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Holidays Approaching - More Activities, Food, Stress and High Blood Pressure by jluvs2fly

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Holidays Approaching - More Activities, Food, Stress and High Blood Pressure
The holiday ads have started coming into my email account, television and newspapers.  During this season it is important to keep a sense of balance in our lives.  Otherwise we will fall for  Madison Avenue strategies to get us to buy more, eat more and want more.


During this season, it is important for us to monitor our health and to make healthy choices with our diets.  There will be plenty of  opportunities to overindulge in cakes, sweets, and other decadent meals.  We need to remember to watch our numbers during this time.  How often do you monitor your blood pressure?  Do you know what makes your blood pressure spike?  Does it go up when you eat a salty meal or if you get stressed out?

If you are very young, eat a healthy diet daily and get plenty of exercise, then you probably don't have to worry about your blood pressure yet.  If however, you are middle aged and older, then you should be aware of how outside influences affect your blood pressure during this season.

I asked a family member about her blood pressure and how often she monitored it.  She mentioned that her blood pressure ran high but that she was on medication.  I asked how often she checked it and if she was aware of what triggered her blood pressure to spike.

She got out her monitor and we took her pressure and mine.  We were both in normal ranges which was a good thing.  I asked her to start checking her blood pressure on a regular basis to see if she could determine how or if  she could bring it down naturally.

Knowing what triggers your blood pressure is the first step to controlling it.  

Enjoy your day.

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