Happy Sunday...on Monday... by angryman

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Happy Sunday...on Monday...
<p>Today was okay; very much like yesterday, the day before that and everyday before, the day before yesterday, which wasn't Monday and 'me' thinking it was Sunday...</p>
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<p>As a matter of fact...I'm having trouble remembering any day in recent times that was not okay...?!?!?!? Maybe I've been just too lucky of an old bastard?</p>
<p>Most likely though, I already forgot about those bad days, or partially bad days due to senility having set in.
I don't know...???</p>
<p>Anyway, how are you doing today, in your neck of the woods?</p>
<p>Talking about woods, that reminds me...I was planning a little trip into the woods, to relax and unwind, but forgot…!!!</p>
<p>See what I mean, about my brain having become a sieve, of late? You'd think THAT would bother me, just a wee bit at least?</p>
<p><em>But, it doesn't...</em></p>
<p>I'm kind of glad I don't remember much anymore; especially all the bad crap that happens; and, there's been a lot of that going on lately (I think???)</p>
<p><em>Hmmmmmmnnnnnnnn</em>… Maybe <em>not</em>..?</p>
<p>Now I have myself wondering if today was really an okay day...?!?!?!??</p>
<p><em><strong>Maybe it SUCKED?!?!?!?</strong></em></p>
<p>Guess what? I already forgot what I wanted to post about.</p>
<p>That doesn't really matter, in the grand scope of things. I was just a little bored, so thought I'd share that boredom with someone.</p>
<p>Well... That's it for now my friends. I'll be back later if anything pops into mind, to bore you with.</p>
<p>Till then...have a happy... You probably deserve it...</p>
<center><h2>Another Re-Worked Re-post from the Mind of @AngryMan May 18, 2020</h2></center>
<p>Images: Courtesy of Pixabay.com</p>
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