[CLOSED] Bet Your Upvote Playing Poker For Free and Win Steem - run #1948 by playpoker

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[CLOSED] Bet Your Upvote Playing Poker For Free and Win Steem - run #1948
# Bet your Upvote and WIN STEEM


Hello evereybody, do you want to earn something? Simple upvote this post and WIN some STEEM!

## Rules of game:
- When you upvote this post, you play against me for the value of your upvote. If you win you'll receive the relative amount in STEEM!
- You and me will receive five random cards. The better hand will win!
- As in every casino, if the player and the dealer have the same point, the dealer win.
- When the post is closed (after around 8 hours), the post will be commented with the game results.

## Please note:
- The winnings will be paid after a week (after the post value will be accredited on this account) applying the rate of that date, so to guarantee correctness of payments (for me and you!).
- According to blockchain rules, the minimum value of a transaction must be at least of 0.001 STEEM, if your reward is less it can't be payed, it won't lost but it will be cumulated till your reward will be more or equal than the minimum.
- I'll publish one game post every around 4 hours, so if you play every day, after a week you have a great chance to earn every day!

If you like this, try also @playhighcard!

Thanks to [CoinGecko](coingecko.com) that provides realtime exchange rates for free!!

The game is managed by a bot, so all should go good. But feel free to comment something!
Good Luck guys!
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root_title"[CLOSED] Bet Your Upvote Playing Poker For Free and Win Steem - run #1948"
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Games results:
@ratel lose, 5d,6d,9h,7c,2h vs 2d,Qd,7s,2s,Kd -> Pair, 2's
@donatello win, Ks,9c,7h,Kd,7c vs Tc,7d,Th,Qs,3c -> Two Pair, K's & 7's, around 0.0001872910772533544 SBD
@samzung lose, Ts,4d,6c,2c,5d vs Ad,Jh,Kh,8h,8s -> Pair, 8's
@nadabrahmasounds win, 9c,3d,Kc,9d,Jd vs 8h,3c,5h,2s,4d -> Pair, 9's, around 0.00000273443070224498 SBD
@travelnepal lose, Qh,3h,Ac,3c,4s vs Kh,Kd,Qs,3d,6d -> Pair, K's
@lebah win, 3s,Ad,7s,6c,9d vs 4s,Qc,7c,Js,8d -> A High, around 0.00015548339357779358 SBD
@melinda010100 lose, 5c,9s,7c,Qs,3c vs 7h,As,2c,Td,9c -> A High
@federacion45 win, Ts,As,Qd,6d,7h vs 7c,3d,Kh,8s,6s -> A High, around 0.000035134841724571485 SBD
@jiva34 lose, Tc,Qd,6d,2d,Jd vs 9s,8c,4d,Ks,7d -> K High
@cristo win, 9s,8s,9h,4d,6c vs 7d,Ad,8h,6d,3h -> Pair, 9's, around 0.000004996736739320252 SBD
@yehey win, 2d,2c,6c,Tc,Th vs 5h,3c,3d,9d,8d -> Two Pair, 10's & 2's, around 0.007018356031545057 SBD
@epixar lose, Ts,6s,Th,Ah,7d vs Ad,As,8h,3d,7c -> Pair, A's
@pinoy lose, 5c,Kc,4s,3c,5h vs Jd,Ac,8s,8d,Td -> Pair, 8's
@techken win, As,Jh,Qs,Jd,5d vs 6c,4h,4c,8d,Qh -> Pair, J's, around 0.0003348320050489565 SBD
@gunthertopp win, 6s,2c,9s,7h,Ac vs 5h,7c,Ks,2h,Td -> A High, around 0.10586297038049877 SBD
@pisolutionsmru lose, Ac,Ah,2h,6h,3c vs Ts,Qd,Ks,As,Jd -> Straight, A High
@richi0927 win, Ts,Kh,5d,4d,5h vs 6h,4c,8s,Tc,2d -> Pair, 5's, around 0.0012871845359457338 SBD
@madstacks win, Js,Ad,5d,8h,8s vs 3s,2h,Jc,6c,As -> Pair, 8's, around 0.0002437863654240578 SBD
@cranium lose, 5c,Td,Qs,9s,2d vs Jh,5s,7h,6d,6s -> Pair, 6's
@greatness96 lose, 2h,4s,3h,8d,3c vs 6c,8c,Th,8h,9c -> Pair, 8's
@pixelfan win, Qh,7c,5h,Ah,Td vs 5s,As,6s,4s,2c -> A High, around 0.003776715786621731 SBD
@niranjan win, Kd,As,Qd,Ac,8s vs 2h,7c,3h,Qs,6h -> Pair, A's, around 0.0000033893560779698027 SBD
@uddhav win, Qd,4d,8c,Kd,4h vs Th,7h,Ks,9s,3d -> Pair, 4's, around 0.00003407425652321384 SBD
@sajani lose, 4h,7h,7s,8c,Kh vs 5s,3h,9h,Ac,9d -> Pair, 9's
@zanoni lose, As,Ts,2s,5c,6c vs 8d,7c,Qd,8h,Kd -> Pair, 8's
@honolulu lose, Td,Ad,7h,2c,Kd vs 3c,5c,3s,9h,2s -> Pair, 3's
@jlsplatts lose, 2s,Js,5s,Ts,Qh vs 4s,6s,4c,3c,4d -> Three of a Kind, 4's
@gringo211985 win, 8h,Js,Qh,6c,5s vs 8s,3s,6h,Ts,Jh -> Q High, around 0.00010853951309264804 SBD
@asok win, 3c,7c,9d,7s,Qh vs 3d,4d,Th,Kh,Qd -> Pair, 7's, around 0.000024887767740776386 SBD
@maaz23 lose, Jd,Kd,7s,Ad,Qs vs 4h,4d,Qh,6c,2s -> Pair, 4's
@madushanka lose, 6h,3h,7h,6d,Qs vs Ks,2c,5d,9s,Kd -> Pair, K's
@meincluyo lose, 3h,7s,4s,8h,Kd vs 9s,Qc,4c,7h,7d -> Pair, 7's
@sitasharma win, 2s,Js,Ah,5c,Qh vs Jd,Ad,8c,3h,6s -> A High, around 0.000014108390357429204 SBD
@y-o-u-t-h-m-e lose, 8h,Js,2d,6s,5d vs 9h,6h,6d,Kh,4d -> Pair, 6's
@cyber.explorer win, Tc,4h,Qh,Js,9h vs Qd,7h,6d,9c,3d -> Q High, around 0.0007566421819740107 SBD
@publicumaurora lose, Ah,3s,8c,7c,3h vs 4d,9h,4h,9d,7h -> Two Pair, 9's & 4's
@ayoyemi lose, Ad,Jd,8h,2c,9h vs Ts,6c,6d,Qh,4d -> Pair, 6's
@steeminer4up lose, Ac,6c,2c,Tc,4h vs 3d,3s,5h,8d,7d -> Pair, 3's
@aquinotyron3 win, Jc,Kh,As,8c,9s vs 6c,9h,Ad,4h,Qc -> A High, around 0.0002662376405239713 SBD
@upv4life lose, 2c,Jd,6c,8d,3h vs 5d,9d,Kc,8s,4h -> K High
@arbazalam win, 7c,Kc,Jd,9h,Qd vs 8h,3c,Jc,6h,7h -> K High, around 0.0000015821870550806155 SBD
@rajib2k5 lose, Th,3h,Qh,6s,4c vs 5s,3c,4s,8s,3s -> Pair, 3's
@zipsardinia win, As,Ts,Td,4s,Qc vs 5s,3c,Qh,Kc,6h -> Pair, 10's, around 0.0016882309815652115 SBD
@elbrava win, 5d,Tc,Td,As,6s vs 8d,7c,2d,Qd,Ts -> Pair, 10's, around 2.3994442193723334e-7 SBD
@leticiapereira lose, 7c,Kd,5h,2h,8s vs 5c,Qc,3s,3c,9h -> Pair, 3's
@nilu win, 7d,3s,Td,Ah,2c vs Js,4c,2h,3c,Kd -> A High, around 0.00003265426335801822 SBD
@criptonotas win, 5d,8s,Qs,Ac,9c vs 7c,Jc,Qd,Ks,2h -> A High, around 0.0008714940163524279 SBD
@ganastha lose, 6s,4s,Qd,8c,Ts vs 2d,9s,6d,2s,4h -> Pair, 2's
@shares win, 4h,7d,4d,2c,2d vs 3c,Qs,Th,8c,Ah -> Two Pair, 4's & 2's, around 0.000006058784095962655 SBD
@azizulhassan win, 6c,2s,6d,9c,8h vs 7c,Kc,Td,9h,Qc -> Pair, 6's, around 0.00008387799469978392 SBD
@lalukc lose, 6d,5s,7c,3d,6h vs 5d,3h,Js,Jd,8s -> Pair, J's
@leoumesh lose, 3h,7h,2h,Th,9s vs 8d,Qc,6c,5h,3c -> Q High
@investyourvote win, Qs,9d,4s,Ac,2c vs 6s,Qc,Jh,9c,3s -> A High, around 0.0004292511184365796 SBD
@felixgarciap win, 8d,Qh,4h,5s,Qd vs 4s,9h,As,Ks,3s -> Pair, Q's, around 0.00002496649393730304 SBD
@nilesh.katuwal lose, 7d,6d,Ad,2c,Jd vs 6c,Qs,8s,As,Qc -> Pair, Q's
@rameshwor lose, 4d,9d,6c,3c,7h vs Qc,2h,Ad,4c,7c -> A High
@magicbirds win, 5d,4s,As,Ah,Jd vs Th,Ks,Jc,3h,6c -> Pair, A's, around 0.00007037494915022909 SBD
@blueproject win, 5c,Tc,5s,2d,7d vs Jc,9s,Qd,2c,4c -> Pair, 5's, around 0.0012166507343105164 SBD
@django137 lose, 2s,9s,Tc,Ks,Ts vs Jd,9h,6c,Qc,Qh -> Pair, Q's
@fiveelements5 win, 8h,6s,8d,Jh,9d vs Ks,3h,Ad,9h,2h -> Pair, 8's, around 0.0010805576871967316 SBD
@goldeneye64 win, 6d,Ad,Qc,Ac,6h vs 8s,5d,As,Kh,Td -> Two Pair, A's & 6's, around 0.00006774648240646861 SBD
@ludezma win, 2c,6s,Tc,8c,2h vs 9d,4s,Ac,2s,6d -> Pair, 2's, around 0.00006851907363323582 SBD
@oleg5430 lose, 2c,Kh,Ts,9h,4h vs 7c,Ad,Jc,6d,Kd -> A High
@djoi win, As,9c,9s,4d,8s vs 6d,9d,3c,8h,Qc -> Pair, 9's, around 0.000017661329328090293 SBD
@amico lose, 7c,Qc,3s,Qd,Jd vs As,Ah,7s,Ks,2d -> Pair, A's
@steemitcolombia win, Ac,7s,Qd,6d,Kc vs 2h,4c,Qc,Ts,7c -> A High, around 0.0012443203750869625 SBD
@santosh123 lose, 5d,Kh,Qs,7d,8d vs 9s,5c,Ah,4h,Jh -> A High
@gosmire78 win, 8c,Ad,5c,6d,5d vs 7c,5s,Ah,Kd,Qh -> Pair, 5's, around 0.000026412258237748863 SBD
@razzor lose, 2s,2c,Jh,As,4s vs 4c,2h,6d,4h,Jd -> Pair, 4's
@fikar1213 lose, Ad,Ac,Qd,5s,Th vs Jc,Jh,Tc,7c,Js -> Three of a Kind, J's
@consultant lose, Jd,Td,6s,4d,3c vs 2c,7c,7s,Qh,7d -> Three of a Kind, 7's
@braaiboy win, As,6s,2c,Kh,5h vs Qd,6d,7c,2s,Tc -> A High, around 0.0018368675038359671 SBD
@jplaughing win, 8s,2s,2d,7h,Tc vs Ks,Jd,Ts,6d,5s -> Pair, 2's, around 0.0011567782721852193 SBD
@branding lose, Jc,Qd,7s,Ks,3h vs 4c,Ad,2d,4d,Tc -> Pair, 4's
@broadcast lose, 6h,9d,7c,3h,Kd vs 4c,8d,Th,5h,8s -> Pair, 8's
@janton win, Ts,3d,2s,3h,2d vs 6h,9d,2h,4d,8d -> Two Pair, 3's & 2's, around 0.00002730359579018539 SBD
@srijana-gurung lose, Ad,6d,3s,8s,4h vs Js,2d,Jc,3h,6c -> Pair, J's
@alejandrorc lose, 7s,Tc,9h,6h,2d vs 8c,Qc,Ks,6s,Kh -> Pair, K's
@incubot win, Ts,8s,9h,5s,5c vs 7d,4h,Ac,4d,Ks -> Pair, 5's, around 0.0006808609677626018 SBD
@automation win, 9c,7d,3d,Kh,Js vs 5d,4c,3h,7c,Ks -> K High, around 0.00007455791589854044 SBD
@netzisde win, Kd,Kc,Qc,As,5d vs 6s,6c,Ks,7s,Js -> Pair, K's, around 0.00031195651067785255 SBD
@pattoounlimited win, Qh,6h,5h,Ad,Ah vs Jd,8d,Tc,2h,5d -> Pair, A's, around 0.0001491240232649569 SBD
@bonp lose, 2h,Js,8d,3s,Ad vs 6s,9d,7h,Ah,Jd -> A High
@mikemoi lose, 8s,2h,2c,Js,Td vs 6s,Ks,6d,Qd,9s -> Pair, 6's
@dailyspam win, Td,Tc,6d,Qs,7c vs 9h,Js,8d,As,8h -> Pair, 10's, around 0.0004877755941177467 SBD
@famigliacurione lose, Ad,Tc,7c,Ah,5s vs 4c,4h,Qs,Jh,4s -> Three of a Kind, 4's
@simplegame lose, 9d,5d,8d,4c,Jd vs 6d,6h,8h,3h,Jh -> Pair, 6's
@dirasurjan win, 9s,Jd,8d,6s,3h vs 4d,3s,2c,6c,9d -> J High, around 0.000021007043066663368 SBD
@council lose, Jd,9h,4d,Ah,9c vs Js,Kc,3h,2c,Kd -> Pair, K's
@qam2112 lose, 3h,2c,4s,8h,6d vs Kc,7c,Th,9s,Qh -> K High
@prudencia lose, 4c,Qh,Js,As,5c vs Th,Ac,5h,Kc,8h -> A High
@gorka win, 7h,4c,2h,4d,2c vs 7d,5h,3s,6c,Kd -> Two Pair, 4's & 2's, around 0.00006453164650043393 SBD
@suley lose, 4c,Tc,Qd,3c,4h vs 4d,6s,Ks,Kd,Th -> Pair, K's
@zulema lose, 9c,3s,2s,3d,8h vs 4c,4s,9h,Td,6c -> Pair, 4's
@herencia win, 8h,7d,5c,Js,Jc vs Kd,Td,Jd,5d,7s -> Pair, J's, around 0.00006752446785374621 SBD
@zoraida lose, 4h,5s,6d,Qc,8s vs 9d,6s,7d,6c,Kc -> Pair, 6's
@embera lose, Qc,2c,Kd,4d,Tc vs Ts,8d,4s,4h,8c -> Two Pair, 8's & 4's
@medula win, 8d,7s,Ad,5c,5h vs 5d,8c,Kc,3c,2d -> Pair, 5's, around 0.00006678472352066595 SBD
@chavela lose, Kc,7c,4c,5h,9s vs Qs,7h,8s,3d,8h -> Pair, 8's
@tierra win, 5c,Qh,Jc,6h,6d vs Jd,6c,2h,8d,5d -> Pair, 6's, around 0.00006912100030659678 SBD
@edisuryadi97 win, 3s,Ad,5h,3h,4d vs 7d,Kd,2c,3d,2h -> Pair, 3's, around 0.000037618278940063164 SBD
@mastersa win, Jc,5s,Jh,Kd,6s vs 7c,8h,2h,4d,Qd -> Pair, J's, around 0.00016998804804936704 SBD
@rufruf win, Qc,Kd,2s,6h,2c vs Ts,3h,Qd,8h,9d -> Pair, 2's, around 0.00006855420596058987 SBD
@bestofph win, Tc,Jd,5c,8s,8d vs 9c,7h,Kd,7d,4s -> Pair, 8's, around 0.0018023840262670749 SBD
@luciannagy lose, 6h,3s,Kc,As,6c vs Jd,2c,2h,4c,4d -> Two Pair, 4's & 2's
@lebey1 win, 5h,Ks,8c,8h,Qc vs 6h,9h,5c,Qh,Kc -> Pair, 8's, around 0.00004226412631272006 SBD
@erica005 win, Jh,4c,8s,7d,4h vs Qh,9c,Ks,As,Tc -> Pair, 4's, around 0.00013574374832167166 SBD
@stever82 win, Ah,Ks,Qh,Ad,As vs 5d,8c,5h,Qs,5c -> Three of a Kind, A's, around 0.011745199863930997 SBD
@deepakgurau win, 2d,4c,Qc,6c,Qs vs 6h,7h,Ad,4h,Jh -> Pair, Q's, around 0.0000334492027563855 SBD
@team-mexico lose, 2c,5c,3d,2d,9c vs Ts,Ac,7s,As,4s -> Pair, A's
@rabin55 lose, 2s,2h,8d,Th,3h vs 6s,Td,Ac,5d,5h -> Pair, 5's
@berthold win, Ac,8s,6c,8d,4d vs 5c,4h,Ks,Jc,2c -> Pair, 8's, around 0.0003112181154624864 SBD
@freisein win, 9h,7d,5d,Kd,7c vs 5s,Jd,8c,3c,6c -> Pair, 7's, around 0.000002906579589193509 SBD
@besheda lose, 8s,4s,5s,Tc,7h vs 2h,2c,Ks,8d,Ts -> Pair, 2's
@alfarofranudy win, 7c,Jh,8c,Kh,8h vs 7h,9d,Qh,6c,Th -> Pair, 8's, around 0.000048977237686881884 SBD
@healthexpert win, Kd,2s,Tc,Kh,4d vs Ts,5d,Qc,Jc,8c -> Pair, K's, around 0.00007011636139884083 SBD
@drazeus win, 9s,Th,7d,Tc,4h vs 8s,Qs,5c,9d,4c -> Pair, 10's, around 0.000006122097655504169 SBD
@pesos win, Ad,6c,8c,Ah,7d vs 9c,Qc,7h,7c,Th -> Pair, A's, around 0.000005495560270561204 SBD
@robinsonr810 win, 3d,4d,Ah,Kc,9d vs Jc,8c,Ks,4s,9h -> A High, around 0.000007271619100413606 SBD
@andresurrego lose, Qs,4c,8d,3c,Kc vs 3s,2d,3h,Qc,Jc -> Pair, 3's
@beingrahul lose, Js,Td,6h,Ks,Ad vs 4c,9h,4d,Kc,Kd -> Two Pair, K's & 4's
@lafamilia win, Qc,Qd,7c,3d,4d vs Jh,Ts,Qh,2c,8c -> Pair, Q's, around 0.000012562456704849414 SBD
@jurajimmy lose, 8d,Th,4s,5d,8h vs 2s,As,9d,Qs,Ah -> Pair, A's
@darksin87 lose, 2d,As,7s,4h,Kd vs Ac,2c,8c,4d,4c -> Pair, 4's
@lammbock lose, Js,7d,4c,5s,Th vs Qh,8d,2h,8h,3h -> Pair, 8's
@borodas win, 2s,Ks,5c,2c,8s vs Tc,7s,9h,As,5s -> Pair, 2's, around 0.00001469424816778181 SBD
@maxwellmarcusart lose, 7c,8s,Qh,2s,4c vs Ad,5h,6s,5c,Ah -> Two Pair, A's & 5's
@juancho10 win, Js,9s,Th,Jh,4s vs Ts,5s,8d,5c,Ac -> Pair, J's, around 0.00010396294451538064 SBD
@bhatta lose, 8d,3c,Kc,2c,9d vs 4c,7d,6d,6h,Jh -> Pair, 6's
@votebetting lose, Qh,Tc,5h,9s,7h vs 2h,Jh,Ac,Jd,3d -> Pair, J's
@madhab win, 9c,3d,8s,9h,9d vs 2c,As,4s,Qs,Qh -> Three of a Kind, 9's, around 0.000028185086196278463 SBD
@dcinside lose, Th,Qh,3c,7h,6h vs 3s,8c,8d,6d,4s -> Pair, 8's
@fahriham lose, 9c,Qc,Jd,Tc,5h vs Ad,6s,Th,3s,Qh -> A High
@omp win, 3s,8h,Ah,6d,6c vs 4h,Jd,2c,6s,7c -> Pair, 6's, around 0.0006165539152893265 SBD
@soyou9 win, Qh,7h,Th,Ah,As vs 5c,4s,Js,5d,7c -> Pair, A's, around 0.000014357829756443134 SBD
@botante lose, Jd,Qc,6s,7s,8h vs 2d,4c,Th,9h,4d -> Pair, 4's
@gannibal lose, Kc,2d,3s,2h,5s vs 2c,8h,4c,4d,3c -> Pair, 4's
@petscorner lose, As,8s,3h,Ad,Kh vs Td,2d,4d,4s,4h -> Three of a Kind, 4's
@light.photo lose, 6h,Qc,Th,4c,6s vs 3s,As,7h,Ac,5s -> Pair, A's
@cerpilates lose, Ah,9h,5d,Qs,3d vs 5s,4c,8h,7h,4d -> Pair, 4's
@lotto-de lose, Js,3h,4h,5c,9s vs 6h,4s,7h,Ah,7c -> Pair, 7's
@rus-lassecash lose, 3h,Qc,8d,Ks,5h vs 9c,4h,Kd,Ad,Js -> A High
@rus-marlians win, 2s,Td,4d,2c,3s vs 4h,2h,3c,8d,Qc -> Pair, 2's, around 0.000017648235749872387 SBD
@rus-lifestyle lose, 4s,Tc,2d,Ah,Jc vs 2s,Ac,4d,8c,Kc -> A High
@rus-pal lose, Ad,6s,5h,3c,Td vs 6c,8d,Kh,Ac,8s -> Pair, 8's
@rus-bpc win, 8d,4h,4c,9s,9d vs 7c,4d,3d,8h,9c -> Two Pair, 9's & 4's, around 0.000008484004458578823 SBD
@rus-talent win, Ac,As,Kd,Qh,3d vs 5h,Ad,7s,2d,Ts -> Pair, A's, around 0.000006300962619632234 SBD
@gmlrecordz win, 9s,Kd,Ad,Td,9d vs 5c,3s,Ts,8c,Qd -> Pair, 9's, around 0.0000333186626057037 SBD
@angel33 lose, 9d,3s,Ad,6c,6s vs Th,7c,Ts,Qc,8s -> Pair, 10's
@stevespeaks lose, 5d,9h,7d,Qs,3s vs Th,Jh,Qh,2c,3h -> Q High
@im-ridd win, 8d,8c,9d,Kd,Jh vs 7d,2h,Jc,3d,6h -> Pair, 8's, around 0.0000028269830749157028 SBD
@axeman-btcmyk win, Jh,5c,Tc,7h,7s vs 9h,Ac,4c,2c,Kh -> Pair, 7's, around 0.000017539263060354217 SBD
@aurora-appics win, Tc,Jc,Jh,4s,7h vs 5s,2s,8c,Ks,8s -> Pair, J's, around 0.00000891730518965718 SBD
@arlettemsalase lose, 2h,9d,8d,2s,6c vs Qh,4c,Kh,4s,Td -> Pair, 4's
@unyime lose, 9d,4c,3s,Th,6h vs 2h,Ah,Jc,5d,7c -> A High
@pradhumna lose, Jh,3d,Th,6c,4h vs 9c,8c,5d,Kc,Kh -> Pair, K's
@teamg-nigeria lose, Kc,Td,5c,Qc,3d vs 9c,2d,3s,7h,Ad -> A High
@okoyejoshua lose, 7d,Ad,5d,9h,2c vs 4c,8d,2s,2h,Ks -> Pair, 2's
@steemceylon win, 5c,Tc,Qd,3d,Td vs 9c,6c,5h,Ts,Ac -> Pair, 10's, around 0.00007935610357588991 SBD
@chant lose, Qh,3c,6s,7h,5c vs Qd,9c,Js,Jh,4c -> Pair, J's
@sandupi lose, Ah,8c,Kc,Jc,Td vs Kh,7d,Js,7s,2h -> Pair, 7's
@dasuni.ayashmi lose, Kd,9s,4h,6c,7h vs 7d,2d,3s,2s,As -> Pair, 2's
@rusmend96 lose, Kd,8h,7h,Ts,Th vs As,Jd,Js,4h,5d -> Pair, J's
@rabumah win, 8s,8c,Jc,7s,Js vs Ts,9s,5d,Qc,6s -> Two Pair, J's & 8's, around 0.000006644979409314937 SBD
@johnion lose, 6h,9c,5d,Qh,4s vs Js,7s,Ac,Kh,5s -> A High
@deathtox lose, 6s,7c,Kh,9h,2s vs 3d,Jc,7h,3h,Qc -> Pair, 3's
@thegreatwonder lose, 3h,Kh,4h,6c,5s vs Th,Kc,9h,Kd,5d -> Pair, K's
@punicwax lose, 2s,Tc,Ac,6d,Jh vs 6s,2d,5s,6h,Kc -> Pair, 6's
@boysuper win, Qs,6d,Ad,3d,5d vs 7h,6s,5s,2s,Ah -> A High, around 0.00004295897505599622 SBD
@sauravpanthi99 win, 6c,Jh,Td,Ad,Kc vs Ah,5s,Kd,9c,2c -> A High, around 0.000048907841382498854 SBD
@sameera96 win, Th,6c,2d,3h,6s vs 2h,2c,Ts,Jd,9c -> Pair, 6's, around 0.00005116214088974877 SBD
@pubuduneranjan lose, 4s,6d,4d,7s,Th vs 2s,3c,Qs,Qh,5h -> Pair, Q's
@subexa lose, Kc,8c,9s,5h,6h vs 3h,Td,Qh,Kh,9d -> K High
@jakjek lose, 3s,2d,6h,4h,Jh vs Kc,Qd,5h,5d,2h -> Pair, 5's
@naini lose, Ac,Jh,6s,4s,Kc vs 3s,5s,6c,5h,9d -> Pair, 5's
@abade lose, 9d,5d,Qh,Ac,4h vs Td,7c,5h,Tc,Js -> Pair, 10's
@saumisauna win, 7d,9h,Jh,Ks,4c vs 5d,7c,9c,6s,3c -> K High, around 0.000014125535581355442 SBD
@syis win, Kd,Jc,Ad,Ts,9c vs Qh,2s,9h,6d,Tc -> A High, around 0.000014179464518537165 SBD
@rasy lose, As,Td,8d,7h,Qh vs 5d,3s,Qs,5h,8c -> Pair, 5's
@dilshan96 win, 2d,9s,Kc,2h,Kd vs 5s,8s,4h,Qs,3s -> Two Pair, K's & 2's, around 0.00010187846392604015 SBD
@rasinkani lose, 2c,6c,Jd,Tc,4h vs 2h,5h,4d,5d,3d -> Pair, 5's
@motriks lose, 5s,4c,Td,Ts,7c vs 3c,9c,Qh,4s,Qd -> Pair, Q's
@sandun98 win, 6h,Ad,7c,7d,3h vs 5s,4h,5c,Jc,9s -> Pair, 7's, around 0.00017691829279216855 SBD
@ronisracing lose, 2h,Qh,Th,7c,7s vs Kd,8d,5s,8s,Jc -> Pair, 8's
@marcomodo lose, Ad,7h,8d,Qs,3h vs Td,9s,Th,Qh,9d -> Two Pair, 10's & 9's
@geralcv win, 3s,As,Jc,Jh,Tc vs 6s,9s,2h,9d,Ac -> Pair, J's, around 0.0000050448953946919545 SBD
@beach-shirts win, 6d,Qd,9c,2d,Qc vs Td,3h,7d,Ks,4c -> Pair, Q's, around 0.0000015184864491738146 SBD
@szasbi win, Ks,2s,3s,Js,9h vs 7d,9c,2c,Kc,8s -> K High, around 0.0000016168071362284844 SBD
@wesley11 lose, 9c,2d,5h,3c,Td vs 5c,Ac,8s,4s,7c -> A High
@stornit lose, 2c,6d,Td,9c,5d vs 3h,Kh,5s,Jh,8c -> K High
@ipamaru win, 9d,Kd,5c,Js,9h vs Qs,Kh,7d,6c,5d -> Pair, 9's, around 0.00045376791350421443 SBD
@antonioc lose, Kd,5c,2c,Kh,Qh vs 7c,9h,Ts,7h,Tc -> Two Pair, 10's & 7's
@antgio win, 4h,6h,2d,6d,7h vs Kc,2c,4c,Jd,9d -> Pair, 6's, around 0.00008126561094872815 SBD
@deimage win, Kh,8c,Kc,6d,5h vs 9c,8s,2c,7c,As -> Pair, K's, around 0.000040411969588715255 SBD
@nanggroe-steem lose, Tc,2s,5h,8h,Qs vs Kc,5s,3s,Qd,6h -> K High
@sommy7 lose, Td,2h,5c,6c,7d vs Kc,6s,6d,2d,9d -> Pair, 6's
@alfandante win, 7h,As,5c,7d,6s vs 4s,8h,5h,Tc,2s -> Pair, 7's, around 0.00008155518244131389 SBD
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