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Y'vonne by vmmouchas

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Two masked guards led by a tall, muscular drow with a pure white ponytail, and who wore a cocky smile walked into the dungeon. The guards carried with them a bloodied man wearing a very unusual outfit made of a very unusual and unknown material. His armor seemed to be molded to be muscular and anatomically correct, with rubbery nipples and a comically supersized codpiece. He wore maroon leather boots caked in mud, a battle skirt, and a turquoise and gold cape over his right shoulder. The guards opened the cell across from the pale woman and slammed it shut. ''Keep an eye on this one.'' The drow with the ponytail said to the single drow talking to the only other prisoner in the dungeon. Jaelna, the one with the ponytail carried the other prisoner's confiscated items. A saber, a utility belt with many pouches and vials, and an odd metal device in a holster. He threw these items on a table and began to walk away with his guards. The bearded man in the weird outfit laughed as he rose to his feet inside his cell. ''I'm not done with you!'' He yelled to the guard, gripping the bars with bloodied hands. ''Come back and be my pretty little girlfriends! Ha ha ha!'' Annoyed, the guards walked to his cell and opened it. ''You'll have to bathe for weeks!'' One of the guards punched him in the jaw, knocking him over while the other guard kicked him. The man did nothing but laugh. ''Thank you sire may I have a- Ooh!'' The guards kicked him once more and left. ''Jaelna... I've been here more than once. I oughta have my own private chamber!'' The lead drow merely spat in his face and slammed the cell shut. ''Worm...'' Jaelna muttered as he left. The man in the cell laughed and sighed looking out of it. ''What a lovely place.''
The bearded man in the opposite cell stood up and patted himself down. ''Why do they never take the stuff in my pockets...'' They weren't very visible on his battle skirt. He brushed back his hair, smiled, and waved to another pair of passing guards. His gaze then went over to the fedora like hat with the giant white feather sticking out the top on the table with the rest of his stuff.
A snicker was heard from above as she saw the hat start to float toward the man, she would crawl from the corner off ceiling and wall. A creature with a naked woman's upper body on top of a demonic spider couldn't help but crawl down onto the bars of the man's cage. She stared at him with a soft smirk upon her lips as her legs were clinging to the bars "Prrisonerr you say?" She grinned, her teeth were sharp and dagged.

The bearded man stepped back a bit and chuckled. ''Prisoner, more of a guest from time to time really. Who are you?''
She chuckled as she looked down at him "I... like your hat....." She swayed from bar to bar, her human half just dangling "I seeee youu behind bars.. not out in the open like I.. Soo... you are prisoooneer." She started to climb down the gate, a toothy grin leaked some in between her teeth. She got to the bottom, not getting off the gate as she started to weave her web, slowly closing him off from the outside with her sticky yet thick webbing.
Venser backed away further from the bars. He was a tad creeped out, but yet he kept his arrogant manner intact. ''I can get out whenever I like.'' He cocked his head to the side, looking to her, then looking up to his crimson fedora like hat. ''Ya got a name?''
She chuckled as he backed away, a lot of people were creeped out by her " Whhhy is my name importttant." She hissed before she dropped down, and opened the gate. And slipped into the room, closing the gate. The web spun over the door trapping them in together "Mm.... " She purred and stared at him.
 He smirked arrogantly and gestured to the webbing that kept the cell sealed now. ''It seems I'm stuck in here with you.'' He took a few steps back, looking to her lower body. ''So why don't we get to know each other a bit?''
She chuckled as she got closer to him, "Can I have your haaaaat." She smiled almost innocently as she closed the distance between them.
Venser found it odd that she dragged on every last word she spoke. Her mere presence he found equally as odd. ''Uhh...You can try it on. But not keep.'' He said, backing up some more. Only to hit the stone wall of the cell.
She grinned, her human hands coming out to grab the hat as one of each side of her legs slammed into the wall on each side of him " I like itttt." She grinned and took the hat off his head, placing it on her own before she suddenly started to spin her web ensnaring his ankles, her webbing slowly going up his legs trapping him to the wall.
Venser watched her remove his hat and put it on her head, and then he looked down as she webbed him to the wall. ''Lemme guess, first you're gonna suck me dry and then eat me? I've seen this before.'' He clenched his left fist, the mark on the back of his hand glowed greenish white and emitted steam.
She chuckled at his words, she looked positively silly in his hat. " Mmmmmm noooooooo." She snickered and ran her tongue over his face, her saliva burned a bit on his skin but not doing any real damage "Mmmmaybe I plan to keep youuuuu?"
 ''Not gonna happen.'' Venser said, wincing a bit when her saliva burned his face. It felt good though that she ran her tongue over his face. ''Tell me, miss. What would you intend on doing with me? Sing and dance for your amusement? Strip for your pleasure?''
''Of course... I don't know how you get pleasure. I know nothing of... Spider sex organs.'' He cringed saying that aloud and mentally beat himself over the head. As much as he loved women, now the thought of female spider sex organs disturbed him.
She snickered at his words, her webbing now at his thighs it split to keep his groin uncovered "Perhaps something like tthhhaat.." She purred loudly and stroked his face.
She snickered at his words, her webbing now at his thighs it split to keep his groin uncovered "Perhaps something like tthhhaat.." She purred loudly and stroked his face. She smirked softly and covered his form up with her webbing before laughing "I am a Queeenn.. You will become part of the dungeon for others to play with....." She grinned before she walked away, her legs tearing at the web and unblocking her path as she opened the gate. Swiftly closing it and locking it, she spun another web over the entrance to his cell "I'll come check on youuu when you learn to behave." She snickered and started to climb on top of the webbing, burrowing into a small hole in the ceiling and disappearing into it. 
''Sounds lovely.'' Venser said as she watched her leave, once more blocking the entrance with more webbing. He sighed and tried moving his hands, they barely budged. He tried to extend a finger and he managed to nearly get it fully extended. A small fork of bright green lightning shot out from his fingertip, burning a hole where his hand was, the edges were singed, allowing him to move his hand around until the hole grew larger and larger. He held his hand out and trapped the sharpened femur on the skeleton he stashed in the corner and pulled it over to him in a green aura, cutting himself free. Once he was free he casually walked over to the bars of the cell, looking to his utility belt on the table nar the torture devices. ''Be a dear and fetch my belt, will ya? I'm in the mood for a cigar.'' The spider was gone, its traces was still there.
 ‘’By the void… No damsels to rescue right now.’’ Venser thought burning a small hole in the webbings that covered his cell. He peeked out and then disappeared in a puff of thick red smoke. Reappearing by the table and grabbing his utility belt. He retrieved a small pack of matches and a silver tin from his belt and teleported back into his cell, starting to clear the webs and hoping more lovely maidens would be dragged in today.
Venser was a man in that had just turned thirty, with fair skin, a messy black beard that really needed a shave, and long black hair tied back in a ponytail. He stood there, flicking a match and lighting a green cigar, inhaling and exhaling a dull shade of smoke that had an earthy, citrus scent to it. The flame from the cigar casting a small glow upon his face, showcasing his eyes, which were like pools of emerald and were slitted like that of a serpent. Oddly enough.
A figure padded gently against the cold stone, shoes clicking lightly as it continued the long descent into the dungeon. Upon closer inspection, one would find a woman, with golden milky skin and dull blue eyes dressed in one would call noble robes with an intricate headdress adorning her head. No doubt she stood out against the murkiness of her surroundings, much to her displeasure. Summerland, why was she hear? She had no idea. She hated crowded areas, but her father had insisted they come here. Normally, her twin sister, the more agile one, would be the one accompanying their father on such travels but her sister was not here, where as she was. Mental note: never tell father you are bored, for he will take you to places such as these. Finally, she made it to the bottom where the endless steps ended and found herself in a dark place.

Her face blanked and she stuck to the wall. She almost looked like a wallflower, perhaps just as pretty as one but her face held an unamused look, like she wasn’t afraid, but not completely comfortable either for her nose wrinkled on her gentle face. Her crimson hair, tied and styled neatly on her head, stood out boldly against her almost golden skin, would catch on the sharp texture of the wall as she tried to slide by without being noticed by anyone. Trinity above, why her?! She was a queen, not an errand monkey.
Through the bars of the cell he caught notice of the well dressed woman with the headdress move by his cell. He craned his head to the side and leaned forward a bit. ''What's a gorgeous, high class woman like yourself doing in here?'' He asked with a smile despite his situation. ''Have you ever had a Cullero before? What's your name?''
The woman continued to struggle with her hair, fumbling with the long, rebellious strands. Blasts! She liked her hair better when she was younger. It was shorter then, easier to handle. Finally, she managed to ‘detach’, dare say, herself from the wall huffing a bit before a voice of a man behind a cell?...spoke to her. Oh, good Summerland, her father has mentioned to her about men like him. Don’t look him in the eye, she thought. Though, she did for a few moments, taking in his odd clothing but then turned away, staring at nothing in particular. “It is not by my choosing, sir.” She replied in a voice that had a tad bit of annoyance laced within. A Cullero? What in Cervial’s name was that? She crossed her arms and stood straight. “Afraid I have not.” Her voice was respectful and practiced, as if the art of communicating with charisma and etiquette has been drilled into her very being. Then, someone else asked her name. Heavens…alright, why not. “… Y’vonne.” She replied with a bit hesitancy in her voice.
Venser merely scoffed at her and watched while he smoked his cigar. ''You don't partake? You sure? This is very fine cannabis.'' 
The woman scoffed, as if offended by having the thought of someone thinking she would do such a thing; smoking. “I do not sir. For diplomatic reasons that I cannot share, my father and I have come here to spread the news of our kingdom…” She trailed off, her glance now casting downward at the stone floor. “But, alas, he has abandoned me.” She seemed a bit upset by this, but she hid more than she felt. Surely, as soon as she made her way home she would give him an ear-full. Suddenly, she was being dragged and then hurled into a cell. She clumsily stumbled, appearing like she would fall over but, oddly enough, she was fast on her feet. Once she found her bearings she turned sharply only to have the cell door closed in her face. She blinked, everything happened so fast she didn’t….what? “Excuse me.” She counted the creature whom imprisoned her. ”Didn’t know they were so touchy, apparently.” She spoke in a matter-of fact tone. 

‘’Oh, so you’re looking for castle workers then? Mercs like me?’’
She scoffed again, something she did quite often when annoyed to bits. "My father the God Emperor has an established kingdom, so yes." She then leaned against the cage and crossed her arms, looking less like a noble and more like an upset child.
 ''My, prissy, aren't we?'' Venser said with the cigar dangling from his lips. He took it out and exhaled some smoke. ''What are you and your father looking for? I've been looking for a new one to serve. Find a decent place for me and my children to live in. I mean... Like, I don't think like, a tavern is a good enough place for them.''
Prissy? Excuse me? She took a deep breath, and exhaled. Manners Von, manners. Suddenly, the woman's back straightened. Here comes the diplomat side. "That would all depend on what you have to offer." She held her hands in front of her, her face unreadable, her eyes almost uncaring. Though, this was the way of diplomatic negotiations.

The man clicked the heels of his maroon, leather boots together and did a little jig. ''I was the court jester of Hempteth Keep! The fool. The only one who got to use comedy to tell the truth in front of the empress. I was also a storyteller, and they gave me the position of keeper of the house.'' He shrugged. ''I didn't want it. But it involves organizing events, something I was never good at. But that was a few years ago, right now I’m a tavern keeper part time as well as merc and explorer part time!''
The woman would suddenly blink as the same set out on some sort A...jester. Her eyes gave an unchecked twitch so she shook her head to wave it off. Her crimson hair flowing with the movement. "Alright..." She started, unsure of what to do with this information. She racked her brain for a little, causing for a few minutes of silence before finally, clearing her throat. "We'll have something for you I am sure about that sir." Y'vonne then quirked an elegant, crimson eyebrow. "May I know your name first before doing any further interrogations?"
''Venser. Tybalt. Karrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… Kaldwin.'' He disappeared in a puff of thick red smoke and reappeared sitting up against the wall near the skeleton. ''Hold this for me Phil.'' He said putting his cigar in his bony hands. ''Every kingdom needs a jester and a storyteller. In Hempeth Keep I had applauses from the royal courts.'' He sighed blissfully, remembering those days. They were truly nostalgic, for Venser was a born entertainer. ''May I ask what your kingdom is called?''
 The woman jumped as the man vanished and then appeared near the wall where a decayed skeleton lingered, placing a hand over where her heart would be. Phil? She counted that skeleton lucky, not many beings receive a name beyond the grave. How quaint. "I am sure you were quite popular, you smell well..." She paused for a moment to find the right words. "..informed on your subject." Truly, if she were to hire anyone, they would need to be a professional. "Tis a pleasure to meet you Sir Venser, though I wish it were in...better conditions." The woman looked around and sighed audibly. "The name of the kingdom will not matter if we are stuck here for too long." Her ears, adorned with expensive jewels and metal suddenly twitched in thought. "Say...that little act you just did..." She gestured with her hands a bit. "The puff of smoke think you could perhaps get us out of here?"
Venser merely laughed at her, with a loud cackle. ''Of course! That's how I always escape. And then get thrown back in here.'' He coughed a bit, picking up his cigar and taking a puff. ''I'm here on my own free will...'' His eyes were glazed over and faintly red as he exhaled greenish white smoke. ''We get some lovely maidens in here sometimes.'' During Venser's small high, the skeleton he often hid many objects underneath suddenly spoke to him. ''I haven't had sex since the third age.'' Venser jolted and looked to the clearly dead skeleton. ''By the void Phil! I'm so sorry... We can take you to the Witch's Wiggle. Lots there.'' He turned to the royal woman in the cell with him. ''Ever been to Riddleport before?''
‘’Why on Laguna would you stay here on your own free will?" She asked, with obvious shock and annoyance in her voice. But, for as soon as he gave his reason about maidens, her face literally fell into a frown. Oh, she should have known. She lifted a nimble hand and rubbed her temple. "Alright, well-" Once the skeleton spoke, the one officially named Phil, Von screamed. Outright screamed. It was high pitched, and girly, and echoed in the cell and down the hall. She inwardly cringed at it herself. She quickly thinned her lips, cutting off her voice as soon as it slipped out. Her eyes were wide, her blue orbs darting back and forth between the now two characters that she shared a cell with. But, Venser appeared to be..talking to it. " sister does these kind of things to me constantly..." She could barely handle her, and now possibly him? Mercy, her heart wouldn't be able to take it. "No, I have not been to Riddleport." Von all but snapped, still a little shaken from being spooked for she let out small breaths of air.
 ''Because of the lovely maidens.'' The smoke must have been getting to her, as the contents of the cigar being burned induced hallucinations sometimes. But mostly calmness. ''I met my Arielle in here a while back. Normally I meet plentyyyyyyy of women in the tavern or off on an adventure somewhere...’’
She had managed to calm herself, flicking a handful of her crimson hair behind her an elegant shoulder. "Arielle?" Y'vonne tilted her head, the delicate jewels from her headdress dangling as she did so. "Might I ask, who that is?"
''One of my squeezes.'' Venser said picking up his cigar once more. ''Are you sure you don't want to try it? It's a delicacy from my homeland.''
"Your...I'm sorry, squeezes?" The noble woman was obviously confused. "No, thank you sir." She was still suspicious. Though the man did not appear to cause her harm, she still did not trust him. Not fully anyway. She heard unnatural sounds coming from the other room. The woman turned to stare off in the distance, her brows furrowing as she searched for the cause of the noises. It sounds like two voices, perhaps arguing?
''Aight.'' Venser said smoking more of it, then placing the light green cigar back into Phil's skeletal hands. ''I'm sure you don't wanna be here anymore. Wanna come back to my ship for a drink?''
As the winds of change come full circle Shatael, decides to go to the dungeon once more to see what fun we going on there. Normally he would look more human but this time he decided to go a differ way. He demonic tattoos was showing and this skin was midnightish black. This claws was long and black as charcoal. His hood and scarf had his demonic symbols on them. His outfit was those of the Ancient Reapers of his old world. As he gets to the dungeon he kicks the door open with his feet and makes his way down the steps. Shatael would walk around and then come to a shadow part of the dungeon… He sniffs the air and catches a scent. Something human… Something… Godly. Something fleshy. Something food.
For a drink? She wouldn't drink but she did want to leave this place. "Absolutely." She breathed out, though her head turned again as she heard something large coming towards them. "Did you hear that?" She questioned. She then stood straight, her eyes searching and confused as a humanoid, demonic figure turned the corner and grinned at them, causing Venser to immediately throw out his left hand at the giant demon and shot multiple forks of bright, light green lightning at him.
Shatael would turn and raises his arm, taking the magical green lightning as it began to burn his blackened skin, taking a few steps towards them slowly. He looks to the redheaded woman and smiles, letting out a loud cry as chain like tentacles appear and hit Venser so hard he goes thru the wall leaving a decent sized hole. 
His body becomes black and skin smooth like sharks skin.. But harder than dragon scales, this tentacle now black with silver tips. Wings now emerged from his back..He lets out a loud roar that shook the walls..His crimson eyes now set on the mad merc in the strange red outfit. With a split second he runs towards Y'vonne and grabs her would grab her by the throat..He would look at Venser and smiles. "You dare stop me from my fun?" As he looks at him one of the tentacles would start to rub over Y'vonne's body.
 Venser was thrown through the wall and into an empty storage room. ''Ah!'' He yelled loudly hitting the floor with a loud thud, lying still for a few moments. He winced in pain and then laughed, coughing a bit as he felt his bones ache. He should have been dead. But, he was no normal man. He was much tougher and always kept going until he wore himself down to the very bone. ''Rescue the damsel...'' He mumbled trying to rise to his feet. ''Yah!'' He flicked his left wrist and summoned a massive horde of bloodthirsty, carnivorous bull rats at the creatures feet. They squeaked loudly and ran at him. Venser disappeared in a puff of thick red smoke and reappeared beside Y'vonne, extending his right hand. ''Take it! Quick!'' He backhanded the air in front of him, blasting the creature with a powerful gust of wind strong enough to knock him back.
As the gust of wind knocks him back one of his tentacles still had Y'vonne by the waist. As he flies back her goes with him. He stays on his feet and then looks at him. ‘’If you want her so bad, all you had to do was leave" He looks at Y'vonne and then licks the side of her face and lets her go. "If you ever get involved into my affairs again you will die human" Shatael would walk away from the both of them starts to walk near one of the guards who had rushed in. As he gets to the guard he rips his head off and tosses it to the side as he watches the guards body fall to the ground.
 Y'vonne was disgusted once she felt the cold appendage of the demon's claw wrap around her neck. How dare he...Such filth. For a brief moment, the dull blue color that was the woman's eyes began to illuminate, unnaturally. She'd take care of this worthless shit. Ancient millennia of pure dragon blood pulsated through her veins, though she was hesitant to use her powers, for it caused her extreme pain afterward, she knew how to use them well if needed. Though, her concentration broke once the human, the jester tried to help. She blinked, her glowing eyes gone, back to their normal blue. She was then set down. She made to speak, perhaps to say an angry outburst most likely but was cut off but the wetness of a tongue licking across her face. Oh… Summerland… Her face scrunched up, as well as her shoulders. Well that was… Gross to say the least. "Now-now see here." Once the demon walked off, she was angry, confused, and wanted to give him what for but he had attacked a guard, decapitating him in front of her. She blink, her face holding a glare. How childish. She scoffed, a disgusted noise blowing out from her nose before she turned and made her way over to the jester, Venser, to check on him. To see if he was well. "Are you alright sir?" She inquired. She kept a respectable distance between them, wanting to see if he was badly injured.
 ''Perfect... Heh heh.'' He hobbled to the side a bit and nearly fell over, having to use the wall as support. He let out a groan and cracked his back. ''Fuck me... I need to lay down...'' He held his left hand out to her once more. ''Let's get you somewhere safe, shall we?''
As the first sign that he was hurt, she was at his side. "Perhaps we should get you somewhere safe, neh?" She placed a hand on his shoulder, her eyes glazing over for a brief moment. She was searching for something, but what? "You have a fractured skull and an unstable spine at the moment." She said in a monotone voice. She then released him, not really knowing what to do at this point. She wasn't the healer of the gang, no, that was her sister. Perhaps she could find a way to get him to her? To heal.
''I'll be fine once we get to the Dragon's Head...'' He muttered slumping against the wall. ''I just want a drink and to be back in my own bed now… I hababaobobbeeadbop...'' The red merc mumbled gibberish. ‘’... And a cabin by the lake…’’
She nodded her head in understanding. "I know, rest would be good for you...but you need a healer." Von reached out for Venser, but then stopped. She hesitated for a bit, as if struggling with herself before finally taking his hand in hers. "You really need to have your skull healed." 

Ven grasped Von's hand and the two disappeared in a puff of thick red smoke. The redhead was confused to say the least, when a puff a red smoke, the same smoke see's seen the man use from earlier, engulf their forms. On instinct, she moved closer to him, covering her face with her hands. She didn't know what to do, this has never happened to her before. She leaned her head against his arm, her hands still shielding her face. 

For the God Queen, it felt like she was lost for a moment, flung across space and time at a million hours per hour through a potato and then suddenly stopped a moment later, finally uncovering her eyes.
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