the main priority of the project team. HiBTC in cooperation with leading experts in this field have developed a whole security system that will reduce the participants' risks to critical values 
### Trading Mining
Through transaction processing, Hibt Token holders will be able to claim 50% of the reward. Token owners also use income distribution and decision-making power. To date, produced 523,535.93 Tokens HIBT
### 1 + 1 Two-channel mode
HiBTC represents the world's first currency exchange "1 + 1" with a two-channel mode that abandons the traditional mode of currency transfer and opens the channel of recommendations of the HIBT holder
### Efficiency 
The embedded transaction mechanism, which uses the memory link algorithm, processes 2 million transactions per second. The API interface supports professional trading instructions, such as GTT, GTC, FOK, ICO, providing extensive technical support for professional investors. 
### Distribution of income and rights 
Owners of HIBTthe project revenues will be regularly distributed. There are no boards of directors or meetings of shareholders. You will be able to make decisions on the basic issues of income, management, etc. 
### Transparency 
The platform will publish all data on income, mining and data on voting in favor of solutions. Any information you are interested in, you can request or track. HiBTC will create a prize fund, growing along with exchange earnings. HiBTC will account for 100% of the daily dividend of the "General Fund Holder" account
## Information of Token distribution
The total number of HIBTs issued will be 10 billion and will never increase
-	50% - awards for trade and Mining 
-	18% - owners of the General Fund 
-	25% - founding team and strategic partners 
-	5% - third-party investors 
-	2% - product promotion
To date, about 40 stock exchange projects have been created and are being used that specialize in digital assets trading. Because of the huge demand for this type of speculation, it is very difficult to select suitable sites for trading. The HiBTC project creates an innovative tool where each participant can achieve their investment goals

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