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A Vampire Eloim Story, Keeper of the Lore. Book 5 part 2. by alienbutt

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A Vampire Eloim Story, Keeper of the Lore. Book 5 part 2.

The three moved down through the citadel in silence and after a while Eloim stopped in front of a door.
“Since I got back we’ve been talking but it’s getting harder.” Eloim said as he opened the door and walked into the room beyond.
His mum and dad exchanged looks before following, within the room an old pattern was painted on the floor and candles burned at set points.
“What have you done Eloim and who have you been talking to?” his father demanded as he looked around the room.
“Alexia, it seems some sort of link remained but it’s getting harder to talk each day, that’s why she wanted to do this fast.” Eloim said walking to the centre of the room and pulling back a sheet that covered a strange looking coffin.
“What is this?” Eloim’s father asked in anger stepping forward in front of his wife.
“Oh stop the chest bashing, haven’t you worked out what has happened?” Eloim’s mother said pushing her husband aside and walking over to the coffin.
“She needs help to recover from her time there, I didn’t know how to do that.” Eloim said quietly to his mother.
“Will one of you tell me what is going on?” Demanded Eloim’s father.
“Eloim brought Polly home.” his mother said placing her hand on the coffin lid and lifting it up. Inside Polly lay, her skin sunken over her bones but the clothes she had worn when she had disappeared had been cleaned and her sword lay on her chest.
“Alexia promised she would send her home, with all the trouble I caused with the High Council I thought it best to do it in secret.” Eloim said nervously looking at the floor.
“She still has life, it is weak but with care she will recover.” Eloim’s mother said, a look of concern for her daughter on her face.
“You opened a portal to the demon realm within the citadel?” Eloim’s father asked not ready to give up on his anger.
“Don’t be daft, Alexia had her moved to a neutral place, some holding yard in America I think. I just stole your credit card and had her delivered to one of our warehouses by Airfreight and then had her delivered into the citadel this morning. This room has a back stair down to the servant’s loading bays.
“Airfreight? You mean no portals and demon magic?” his father asked.
“Where would I learn demon magic?” Eloim asked.
“But the candles and the strange pattern on the floor?” Eloim’s father pressed.
“I needed light as there’s no electric in this part of the citadel and the marks on the floor are from where someone once spray-painted some large metal wheels or something.” Eloim shrugged.
“We need to get Polly some blood, a lot of blood.” Eloim’s mother said almost to herself. “It could take months for her to wake up.”
“Eloim, make yourself useful and grab one end of the coffin, we’ll carry her to one of the rooms in our chamber.” his father ordered closing the lid and getting ready to lift one end of the coffin. “And don’t tell anyone, that damn priest and the High council would have a field day with this.”
“Your father does so well when he takes control.” Eloim’s mother said with a slight mocking edge to her voice.

For a week Eloim had visited his parent’s chambers every day and stayed for a few hours. In the citadel such things were noticed so it became known that his mum was taking over part of his education. The ten extra blood slaves that had been moved into the chambers had been dismissed as dad deciding he needed to build up some muscle. Each question was met with a plausible answer but Eloim’s brothers and especially his sisters didn’t buy it. The family was smaller than many of the vampire clans and secrets were hard to keep, yet no suspicions would ever leave the citadel walls.

To be continued.
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