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"Mimosa" Salad by blog-food

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· @blog-food · (edited)
"Mimosa" Salad

Today we will cook a famous salad of the USSR-cuisine. It was a frequent dish at family holiday tables during the Soviet Union and is now deservedly one of the most beloved.

This is not a healthy food, as there is a lot of mayonnaise, cheese, potatoes and eggs, but occasionally you can indulge yourself, because it is very tasty ))

![Mimosa salad](https://blog-food.ru/images/site/recipes/salads/0487-mimosa/14.jpg)

**Difficulty:** 3/10
**Cooking time:** 30 min.
**Number of servings:** 6


![Mimosa salad](https://blog-food.ru/images/site/recipes/salads/0487-mimosa/01.jpg)

* Canned pink salmon, 1 can
* Potatoes, 2-3 PCs.
* Eggs, 4 PCs.
* Butter, 50 gr.
* Cheese, 50 gr.
* Onion, 1 PC.
* Mayonnaise
* Salt

Put the butter in the freezer.

Potatoes and eggs are boiled, cooled and cleaned. Divide the egg whites and yolks, grate the cheese on a fine grater, knead the fish with a fork along with the juice, cut the onion as small as possible and soak in cold water with a little vinegar or lemon juice.

![Mimosa salad](https://blog-food.ru/images/site/recipes/salads/0487-mimosa/02.jpg)

Take the dish in which we will serve the salad and grate a third of the potatoes on a large grater directly to the bottom. Distribute in the desired configuration (we have a square) and smear with mayonnaise.

![Mimosa salad](https://blog-food.ru/images/site/recipes/salads/0487-mimosa/03.jpg)

Next the fish.

![Mimosa salad](https://blog-food.ru/images/site/recipes/salads/0487-mimosa/04.jpg)

Pressed onion.

![Mimosa salad](https://blog-food.ru/images/site/recipes/salads/0487-mimosa/05.jpg)


![Mimosa salad] (https://blog-food.ru/images/site/recipes/salads/0487-mimosa/06.jpg)

Another 1/3 of the potatoes, grated on a large grater. Salt to taste (depends on the salinity of the fish and mayonnaise).

![Mimosa salad](https://blog-food.ru/images/site/recipes/salads/0487-mimosa/07.jpg)

Egg whites, mayonnaise.

![Mimosa salad](https://blog-food.ru/images/site/recipes/salads/0487-mimosa/08.jpg)

Remove the butter from the freezer and grate on a fine grater.

![Mimosa salad](https://blog-food.ru/images/site/recipes/salads/0487-mimosa/09.jpg)

The remaining third of the potatoes.

![Mimosa salad](https://blog-food.ru/images/site/recipes/salads/0487-mimosa/10.jpg)


![Mimosa salad](https://blog-food.ru/images/site/recipes/salads/0487-mimosa/11.jpg)


![Mimosa salad](https://blog-food.ru/images/site/recipes/salads/0487-mimosa/12.jpg)

And cover everything with egg yolks grated on a small grater.

![Mimosa salad](https://blog-food.ru/images/site/recipes/salads/0487-mimosa/13.jpg)

Clean the dish from excess crumbs, cover with something and put it in the refrigerator for at least half an hour.

Before serving, remove excess fish juice (if it is present in the dish) with a napkin  and serve dish, cutting into portions for convenience.

![Mimosa salad](https://blog-food.ru/images/site/recipes/salads/0487-mimosa/14.jpg)

Bon appetit!



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