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The Buxom Redhead
The town of Gilmore, the southern country of Ayalia, the continent of Posiil, 1439 ATC

It was late winter night on the outskirts of a very insignificant little rural town, barely bigger than a hamlet actually. In a cabin fires were lit to keep away the dampness that would otherwise seep in from the falling snow and building storm outside. Maggie Drake paused at the window to peer out into the dark night, sighing as she vaguely saw her reflection in the glass. Life was not great, but it was not too bad either, she had to tell herself. Leaving Lindow three years ago was a decision she had regretted few times, but she didn't really want to go back either. 

You can't go back in life, only forward, and you keep going. That's what she kept telling her. Lighting a candle, the busty redhead sat by the kitchen table to do some sewing, mending some seamwork in her 'working outfit'.

 A worn silk dress that was still sufficiently elegant to give an impression of a high-class company, yet being revealing enough to draw in customers. With a sigh the five foot seven woman squinted her eyes to see in the candlelight as she let out one of the seams a bit. You don't change your life, your life changes you, she thought with slightly bitter smile, feeling the added sturdiness around her waist. Outside the wind howled.

And outside in the snow, which fell like a million falling stars that fell like lightning, someone knocked on her door four times.

Thes knock on the door snapped Maggie out of her reminiscience, blinking her grey eyes a few times and brushing back her long dark red hair. Putting away the dress she had been fixing, the woman with exceptionally large breasts grabbed a lantern and headed to the door with curious yet somewhat wary look on her face. Who could be out there in weather like this? She opened the small window in the middle of the door and pressed her eyes against it, but the darkness outside didn't let her see who it was. 

"Who is there?", she called, glancing to the side where a dagger was placed neatly on a table beside the door.

 ''Uhh... Hey neighbor!'' A man wearing a crimson and turqouise tunic with baggy red pants and bright red boots with a black furred cloak and hood over his head stood outside the door in the dark. He then held up a small, metal cup to the small window and shook it.

 ''I just came over to borrow a cup of sugar!'' It lowered and the man groaned. ''Oh by the void I don't even know where I am anymore...''

"Sugar my ass." Maggie said back with a dismissive snort. "Besides, you aren't my neighbor. I know my neighbors and none of them goes around in the middle of the night dressed like a bard. So, sorry buster, but you gotta come up with a better line the next time you try to get a lonely woman to open the door for ye."

Outside, the man raised his other hand and raised his shoulders, trying to shield a cigar from the snow. He exhaled greenish white smoke and coughed a bit, looking up. 

''Well... Lonely huh? What if I told you I was handsome?'' The weather, time of day combined with the small light that came from the window, hid most of the man's face beneath his hood, revealing only a pair of reddened, emerald serpent like eyes and the bridge of his nose.

''Handsome and charming and witty and adventerous and thoughtful and considerate and handsome...''

"... And probably full of shit." Maggie snapped back, a sarcastic smirk on her face. "You might be able to charm a lady in broad daylight in public space, but don't you imagine I'll be letting a strange man inside at this hour if all you can do is sweet talk to me. Unless... You got the coin to make it a business meeting." She laughed back.

"Oh ho I got the coin alright...'' He said reaching for a purse on his belt, accidently dropping his joint. ''Fucking void...'' The man murmered holding up the purse in front of the window, shaking it up and down, allowing the coins to jangle noisily.

The woman with exceptionally large breasts was torn. She needed the coin, but on the other hand, letting a guy in like this was risky at best, utterly foolish at worst. "You got any weapons on ya?", she asked, althought the question really was pointless - if he had, and if he planned on using them, he could just as well say no.

 ''Yeah.'' He said simply clearing his throat. ''I try not to use it though, and I rarely do.''

 "Oh, so it's just a souvernir you hold on to for sentimental value?", Maggie replied sarcastically.

 "Oh alright, come on in then. But payment is up front, thirty silver and you leave the first thing in the morning." A clank of wood against wood was heard as she slid aside the bolt that kept the door locked, and stepped back, opening the portal for the man to come in.

"Not a problem.'' He thought to himself entering through the door. The man pulled down his good and looked around the cozy cabin. 

''I love it... Roomy...'' Beneath the hood he was in his mid-thirties, with messy short black hair and a short black beard that appeared to have been recently singed. He had fair skin and had overall handsome features. On his belt was many pouches and a sword hilt hung from it with no blade, oddly enough. He removed his belt and set it down on a nearby table, not paying much attention to the woman.

 ''Takd my entire purse then.'' He cleared his throat and set the gold down on the table, looking to the woman now. His eyes quickly drawn to her chest. ''Wow...''

Maggie was not phased by the ogling this man's eyes gave to her figure - she was used to it. But now as the traveller was inside and candlelight caught his face, Maggie felt a gnawing feeling of familiarity. She had seen this man somewhere, she was certain of that.

 "For all of that and I'll even give you a supper." She said dryly. "What do you want with it, mister...?"

"Very kind of you." Venser then proceaded to move close to her, ogling more while smile. ''Well then... What forty get me?'' He smiled and looked her in the eyes, straightening up a bit.


"You can buy my company for the night, but I don't put a price on my smile, just so you know", the woman replied sourly. When his eyes kept devouring her form Maggie managed to squeeze out only a half-hearted smirk - which however turned into a surprised look when the man called her by her name.

 "We HAVE met before then. I knew it!"

''The tavern you worked at. I was visiting a lot of taverns at the time.'' He said looking down at her. Maggie wasn't that much shorter than himself. 

''I never did get to mix you my perfect drink.''

 "The tavern? In Lindow, right!", Maggie said, her hand resting on her chest now. 

"You're Venser! I knew I had seen you before, but I was thrown off by the hood you wear." Now there was finally a smile on her face, and at least for now she had completely forgotten that the man HAD in fact paid for her company when he came in. "What a coincidence. What brings you here?"

''Yes. Yes I am.'' Along with that he was slightly older and had a beard. "Not sure, actually. Fate or... Dunno. We meet again, Maggie.'' The handsome bearded man said slowly dragging a finger down the side of her face, brushing back her long scarlett locks.

The woman with exceptionally large breasts shirked away from his touch, her chest jiggling. This didn't seem right.. Not with someone she knew, or at least had come to know under different circumstances. An old friend from the past.

 "Venser... Please, just have your coin. I'll give you a board for the night, no charge. For old times sake, you helped me once I remember so it's the least I can do." The the buxom wench said.

"Come now, I insist. I make crazy money.'' Venser said with his hand on the side of her neck, trailing down it to her shoulder at th edge of the fabric of her dress. 

''I'm wealthy despite being a simple bartender. Well, I have multiple jobs... And a small business. And I do a few dangerous jobs here and there. But still!"

 "You insist?" Maggie said, wrinkling her brows a bit. He insisted on... What? Giving her the money or getting her services in return?

 "Sorry Venser, just doesn't feel right. Us knowing each other and all you see", she said, taking his hand and gently moving it aside before taking a step back and heading to the stove. 

"There is stew here, and I just made a fresh pot of green tea.. Should help you get over the cold I hope."

''Barely. Haven't seen you in a while.'' He peered over her shoulder at the stew and tea, licking his lips. Venser was niether hungry nor thirsty. But after insisting Maggie keep the silver she refused, he deemed it rude to refuse the food too. ''Thank you.'' He said removing his cloak and hood, tossing it onto a nearby chair while walking up behind Maggie.

Money was money, and what did it matter anyways? In a sense, this at least meant she wouldn't have to worry about her client trying to cut her up or anything.

So Maggie turned around and looked at Venser with a smile, placing her hand on his shoulder.

 "I see you grew a beard. It suits you I think. Makes you look older, but that's not a bad thing. Brings some additional masculine authority." The buxom redhead said, flashing a smile and tilting her head. She, like women in general and women in her profession especially, was quite carefully examining herself in the mirror as well, noticing the passage of time. Apart from some additional lines in the corner of her mouth and shadows under her eyes, she looked quite the same she did back in Lindow. Albeit slightly sturdier than before, which in her case also meant more buxom, and she was only a little over thirty.

 "You look tired though. Whenever you want to call it a night, just tell me and I'll come warm up your bed."

 ''Beards tend do to that to men." Ven said with a chuckle, Venser glanced at the stew and tea.

 ''Eat, drink, catch up, bed?'' The man suggested with a smirk, moving his eyebrows up and down.

The smile on the redhead's lips was a tired one, but not dismissive. "Sure. You want anything stronger than goat's milk with that stew?" The curvy matron asked, already on her way to the liquor cabinet in the corner. Even if he didn't, she would. "So, I don't know if you told me already where you are heading to?"

''I never did get to mix you that drink I spoke about last time I saw ya.'' Venser said following her from behind as she moved about, catching glances at her rear. ''Um, goat's milk will do. And... I'm still not sure. I just go wherever I feel like, or just where I find myself. Usually after drinking or a few of my cigars... I do sell them after all.''

"You were high?" Maggie repeated, glancing over her shoulder, a genuinely amused smirk adorning her face for once. "What have you been using. Mushrooms or something magical?" The buxom woman said as she turned around and walked to the table with a bottle of scotch and a glass. A jug of goat milk was already sitting on the table next to the stew. With a sigh she sat on a creaky chair opposite to Venser and poured herself a drink. Leaning a bit forwards, her all natural G-cups rested rather liberally on the tabletop as she raised the glass for a quick salute.

''Yes. On Kullero cigars as I call them.'' Venser said licking his lips looking at her large breasts again, walking over to the table and picking up the glass. ''Hmm... Not really seeing anything I like in your selection, not a huge fan of scotch... I should go get my own!"

 He set it down and said, ''Hold on.'' Before abruptly disappearing in a puff of thick red smoke.

Maggie was just about to ask something when suddenly a cloud of reddish smoke remained where Venser had been just a second ago.

 "Venser?" She called, then stood up and looked around for the man. "VENSER?!"

 A few moments later he reappeared in a puff of thick red smoke and set a small wooden box down on the table. ''So, the drink I was going to make you. Lemme tell you it's the best thing you'll ever fucking taste.'' Venser set three bottles in front of Maggie, one full of clear liquid obviously vodka, one full of light red liquid, one full of yellowish green liquid, and a small vial of neon pink liquid. He set one glass in front her, and one to the right of him. He poured the three ingredients into a silver cocktail mixer and began to shake it vigorously.

"Where... Where did you GO?" Maggie asked, raising her eyebrows, examining the man with a good dose of disbelief. "Did you just... Teleport somewhere only so that you can make me... A drink?"

 ''Yeah.'' Was all Venser said straining a glowing, neon pink drink into the Maggie's glass. 

''There we are! Pink footed booby. Give it a taste''!'' When she would drink it, she would find it tasted exactly like a strawberry starburst. Only liquid. ''Perfection.'' The man said with full confidence.

Maggie held up the bright pink drink, but did to put it to her lips just yet. A bit of suspicion remained - who know what would happen to her, or what Venser would do to her, once she had drunk whatever the thing was in her glass. "Aren't you going to make one for yourself?" she asked, glancing at the empty glass on the table.

 ''Yeah. Just poured yours first of course.'' He said straining the glowing pink drink into his own glass, taking a heavy swig of it. Venser let out a satisfied sigh and sat down besides Maggie, reclining lazily. 

''Now this,'' He said gesturing to the glass, ''Is my signature drink. The house special.''

Maggie hesitated still a bit, but after Venser had quaffed down his drink, she also lifted the glass on her lips and took a sip. It was good surprisingly good actually, its sickly color not at all in line with the fresh taste. "Oh my", Maggie said, her eyes liting up a bit as she sat down as well. "It actually IS good. Very... Strawberry-ish", she giggled.

''It's practically addicting.'' He said with a laugh wrapping an arm around Maggie, sipping his drink more. With every sip both of them would find themselves feeling more and more heated.

With the drink Maggie started to feel a bit light-headed. "This certainly is strong stuff, huh?" She said with a bit of a giggle, biting her lower lip and looking at the man on her side and it looked almost like ten years would have been taken away from her shoulders. She didn't appear anymore a plump, tired courtesan... There was sparkle in her eyes and mischievous grin on her lips. "You still didn't tell me where you are on your way to? Or did you just come here by chance, after smoking that weed?" Maggie said, her hand gently playing with Venser's fingers that now rested on her shoulder. She turned her torso half-sideways to face Venser, her massive bust squashing a bit against the man's side.

''By chance... A good chance that it was your house I came to.'' Venser said with a sly smirk turning his body so her large chest squashed up against his. He took another sip and set his glass down on the table, wrapping another arm around her. ''I came looking for a cup of sugar but I may get more than that...''

 "You get what you paid for, mister." Maggie replied with a wink, both inviting the man to go forward, but at the same time reminding him that this was a business arrangement, not more than that - or at least so she wanted to see it. "Let's go sit by the fire, much nicer there", the buxom redhead suddenly said, standing up if released by Venser. She looked down - only barely able to even maintain eye contact past her bust which, if possible, seemed to be even fuller than it had been when the man came in. With a bit of a bounce in her steps, the redhead courtesan headed towards the firplace with the drink still in her hand, and eventually laid down on the thick carpet in front of the fire.

The handsome bearded man winked back and slinked over to the carpet in front of the roaring fire, refilling his glass of Pink Footed Booby as he made his way over to her. He sat down beside her, looking into the fire for a fee moments before turning his head to Maggie. ''Cozy... Lovely atmosphere...''

"Well, it's a shack with a fireplace...but enough for me", Maggie said, laying on her side with her elbot planted against the carpet, raising her torso into a semi-seated position. The dimly lit cabin and the bright fire drew her a stark contrast to her silhouette, enhancing the curve of her waist and hip, and casting deep shadow to her cleavage. With a sigh, Maggie turned a bit more, letting her bloated bosom sit on the carpet, clearly their sheer weight straining her muscles. 

"So Venser. you are somewhat of a boob man, aren't you?"

"Oh yes I am... Would be better with a bear fur carpet...'' He said laying down beside her, gaing at her light skin, admiring it. ''Comforable?''

 "Pfft. That thing would just scare me to half death if I ever stuck my foot in its mouth when going out during the night." Maggie laughed, placing her hand innocently on her chest when giggles shook her bust. "But yes, very comfortable. You?"

He moved right beside her, nuzzling her. ''Very...''

"Oh that's perfect then", Maggie replied with a soft chuckle, already feeling warm and comfortable with Venser.

Venser raised his glass to his lips and sipped his drink. Holding the delicious pink drink in his mouth and leaned in and locked his lips with Maggie's, kissing her deeply and parting his lips a bit, allowing the Pink Footed Booby to flow into her mouth.

Her eyes widened as the sweet drink flowed into her mouth, before they closed and she leaned into Venser, her extraordinary endowment squashing against his chest, the cold world melting away as they became lost in each other's heat.

The rays of the morning sun reflected off the snow outside and bounced through the windows and brightened the room, as well as the sheets. And the clear blue sky was the brightest, azure anyone had ever seen.

 ''Nughh...'' Venser yawned quietly and shifted a bit in bed, blinking his eyes a few times. His emerald eyes traveled over the room, the bed, and the sleeping woman beside him.

 ''Mornin'...'' He mumbled quiet snuggling into Maggie, nuzzling against her large breasts, pressing his nude, muscular body into hers.

Maggie had woken up already a while ago, but then fallen asleep again. While laying on bed, she had thought about her life and what had went down the last night. She did not feel particularly proud of herself, but there was no pangs of guilt or serious regret either, in fact she felt great with him. She needed the money and this was the way she got it. It would put food in her pot, that was all. When Venser snuggled against her, Maggie woke up for the second time, glancing down at the still drowzy man.

 "Good morning there, sleepy head." The buxom redhead said, ruffling his hair a bit, feeling the coarse beard tickle against the soft skin of her massive breasts as they jiggled with her movements. "How about some breakfast?"

''That would be lovely.'' He said kissing her neck gently, trailing a few more kisses up it while one hand rose up and fondled her right breast, squeezing it and occasionally tugging at her nipple. 

''Or I could be a gentleman and make you breakfast.'' Venser said with a soft smile looking into her eyes. ''How's that sound?''

"What, letting a man into my kitchen?" Maggie replied with a cheeky grin. She felt his hand move under the covers, reaching up to fondle her breast, his fingers able to grab only a small portion of the vast, milk-white globe. "Ah well, I guess I could tolerate that, if there is breakfast to be had." She continued, stretching a bit, arching her back as she swung her arms behind her head, almost as if purposefully thrusting her chest out even more, making the covers bulge. 

"Sure thing. But put some breeches on before you go, there is some level of decency required when working with foodstuff, after all."

 ''Hey, I actually like cooking. And loads of patrons who visit my tavern appreciate it too, as well as my household when I get around to it.'' He shifted and and his lips brushed against Maggie's, kissing her several times, each of them ranging from rough to soft. Venser suckled on her lower lip and smiled more as he tugged on her nipples more. ''I'd just have to run home and grab a few things, as well as the market... But for now why don't we just stay in bed? I'm rather enjoying this.'' He said falling over on his side, wrapping his arms around Maggie and cuddling her. "I appreciate my lazy days when I'm not running around busy."

Maggie responded the kisses, like she needed to, but there was no passion in her anymore. She felt a little spark but it was barely anything. The man had paid, he had received what he paid for... That was it. Although she didn't want to kick him out or be impolite, she had no desire to continue this either. When his arms wrapped around her soft torso, Maggie just sighed and chuckled a bit. "I knew it. Promises of breakfast... Sometime in the future. Maybe." Attempting to gently free herself from the man's grasp, she would try to get up in the nudr and leave the bed.

''Well not too far from now. I mean, the day is still young. And why not? Give you a break from cooking for once. Dunno when the last time that happened to you was.'' He sat up and wrapped his strong arms around Maggie's waist, pulling her towards him. Feeling her soft skin against his he kissed her again. ''I don't want you to leave this bed. You're my prisoner...'' He said teasingly with a smirk.

 Looking away from him so that Venser could not see her face, Maggie rolled her eyes before turning to kiss the man's shoulder while attempting to remove his arms. "I am no prisoner, Venser. I am a hungry woman who needs coffee, and is going to go into her kitchen to do that. Okay?"

"Very well then.'' Ven said kissing her neck softly. Venser couldn't help but fondle her large breasts from behind while she pretty much sat on his lap. Releasing Maggie he stood up and stretched his body, cracking a few joints as he walked about the room, collecting his clothing along with his boots. 

''I guess you'll make coffee and I'll do the breakfast. Be right back!'' Not even getting dressed before her, he disappeared in a puff of thick red smoke.

The buxom redhead had seen the man disappear and reappear like this already last night, so it didn't startle her so much. It just felt weird, and slightly unnerving. Ah well. At least that meant she had a bit of time to get the coffee ready before he would pop back in. Maggie got up and started getting her clothes together. The morning was indeed beautiful, and they had slept too long, which meant the small cabin was already quite hot, hotter than she cared for. Thus Maggie just put on her bloomers and a bra, leaving the full woolen dress hanging on the backrest of her chair for now. With a messy hair, half-dressed, she quite a homely sight; a woman in her early thirties, quite on the plump side, but still retaining much of her famous hourglass figure. She headed to the kitchen and started grinding the beans.

It had occured to Venser that rather than dragging several cooking items and then taking them back to the tavern wasn't a good idea. Especially when cooking had to be done for the patrons themselves. A little more than a half hour passed before Venser reappeared at the table in the kitchen, standing beside it. ''Already cooked it.'' He said with a warm smile setting down a silver platter down on the table, removing the lid. On the platter were a few pieces of fried catfish, with some salt, paprika, and pepper added to it for taste. Along with a few hash browns and some freshly cooked bread. ''More like lunch than anything else, but still. The best Pantian cuisine possible!'' He said picking up a bottle of hot sauce and dumping some of it on the fried catfish.

"Well, it's more like a lunch time than breakfast by now. How did you even get catfish this time of year?" Maggie said dryly, but still a grin on her lips as she glanced at the food. "Very nice, Venser. I had the first cup of coffee already, but there is more for you", the woman added. Was he trying to impress her with food, or was he just being nice, Maggie could not tell. Ah well, food was food in any case, and she was hungry. "Thank you, it looks very delicious indeed", the busty redhead said, pulling a chair for herself and sitting down. Either slightly awkward or somewhat hot, depending on your viewpoint, the woman pulled herself closer to the table and actually laid her massive breasts on the tabletop so they would not be squashed against her lap.

"Ice fishing! And visiting... Special markets. Ahem. I do love me some coffee." He said teleporting into the kitchen, grabbing a cup for himself as he bit into a piece of the fried catfish, teleporting back in the seat beside Maggie. Venser set the cup of black coffee down on the table and continued to eat, wrapping an arm around the woman.

 ''It's perfection, right?''

Maggie raised her brows. The fish actually WAS quite extraordinarily good. "Well, I gotta give it to you Venser, you know how to cook, that's for sure", she complimented, offering a nod to the man. Perhaps way to one's heart did go through one's stomach, at times at least. "So, what is in store for you now." She asked as the man's hand wrapped around her, his fingers sinking into her soft flesh. "Where do you go from here?"

 ''Yup. If there's two things every woman likes, it's a man that's both good in bed and can cook very well. I'm fully aware of that truth." He said with an arrogant twang in his voice running his fingers through her burgundy hair softly, playing with a lock. Venser shrugged and let out a clueless grunt as he picked up his cup of coffee and took a swig. ''Tavern, traveling, trying to run a small business after buying a large farm and spending time with my family."

Maggie left Venser's somewhat arrogant comment slide, instead focusing on his last sentence about his future plans. "You bought a farm. Just like that? Sounds like the tavern hou own as well as that business is doing quite well then." She commented, taking another bite of the fish. It was very, very good. I could get used to this kind of breakfasts, she said to herself, but then scolded herself for such thoughts. The days of luxury were behind her, and it was no use daydreaming about them.

"I don't actually own it, per say." He said resting his head on Maggie's, pulling her closer and getting very comfortable giving her a lot of physical affection. ''I run it, and a woman and her Roselie own it. While they're away. Well just in general I run the bar under them and pretty much eveything else. It's currently overseen by a woman named Brea." He said moaning a bit. ''Just the right amount of spices this time... I rushed the cooking but came out well.'' He swallowed down the catfish and followed it by another sip of coffee. ''Your coffee doesn't feel rushed. Took your time and... It's honestly the best coffee I've had in years.''

"Oh, you flatterer", Maggie said, giving a dismissive gesture. But there was some genuine smile on her face after these words. "Bit on the strong side, but that's the way I like it, especially in the morning." She continued, taking another bite. The man's touch was not unpleasant, she found herself thinking as his beard once again tickled against her shoulder. "So, running a farm is hard work. You would have to give up bartending in that case, am I right?"

"Actually no. Since Brea right now is running it along with my friend Thorn on occasion and a few... Well I guess you can say it runs itself most of the time." Venser said with a shrug sipping his coffee and setting it down smacking his lips and scratching his beard. "As for the farm, my family helps as well as a few slaves I bought."

The buxom redhead raised a finely plucked brow. "Bought? Right... Pryldahnians."

"I freed them and I care for them, and give them a purpose. It really disgusts me how some people whip the elves and belittle them and treat them as nothing more than expendable." He cleared his throat again and got up, walking over to a nearby pump and helping himself to a cup of water. "To me, they are just like a part of the family."

"That is a good way to treat them..." Maggie said staying quiet about her opinion of the slavery. As long as the man did not mistreat them. "What was that tavern you run again? I may have to travel there when winter ends."

"You should." The handsome bearded man said rejoining the beautiful, buxom redhead. "The Dragon's Head Tavern and Inn. Its south of the town of Aline and west of the capital of Vorlan, Rustonia." 

"Yup... Visit me when I'm there, Brea, Kira..."

His voice trailed off as his emerald slitted eyes looked past Maggie at the wall, thinking of the doll like demon barmaid with black hair all the way to her rear. Was she there at the tavern? He had to check.

"Thank you for the fun last night, as well as the coffee. But I have to go. So, have a good day. And enjoy the new year!" He approached the buxom redhead and kissed her gently on the lips, before taking a few steps back, the odd mark on the back of his left hand glowing greenish white as he disappeared in a puff of thick red smoke.

Maggie Drake blinked a few times and rose from her seat, walking to the spot where Venser had stood and waving her hands about. 

"He's the most interesting men I've ever met... I'm certain of it." She breathed deeply, and held her hands close to her chest, feeling a little flutter in her heart.
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