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Farms: Biquinho Pepper by lorennys

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Farms: Biquinho Pepper

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Whoever is looking to insert some condiments into their menu, certainly has already found the pepper biquinho. She is consumed by many pepper worshipers.

If you have doubts about anything related to this food, be aware of this article. The first information you should have is that you have, yes, nutrients that promote health.</div>



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What is pepper bikini?

The scientific name of this pepper is Capsicum chinense and the family is the Solanaceae. Although it has that name that reminds us of China, she is a native of Brazil.

Morphologically, it has a very red color and is about three centimeters long. Its width reaches, on average, more or less 1.5 centimeters in the more chubby part of it and 2 millimeters in the upper part, where is the famous peak of pepper.

On the other hand, this name for which it is popularly known is precisely due to the pointed triangular format. She is round with a bikini forward, hence the name. In addition, its consistency is crunchy and tasty.

Its other known name is for pepper of smell. So, if you do not know the pepper well, but you know the pepper smell, know that in the end it is all the same.

The intensity of its flavor is spicy, which attracts many followers. It can be ingested alone, however, it is usually added to some dishes, to give more flavor.

The dishes that are most commonly used are meats in general (bovine, chicken, fish, etc.) and sauces.

Other interesting information, related to its benefits, is that it is not only used to flavor the food. Many times biquinho pepper is used as an active rubefacient medicine. This means that it makes, from the contact, a stimulus in the circulation of the place where it is applied. The consequence of this is that the temperature increases, the person feels a sense of comfort and the pains in the room diminish.</div>


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Benefits of biquinho pepper

Peppers usually brings health benefits in terms of its components, such as capsaicin. Like all types of food, however, we can not abuse and eat indiscriminately - after all, everything is too bad.

In the case of pepper biquito is not different. It is classified as a functional food - that is, it does good for health. See the main benefits of this pepper:

* This helps prevent cancer: Capsaicin contains elements that cause some types of cancer can be prevented to some extent. Prostate cancer is one of them, and it has been proven that this pepper helps in the reduction of prostate-specific antigen (PSA), whose alteration is one of the factors of the disease.
* It helps prevent type 2 diabetes: pepper pot, as well as others, but it is also a low glycemic index food. This means that ingesting it causes the body to control glucose (sugar) and insulin. By controlling these agents, which altered cause type 2 diabetes, it helps to avoid it. We emphasize that it is evident that if you have a completely unbalanced diet and eat pepper, you can not expect miracles, right? Who wants the benefits, has to adapt their food as a whole.
* Help with anti-inflammatory action: capsaicin is also very good to fight inflammation. If you have arthritis, for example, it can be a good auxiliary and complementary food to your medications.
* It helps prevent heart disease: it can act by decreasing the chances of a blood clot, to adjust it. In addition, it can help against other heart diseases, such as stroke. It is also good to control cholesterol.
* It helps to increase immunity: if you tend to be immunosuppressed for any reason (chronic medicine or continuous use, for example), pepper pot can be of good use. This is because it is rich in vitamin A and in other substances that help your body fight diseases.
* Help lose weight: get this. She has low calories, which means that you can eat moderately. Accelerates metabolism, which means that more fat is burned. * Complementarily, it also helps the digestive process - where, for the rest, it can even prevent the formation of ulcers.</div>


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How to plant

If you fell in love so much with that plant that you want to have it at home, know that it is possible. That is why we are now going to give advice on how to plant it.

* Land preparation: can be placed in small areas. It must have good water drainage and enough organic matter.

* The choice of seed or change: it is your choice. It can be purchased in both options and varies a lot according to the consumer's desire.

* In compost: it is good to call the weekly foliar fertilization, which begins only after that comes the first pair of leaves of the plant. You can apply even organic fertilizer 30 days before planting. Planting in glasses, do weekly.

* Irrigan: researchers say it should be done frequently, preferably outside the morning shift.

* Sowing: preferably, plant between the months of February and August, because the minimum temperature must not be less than 18 C and not higher than 35 C.

* Harvest: between three and four months after sowing, the first fruit of the harvest appears.

* The prevention of diseases and pests: many can achieve it. To avoid this, you must make the plant not too wet.

As we are seeing, it is not unusual to plant this pepper. If you have been interested in the plant, you can do it at home, in a small garden or in a glass. Enjoy the benefits and taste of this food to insert it into the direct menu of the home garden.</div>

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