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Star Horizon Nintendo Switch Launch Successful
<em>Star Horizon</em> is a throwback to on-rails shooters of yesteryear. Classics such as <em>Star Fox</em> (Super Nintendo) and <em>Panzer Dragoon</em> (Sega Saturn) are a couple classics in this genre. Now we can add this new one by No Gravity Games on the Nintendo Switch.

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<h2>Star Horizon is a space epic shooter</h2>
The Inter Galactic Corporation, aka The Federation, is not perfect. Even though they control the entire galaxy there are cracks in the governing body. Namely the Rebels and their constant fighting back, hit and runs, and challenges to The Federation.

You take control of a private space pilot named John. John’s ship’s artificial intelligence (A.I.) is called Ellie and she is in control of most of the ship’s controls. A quirk in the A.I. programming keeps them from killing sentient beings. This is where pilots such as John come in. The pilots are in control of the guns and taking down the enemy.

As most things go, your bosses are about to turn the tide of the war in their favor as an accident occurs. This accident causes your ship to be disabled. Ellie puts John in hibernation to save his life. When John comes to, it is several years later, and things are different now.

Your job is to figure out what has happened in the interim. Unfortunately, Ellie may or may not be on your side now. Can you trust your A.I. partner?

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<h2>What you need to know</h2>
<em>Star Horizon</em> will offer ship upgrades leading to many new ways to defeat enemies. There will also be dark humor between John and his A.I. which could be interesting.

They say that your actions will matter as well. Help that merchant safely reach his destination or fight elsewhere? Cover your friends Six or let them deal with their own choices?

There will be over 250 ships, 10 missions and 3 bosses to fight. 10 unique enemies rear their ugly heads as you make use of 16 types of equipment.

If you miss on-rails shooters like <a href=";x=0&amp;y=0"><em>Star Fox</em></a>, then you should check this one out. It is available now on <a href="">Nintendo Switch</a>.

Star Horizon by No Gravity Games
Developer – Orbital Knight
Genre – On-rails Shooter
Rated – T for Teen
In-App Purchases – None
Platform – Nintendo Switch
Available now on the <a href="">Nintendo Switch eShop</a>

This article was originally published on <a href="">Retro Gaming Magazine</a>.
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