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Colloidal Silver Is A Holistic Option To Eradicate Pink Eye by gardenofeden

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Colloidal Silver Is A Holistic Option To Eradicate Pink Eye
<h1>Silver has established and respected characteristics that make it valuable to the tech and financial industries, but did you know that silver also has <em>medicinal</em> properties?!</h1><br>

<h1><em><strong>Silver can eradicate bacteria!</strong></em>&nbsp;</h1>
<p>Science has known for over a hundred years that silver has powerful antibacterial properties -- it’s called the oligodynamic effect. Actually, the silver ion is the active agent.</p>
<p><a href="">You can nerd out on the science by clicking here</a>--learn how it slips across the walls of bacteria, how it interacts with DNA, how it deactivates enzymes, and so much more! OoOoOoO...SCIENCE!</p>
<h1><em><strong>Silver can eradicate viruses!&nbsp;</strong></em></h1>
<p>Science demonstrates multiple mechanisms of silver’s antiviral powers: it can inactivate the virus before entering the host cell, or it can preferentially bind to the host cell to prevent viral attachment.</p>
<p><a href="">Click here to get down on even more science!&nbsp;</a></p>
<h1>Because of its incredible proven antibacterial AND antiviral properties, silver ions--like those found in colloidal silver--eradicate many diseases and ailments, including <em>conjunctivitis</em>.</h1>
<h3>Conjunctivitis (AKA pink eye) is caused by infection of the delicate conjunctiva mucous membranes that lines the eyelids and covers the whites of the eye. Pink eye symptoms can include:</h3>
  <li>Gooey, crusty discharge&nbsp;</li>
<h3>Pink eye can be caused by 3 things:</h3>
  <li>Irritants (like shampoo or dust)</li>
<p>While irritants can be flushed out of the eyes with water, <em>COLLOIDAL SILVER can neutralize both viral AND bacterial infections!</em></p>
<p><strong>High quality colloidal silver is so safe and effective that you can drop it in the eyes of newborn babies to cure pink eye</strong>--even hospitals use a silver solution for this purpose.&nbsp;</p>
<p><center><img src="" width="380" height="194"/></center></p>
Users see results within mere hours of using colloidal silver for eye infections.</h3><br>
<p>@rissa-keeps-on shares her experience:<br>
“My baby daughter, Eowyn, woke up one morning with pink eye--mucous, oozy, crusty and all. I brought out the colloidal silver and dropped some in her eye. <em>Within 15 MINUTES</em>, the infection was gone--NOW THERE IS NO PINK EYE! That’s some powerful stuff!!”</p>
<p>And @loveon shares her testimony:<br>
"I had been getting a discharge of goo in the corner of my eyes. Sometimes one or the other, sometimes both. The corners were also a little swollen. I did a little research and I think it was a mild form of pink eye. Anyways, I put a drop of silver in the corner of each eye and went to sleep. Overnight the gooey discharge is almost all gone and my swelling is greatly reduced. I'll treat it a couple more times but I'm thinking it was a miracle cure AGAIN from the silver."</p>
High quality <a href="">colloidal silver</a>is safe, non-toxic, and non-reactive, with a lower cost than pharmaceuticals and <em>NO</em> side effects! <br>
<em>We will continue to share the super healing power of colloidal silver in upcoming posts to bring awareness to the proven options that exist for activating health and wellness!&nbsp;</em></center></h1>
Galdiero S, Falanga A, Vitiello M, Cantisani M, Marra V, Galdiero M. <a href="">Silver Nanoparticles as Potential Antiviral Agents.</a> <em>Molecules</em>. 2011; 16(10):8894-8918.<br>
“<a href="">Pinkeye--Topic Overview</a>.” <a href=""></a><br>
“<a href="">Silver as an Anti-Microbial Agent.</a>”<a href=""></a></sup>
*We do not share medical advice. This is shared research and experience.
<h1><em>Cheers to your health & happiness!</em></h1>

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<p>A better world IS possible~*~</p>

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