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My Today's Hearty Meal by cryptopie

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· @cryptopie · (edited)
My Today's Hearty Meal


Today I was just planning not to eat if not eating some bread only for my supper but my body started to tremble already which is a sign of a low sugar level in my blood. 

I cannot possibly endure it lest I will risk myself of losing consciousness and things like that so I called-up my mother to re-heat in the microwave the food that we ordered while I am hooked-up in my dialysis.

That was the food from the convenience store, just nothing special, some fried meat with gravy on rice in a bowl plus some extra rice on the side. The meat pieces are well seasoned and tender and tasty which is why I often like to eat it.

It took some time before I had gotten to like this food because I am not used to quite of a bit salty foods. But because my father was always buying this food for me to eat I had gotten to build or acquire some taste for it.

Now it is my number one favorite to eat, so much so that we order three orders of it plus some extra rice and extra gravy. The gravy is important because it adds flavor to the rice and it is easier for me to chew.

The texture of the rice sometimes is excellent, very soft and yet firm which is really delicious to eat. It had been 
a part or source of my life's little joy and happiness and that is how shallow I would enjoy small things that is happening in my life.


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@invictuz ·

Nice, enjoy your meal :-)

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To God Be The Glory
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