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Till Death (tears you apart) - Short Story by airiam

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Till Death (tears you apart) - Short Story
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“D-Diana, please…”

Her husband’s plea faded off as she grabbed his face, sharp nails leaving fine trails of red on his skin.

“Apologies, *darling.*” There was something dark in her tone, an underlying touch of viciousness. But that’s to be expected; she was *not* sorry, after all. “As a token of my gratitude for your help in these past years, I intended to be quick; however, it seems that your independent actions have only brought unnecessary suffering upon you.”

Diana paused a moment, taking in the sight before her; Victor wouldn’t be moving anywhere soon, if the growing pool of blood underneath his body was any indication. She then took advantage of the man’s weakened state, enjoying the way he flinched at her touch as she caressed his cheek in mock fondness.

“I’m afraid there’s *nothing* I can do about it.”

Of course, that was a lie. There was plenty Diana could do. For one, she could call for help or tend to Victor’s wounds, but what purpose would that serve? He was better off dead now that he had outlived his usefulness.

Astrid Evans had never been one to backstab, let alone rejoice in other people’s misery, but Diana Lancaster did.

Then again, ‘Diana’ was nothing but a shallow shell of who she once had been.

Astrid had a sob story that could earn her the golden buzzer from America Got Talent just by standing on stage. She had lost everything for the likes of her father, a man she once looked up with adoration and who always had offered her unwavering support to. And how did the bastard repay her? By tricking her into slavery and selling her to avoid bankrupt.

After suffering from such betrayal and humiliation, a lingering feeling of bitterness was to be expected.

Yes, it had been tough. It had been painful. The worst reality-check ever, really.

Fortunately, Astrid was tough as a nail. She had no exotic features to brag about, but she was pretty enough to catch the eye— by appealing to male fantasies during her auction, she made numbers rise and pushed through. And so Astrid then became Diana, mistress of one wealthy businessman.

“W-why…?” Victor gasped, it would have been admirable the way he clung onto life, if only Diana didn’t need him dead. “Why do you do this…?” Oh, and wasn’t that the ten-thousand billion query?

***Why?*** How many nights had pathetic Astrid asked the same? *Why did this happen? Why her?*

However, it didn’t matter. Even if an answer was issued, Diana wouldn’t be appeased no matter what, for it would change nothing. She was still betrayed, she was still a slave, she still wanted revenge.

“My, you ask so silly questions.” She said, still half lost in her reminiscence.

Little by little, Diana had worked to earn her Master’s favor until she was able to parade among his favorites. That granted her enough freedom and luxury to live comfortably despite her situation. Sadly, Diana knew it would only last for as long as she was young and good-looking.

Hence, the moment Diana had noticed her master’s son had fallen for her charms, she seized the opportunity and made the most of it. The target was already seduced, the only thing left was to earn his trust; once she accomplished this the rest came easy.

Asking for a proof of love was the oldest trick in the book— men did it all the time, so why Victor hadn’t seen it coming was beyond her. Then again, most men asked for sex, whereas Diana had asked for murder.

*«If you truly do love me, have you father killed so we can be together»*, that’s what she said.

To his credit, Victor’s hesitation had only lasted a few seconds before he made up his mind. Less than a month later, his father passed away due an unfortunate ‘accident’ and all the goods to his father’s name had been transferred to Victor’s.
And having no use for them, the other girls were freed —regardless of whether or not they wished for it— and only Diana remained by his side. They married after six months had passed and two years and half later, another opportunity presented to her in the form of a cruise.

Seeing the life slowly drain away from Victor’s face, Diana decided to humor him in his last moments. He had served her well, after all; she could give him that.

“You know what they say, right? 'Till death tear us apart.’ In other words: if you are willing to kill for my sake, for my sake you shall *die.”*</div>






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