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My Random thoughts today by nainaztengra

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· @nainaztengra ·
My Random thoughts today
Right now we are living with memories, memories of the good times that were not long ago. This is the time when every year I am on a holiday somewhere or the other. Every day I get this FB pop up with my travel memories and I feel sad, that right now I am not even able to travel back home to India. Not that I cannot travel but there are so many complications that I do not wish to go through that hassle. And when I return back again a quarantine. I have to spare a minimum of 2 weeks for the quarantine, which at this point of time I am not able to afford.

All across again there are sparks of Lockdowns. Either they have already started, or they are on the brink of starting. In India many cities have already started going in for partial lockdowns. Sometimes I wonder is this the only solution left now to tackle the problem?
It seems like the Governments cannot think beyond lockdowns and that can be because of their higher agendas and to make people so desperate about the situation that finally when the vaccines come, everyone will be in a hurry to get one.


So much of uncertainty that wonder what the outcome of all of this is going to be. Lately another thing common I am hearing from people is about getting headaches. The other day I was out with a couple of friends, we were 6 of us and from that 3 of them were complaining about constant headaches in the recent times. Not only these 3 but I have been hearing it from many. There could possibly be many reasons to it. The stress of the current lifestyle, the continuous wearing of mask, or even the 5G roll outs that are happening.

Seriously the people who are implementing all of these, don't they put a thought that the effects of these are not going to spare anyone, not even them. If the 5G towers are installed it is not going to be like that they will be saved from the radiation. It is going to impact them equally, still they choose power and money over health.

I feel a little low these days, because my 25th Anniversary is approaching and I had made so many plans, but sadly now nothing is going to happen, and yes this makes me feel low as I have been planning for it since quite some time. It is disappointing.  Life has become so uncertain and I am feeling the way things are progressing it is going to be like this for a long time. I am feeling a little chaos in my mind today and I want to settle it down. Right now, I am feeling like I am standing in front of a tall mountain which is like a hurdle to overcome and not knowing what lies on the other side of it.

Let's hope for the best and keep sending out positive vibes for a positive shift to happen.

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First, please do not stop. There are some abilities within humans that can only be discovered when they are in psychological complexes
As for the second matter is faith. I do not know which religion you follow, but there is one God who created this universe in everything
And when he says, be
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