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Movie Stakeout Reviews 08/05/20-14/05/20
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**All the latest Movieland investigations from detectives *Dick japowski* and *Joey Arizona*.**

*The Ani-zona Case Files*
**Your Name (2016)**
Two teens, one a city-dwelling boy, the other a country living girl, find themselves inhabiting the others body, spending an entire day living the others life before waking the following day back where they should be, but with no recollection of what their guest host got up to.
That's the basic premise...of the first 30 minutes anyway, after that a big twist turns it in a very different direction. Mostly I was into this, but there were also a few times I thought it was rubbish, small sections, but enough to drop in my appreciation.
First watch: 3.5 Doughnuts

![Your Name.jpg](

*The Arizona Case Files*
**Three Men and a Baby (1987)**
A trio of flat sharing bachelors have their lives turned upside down when a baby is left on their doorstep.
A classic fish-out-of-water tale featuring three of the best the Eighties had to offer, which culminates with a frantic drug dealer take down finale...then goes on for another twenty minutes. 
Rewatch: 3 Doughnuts

*Dick Japowski's Japanese Journey*
**Full Metal Alchemist (2017)**
As youngsters Ed and Al dabble with magic, which as plot requires goes terribly wrong and Al's soul gets put into a big suit of armour guy. Ed swears a life vow to Al that he will return him to his body.. Now in present day Al is a powerful metal alchemist in search of the Philosophers stone the only thing that will save his brother.
A fun mash up of Harry Potter, The Last Air Bender, and Big Hero 6 with some horror and fight set pieces just for the anime of it all!
There were only 116 episodes of the anime and if you enjoy this then you will have that!
First watch: 3. 5 sushi rolls 🍥

**Have you witnessed any of the movies we've investigated? What's the verdict? Let us know in the comments below.**
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