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The Hipster Sheriff Drawing by theithei

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The Hipster Sheriff Drawing
![hipstersheriff theiabcd.PNG](
This is a different take on the drawing of a hipster sheriff. I used black as the base color and did some line drawings using the color that is intended for the background. I love this kind of technique as it does not require much color and lines to create a figure. I am once again using MS Paint and the free form shape tool when I drew my version of the sheriff. If you might be wondering why the theme, it was inspired by the drawing of a fellow talented Steemian, @doze

Here is how I made the drawing
![hipstersheriff theia.PNG](
I drew a line to create the hat of the sheriff

![hipstersheriff theiab.PNG](
I then made the shape of the head using free form shapes in black. This makes it easy to work on the image as the general shape is already drafted. Adding minor details later on would be  a breeze

![hipstersheriff theiabc.PNG](
The beard is meant to be black on the original drawing of @doze but notice that I am already using black as the base color. So the next logical thing to do is use the golden yellow background color as an option. I love how the negative space kind of worked on its own .
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