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Hacksaw Ridge 2016 ‧ War

*Light spoiler*
Movie Name:Hacksaw Ridge(2016)
Cast:Andrew Garfield,Sam Worthington etc.

Personal Rating:-10/10 ❤
Interest in the war movie started after seeing the Private Ryan movie Saving.

That turned out to be my favorite movie.I thought it couldn't be the best war movie ever.

But I guess it was wrong after seeing a Hacksaw Ridge.After seeing this, 

I realized that the best movie ever could be, it was only necessary.

It's a great movie that has touched on so much emotionally after seeing which Saving Private Ryan has failed so much.

 ❤ That is a movie that will only burn you every moment.

 Desmond Doss wants to join a military field during World War II.

 But he can't carry weapons.How is that possible?War means violence, 

gunfire.How is it possible to join hands without arms?But the Dasmond wants to join.Like amazing, exclusive, 

horror, funny etcHow?For more information, check out this awesome movie.

It's a movie that doesn't sound well.The films of the war usually go a little slow,

 which provoked a slight irritability when they see it.However,

 this movie is different.Just sit down for hours 19 minutes and this movie is not a chance to become boring.

Once you see the movie, you will not forget.There are moments in your movies that will surround you.

In the film, Andrew Garfield, who we knew when we saw Amazing spider.

You can't expect a serious role when you see him in a superhero run.

But Amazing spider-I'm sure you'll be amazed when you see her acting here!!Every sequence she had appeared.

In particular, in one of the TV's scenes, he was a great role in helping one of the enemies in the movie 🔥  🔥 it was definitely his career best performance.The rest were fine.

Movie director, cinematography, BGM, all 10/10I didn't have a clue.After seeing the movie, 

I'm sure it will be among the best movies you've ever seen,as it happened in my case.

So don't be late and watch this movie right now.And the movie was inspired ❤ from the truth.

A must watch movie for everyone ❤ ❤ Highly recommended
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