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Move Your TXT Tokens From EOS to TrustDice Account

This article will go over the steps on how to move your TXT tokens from an EOS account to a TrustDice account where you're using the TrustDice resources instead of EOS.

These last few weeks a lot of people have been pretty annoyed with the EOS network and those staking in the TrustDice platform experienced a few errors with money not coming through etc, at one stage TrustDice had to pause the faucet because EOS was really unstable.

If you're not following what is happening with EOS or why I'm putting together this article, let's catch up.

# What Happened With EOS?

The twitter user [Dexaran]( tweeted on October 1st 

> _"Congested $EOS mainnet. Caused ChintaiEOS prices to spike from ~6% APR to 297% APR. 7K CPU is enough to congest the network slightly. It can't stop the network or hurt EOS operability, it turns out that the cost of DDOS is quite low."_ - [Denial Of Service Attack on EOS](

The network from this point became completely useless, a lot of accounts became frozen - including my own - and there is nothing we could do. The best thing at this point was to drop the phone and walk away.

A few days later EOS CPU started to loosen up a bit and we could run transactions again.

The best option at this stage to ensure your transactions wont run into low CPU errors is to not stake your own EOS but to use Bloks to use REX and gain a high CPU usage.

Not long after the news started hitting the crypto sites with Bloks denying any error.

Read: [Research Claims EOS Network Can Freeze, Denies Any Errors](

Now we are all caught. Obviously it is up to you if you want to go down this road.

# Moving TXT Tokens From Once Account To Another

First of all you're going to need to unstake any TXT token if you were already claiming dividends. You will need to wait around 72 hours for the refund button to appear.

If all your TXT token are sitting in your account then open up two web browsers, one with your EOS account login (scatter) and the other browser with your TrustDice account open.

Make a comment in the chat with your TrustDice account.

Go into your EOS account and open chat, click on your TrustDice profile in chat and you will see a "TIP" function. This is where you can move funds from one account to another without fees.

That is it, sit tight for about 5 minutes and the transaction will have passed.

From here you're able to go into the TXT section on the platform and stake your tokens again.

This process will make you loose at least 4/5 days from claiming dividend, but in the long term you won't be bothering the admins for lost funds or transaction errors anymore. To me, it is worth it.


## TrustDice News

> Please note that I don't work for TrustDice, nor am I an admin but I do monitor Telegram a fair bit and ask questions here and there to make sure my investment is reasonably safe. I know a lot of people say "don't spend what you can't afford" which is true, but if your investment strategy is simply set and forget then you might want to think about including some strategy into your investment style.

New Games Released! There is now Casino and Live Casino which currently only accepts BTC, ETH and USDT for betting.

Mining power currently does not work across all the games and dividends are not being paid out from any other games other than Dice. This will change soon and no date has been mentioned in Telegram.

ETH and USDT dividends are still on hold, not enough circulation in the platform to create a dividends pool.

Currently the dividend pool is getting smaller and smaller each day as more players move into the Casino games, which conveniently don't pay dividends.

There was a small period in the past month where the price of TXT tokens went up a little. Looking at the "Total TXT Staked" number, it has declined a fair bit over time and there have been a few dumps in Newdex for TXT Tokens. This would be something to keep an eye on if you're holding/staking. Or if you're looking to buy, now is the time!

> If you want to start earning BTC and EOS from dividends then check out [TrustDice](

> TrustDice offers TXT Mining, Dividends from TXT and is one of the longest standing EOS Gaming Platforms, making it one of the most trusted.
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