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What to Write About? - A Random Freewrite by evlachsblog

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What to Write About? - A Random Freewrite
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After I washed the <b>*grease*</b> off the frying pans and all the <b>*dirty dishes*</b> in the kitchen sink, I went outside to do some gardening. I dug some holes near the fence where I'm planning to bury my compost. With my condition, it was getting harder and harder to bend down, but I was just in the mood for gardening today. My mind was filled with all these ideas on how to add more plants in my backyard. It's still totally barren and naked. Once I'm finished, I will definitely take lots of photos. I can't wait for it to materialise finally, and not just remain as mere thoughts in my head. 

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I was that enthused I didn't even realise that it was already midday, and the sun was glaring and shining so brightly. My face was <b>*red*</b> from the heat of the sun. Even though it was only 20<sup>o</sup>C today, but the UV was over 4. I should have put sunscreen on.

I decided gardening was done for the day and so I went back inside the house to freshen up. As I was relaxing on the sofa, my husband asked me, "Are you not going to post about your gardening? That's what you usually do after you spend some time in the garden." I said, "I will actually, but not yet. I will wait until there's a big improvement. So that's probably in the next few days or a couple of weeks. I'm not sure yet." (My husband just loves listening to me read my blogs to him. Or maybe if he just wants to fall asleep quickly.) 

"Well, I've got an idea for you. Since you love writing about random things, maybe you can <b>*write about something which was left at your door*</b>. Oh, I remember, didn't we see <b>*a purple squirrel*</b> at the mall, that's as huge as Barney? That can be an awesome topic, too, don't you think?" Oh, my John! He was even more enthusiastic than I was. But at that moment, all I wanted was to relax, maybe read some <b>*books*</b>, or sleep on the couch.


This is a freewrite exercise using @mariannewest 's prompts: <b>dirty dishes, write about something which was left at your door, a purple squirrel, red, and books</b>; and @shadowspub's prompts, <b>"grease".</b>

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